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Binary Review: Trader’s Buddy

In this binary options review we are taking a closer look at Trader’s Buddy. The program is being advertised as a revolutionary trading software, “the easiest way to boost your profits, connect with pros and immediately reduce your risk.”

Today we will let you know if this software is a worthwhile binary options tool or another get rich quick scheme.

Trader’s Buddy Review

As is too often the case, the Trader’s Buddy is being pushed as a free beta test for the first 500 clients. This is dangerous. Please understand that a beta test is not something you ever want to spend real money investing in. During the beta test process a software works out all the bugs and errors. Don’t trust a trading software that isn’t even ready for the public. Especially with real money.

The developers of this new automated program are the same people that brought is Binary Options Robot , one of the most highly promoted systems in the market. Affiliates and sharks constantly promote this software to the binary options public because the sales page looks professional and there are hundreds of positive reviews by affiliates clogging up the front pages of Google.

How to Gain Access

Like Binary Options Robot, the Trader’s Buddy is advertised as a 100% free solution. This is NOT TRUE, as you will have to register with a binary options broker and deposit funds in order to gain access. So not only is that deceptive marketing, but the only brokers they recommend are all unregulated . RBinary, 10Markets, PlusOption and OptionStars all make the list of binary options brokers you can choose from. The people behind this software are given a larger commission to promote unregulated brokers, and that’s why you’ve likely never heard of many of the brokers being pushed by this developer.

Advertised Features

The Trader’s Buddy makes many claims about what they have to offer with their services. They promise that the system can either trade for you, or provide you signals. That their software uses 3 proven algorithms, none of which are discussed or elaborated on. That there is a peer 2 peer trading network that connects you with traders all around the world and that they provide traders with an extensive education center.

These promises are not fulfilled. If you enter the members area you will see that the education center provides little to no value at all. There are a handful of short videos that explain how the features of the software work but no reference to any “secrets to master the markets” as they promise.


The Trader’s Buddy is going to get a lot of positive reviews from different binary options trading blogs, but you have to understand that these reviews will be written by affiliates. There are very few real binary options trading blogs, and this is one of them. Here at BinaryToday we provide actual reviews to ensure that our clients only end up with the right weapons in their arsenal.

It’s our belief that this product won’t help you grow your accounts.

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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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You are welcome to try and prove us wrong, but eventually everyone ends up back here on BinaryToday to learn real ways to succeed in this market. Please leave your comments and questions about the review below the article now.

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Every binary options trader wants to know that he is trading with the best software in binary options. Needless to say, such binary trading software is not impossible to find. However, there are necessary features, algorithms, settings, and brokers that need to be provided. Moreover, they should be of excellent efficiency, otherwise, it defies the whole purpose of being the best trading software.

Trader’s Buddy is the new software in binary options industry that has been of utmost use for traders, especially beginners. Often referred to as the “revolutionary” trading software, Trader’s Buddy is not an ordinary trading tool. And the reputation of currently being the best trading software is not easily earned in the world of binary options trading.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: Signal Service
Max Returns: Up to 70%
Minimum Deposit: $149,99
Countries: All nations

– Offers Social Trading
– 3 Different Trading Rooms
– Works with many regulated brokers

– Still a new service

7BO Verdict:

Reliable Service

Semi-Automatic Trading Software

Trader’s Buddy stands out from other binary trading software simply because it offers 3 Trading Rooms for its traders: Automated, Semi-Automatic, and Social Trading. Usually, other binary trading tools provide one of the three possibilities. However, the best binary trading software such as Trader’s Buddy offers all three and, moreover, traders can use all three trading rooms at the same time.

Trading room with Semi-Automatic options offers to traders the hottest trades and all they have to do is accept or decline them. This best binary trading software generates popular signals which provide information about the asset, the broker, call or put option, confidence factor, investment amount, expiry time of the trade and trade button. All traders have to do is place the trade based on the given information.

