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Bitcoin Investor: Scam or Legit Trading Robot? The Test.

Last Updated: 07 January 2020

Bitcoin Investor is a trading robot that allegedly helps investors make thousands of dollars in profits per day from crypto trading. The robot claims to rely on sophisticated computer algorithms to predict market movements and take advantage of all trading opportunities that present. But is Bitcoin Investor a scam or legit trading platform?

The following review is based on feedback regarding user hands-on trading platform testing and also an analysis of individual clients’ reviews. Bitcoin Investor has a generally good online feedback which means that it is likely to be legitimate.

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Is Bitcoin Investor Legit?

Here are our findings in a nutshell.

    Bitcoin Investor appears to be legitimate given the great online feedback. The robo-trader is transparent and has great customer service. Bitcoin Investor claims to have a high accuracy level of above 90%. Click here to open an account or keep reading to learn more.

User legitimacy tests take into account the robot transparency in regard to trading fees, their customer service responsiveness, trading platform ease of use, and online feedback. Based on that, user testimonials have established that Bitcoin Investor provides all information about its trading platform and fees and their customer care is always ready to answer clients’ questions.

Concerning the trading platform, it is beginner friendly and ease of use. Most online reviews about Bitcoin Investor are generally positive, which is another sign that this is a legitimate trading robot.

What is Bitcoin Investor?

Bitcoin Investor is a bitcoin trading app that uses computer algorithms to make investment decisions and place corresponding trades. When compared to traditional trading methods, many investors claim that algorithmic trading is more accurate and profitable. The best thing about robots such as Bitcoin Investor is that they claim to help traders make money irrespective of the direction that the markets take.

For instance, if the price of Bitcoin is plummeting, Bitcoin Investor claims that it can predict this and make bets in that direction. The same case applies if the markets are plateauing or skyrocketing. With this trading robot, investors allege that they can make huge profits in a day with little account monitoring. On average, traders using Bitcoin Investor claim that with an investment of $500 can make $1300 per day. If true, this would be a much higher return compared to what traditional bitcoin investors get with the same investment.

Another great plus of trading with trading robots such as Bitcoin Investor is that you do not have to go through all the hustles involved in buying Bitcoin from a crypto exchange. With Bitcoin Investor, all you need to start trading Bitcoin is to download the free app and make the minimum deposit required.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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Who Founded Bitcoin Investor?

The mystery surrounding the founder of Bitcoin is the same one surrounding that of Bitcoin Investor. Testimonials did not find any information regarding the founders of Bitcoin Investor and the team behind the app. While this may appear as a red flag, it is believed that there is no need to worry given that this crypto-trader has already established itself as legitimate through the many positive online reviews.

User tests reveal that their trading platform is well thought out and their customer service team is always ready to respond to clients