Interactive Trading in Social Trading Room

What is interactive in social trading binary options? For most trading software, there is rarely any interactive trading available. Traders have no feedback, often feel isolated and discouraged from trading because they are not trading with the best software. With the best trading software for social trading, traders learn and practice placing the most optimal traders. In Social Trading room, traders are able to vote and trade. In order to be able to trade, there is the Vote Success Rate that needs to be in the green zone so you are allowed to start placing trades. Once you place a vote, other professional traders also give their vote and based on the majority of votes, your vote success rate grows. In this manner, traders learn about trading and are prepared for placing actual trades.

Trader’s Buddy Social Trading Room means that traders don’t have to trade alone anymore. The binary options trading platform is able to connect traders from almost anywhere in order for you to get nothing less than the best trading advice.

The Best Trading Software with Video Tutorials

Trader’s Buddy takes care of its traders and provides a video tutorial for every type of trading option on its platform. Once traders create a free account and make a deposit with a broker, they are able to access Education center. The Education Center provides informative video tutorials where you get instructions and explanations for managing each trading room. The video tutorials are for Social Trading, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Trading. There is also a step-by-step video tutorial which provides a general overview of Trader’s Buddy dashboard.
With Trader’s Buddy, it is easy to avoid mistakes and make progress with this effective educational section about using the best binary options trading software.

No Downloads and Free Account with Trader’s Buddy

If traders want unlimited access to the best trading software, they get Trader’s Buddy. Traders can open a free trading account in just a few moments. Once activated, traders can make multiple deposits with multiple brokers using the same Trader’s Buddy account. There is no need to go to other websites and look for available brokers when Trader’s Buddy offers only reliable and trustworthy binary brokers.

There are no downloads and no additional charges. Once the account is activated, traders simply proceed to make the first deposit with a broker which gives them access to the entire Trader’s Buddy dashboard, including 3 trading rooms, education center, and video tutorials.

Trader’s Buddy Broker Review

Trader’s Buddy offers no bonuses or VIP programmes since they are not a binary options broker in their own right but rather an automated trading software programme. They do, however, offer cutting edge, technologically advanced software which is intuitive and simple to use, even for those who have never traded in binary options before. Their customer support service is especially impressive since the support team are available to be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also 3 different methods by which they can be contacted, with one of those being the especially convenient live chat facility which enables immediate responses to queries and problems. The choice of options available through Trader’s Buddy varies depending on which broker is chosen, however the available assets encompass all categories including commodities, currencies, indices and stocks.

Review Overview

Bonuses – 20%
Software – 90%
Customer Support – 80%
Options Choice – 70%

Good quality broker

Summary : Trusted broker


Trader’s Buddy only entered the financial markets very recently and are a part of the team that is behind the well known and popular Already, they have established themselves as a reliable operator, only working with licensed and regulated brokers, and they have plenty to offer their clients including free educational resources and automatic stop losses to limit risk. Trader’s Buddy also has something special to offer as it not only enables automated trading like other binary options robots but it also enables semi-automatic trading with enabled alerts to draw the trader’s attention to possible lucrative trades as well as social trading which allows clients to follow some of the most talented and experienced investors in a peer 2 peer platform.

Company Information

Trader’s Buddy is a relatively new entrant to the binary options trading market and, instead of being a regular binary options broker, instead offers innovative automatic trading software to enable clients to make a profit without expending any effort on their own behalf. Trader’s Buddy only work with fully licensed and regulated brokers for the client’s complete peace of mind, however they do not allow any clients from the USA to trade with them. This operator has also won a number of awards including the 2020 Excellence in Trading Silver Award and the Top Rated Trading Systems 2020 award.

Assets Available

The assets available for trading through Trader’s Buddy vary depending on the compatible broker chosen. As Trader’s Buddy is not actually a broker in its own right but is actually an automated trading platform, they provide access to a range of assets across all categories including stocks, commodities, indices and currencies with a number of licensed and regulated brokers.

Bonuses & VIP programs

At the present time, there appear to be no bonuses or VIP programmes offered by Trader’s Buddy.


The Trader’s Buddy software is technologically advanced, and as you would expect all their trading interface has been entirely optimised for use on mobile devices. There are no downloads or installations required to run the software as everything is 100% web based, and this means that it is possible to not only access the platform from a PC or laptop but also from any mobile device as long as it is connected to the internet. Whether you are using a tablet, Android smartphone or iPhone, you will find that it is a breeze to use the Trader’s Buddy software at any time and in any place while you are on the move. There is, however, no dedicated mobile app to download to enable quicker or easier access to the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As Trader’s Buddy is not actually a broker in its own right but is instead an automated trading software programme, the client does not make a deposit through the website, but instead makes their deposit direct to their chosen broker. This means that the available methods for payment will vary depending on the broker chosen. All brokers offer different payment methods, so it should be easy to find one that offers your preferred deposit option, whether that be a traditional method or a more modern e-Wallet. Some of the commonly found deposit options include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Moneybookers
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • uKash

Customer Support

Trader’s Buddy have an excellent level of customer support available to its clients. There are support representatives available for contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and clients can choose to contact the team via email, online web form or through the convenient Live Chat facility which can be accessed via the home page. This allows clients to obtain immediate support and advice whenever they need it. However, there is no telephone helpline or any multilingual support and the website can only be viewed in the English language.

Extra Features and Resources

Trader’s Buddy have thoughtfully provided some useful extra resources to improve the trading experience for their clients. They have an educational resource centre designed to help inform their clients and to enable them to widen their knowledge about binary options trading. They also offer an automatic stop loss service so that clients can limit their risk.


Trader’s Buddy has some impressive features that could lead to it being a strong choice for eager investors, however there are also some negatives

  • Simple intuitive software which can be used with easy by novices or experienced investors
  • 100% online trading interface requiring no installations or downloads
  • Instant customer support via the live chat facility
  • Compatible with many brokers
  • Optimised for mobile trading
  • Works only with licensed and regulated brokers for peace of mind
  • An easy way to make profits with no effort
  • Customisable with a choice of 3 algorithms for a personalised trading strategy
  • Trading around the clock
  • Educational resources available
  • Quick and easy to set up an account
  • Social trading available
  • Completely free service
  • Automatic stop losses for reduced risk
  • Pending orders technology
  • Limited support options with no telephone helpline
  • Does not accept American traders

Can I trust Trader’s Buddy?

Although Trader’s Buddy is not regulated or licensed itself, it is only compatible with brokers that have been licensed and regulated to operate in the EU. Therefore, clients can rest assured that they are choosing a reliable and trustworthy service that will keep their personal and financial information very secure.

Which trading algorithms are available through Trader’s Buddy?

There are three different trading algorithms to choose from:

  • Rush Options – Short term options up to a maximum of 120 seconds for manual or auto-trading
  • Basers – medium term options up to 4 hours for manual or auto-trading. This is a medium risk reward
  • Investo – long term options up to 3 days for conservative traders

These three algorithms are designed to accommodate all styles of trading and to suit each individual client’s level of risk.

Is it easy to use Trader’s Buddy?

The Trader’s Buddy trading interface is intuitive and easy to use, and registering for the service just takes a few minutes. All you need to do is complete a few details online and then you can get trading straight away. The entire process takes under 5 minutes and there is a video to watch to show you how to use the platform and to get the most from your trades so that you can get off the best possible start.

What are the trading options offered by Trader’s Buddy?

When you choose to trade with Trader’s Buddy, you can choose the style of trading which best suits your needs and preferences. If you are a complete beginner you may want to try fully automated trading where the software places trades on your behalf so that there is no need for the client to put in any effort themselves. More advanced investors may want to opt for semi-automatic trading which submits trade alerts to the client so that they can invest themselves should they wish to do so. Other clients may prefer a social trading experience where they can follow the trades of the most experienced investors in order to maximise their profits and to learn more about the process of binary options trading.

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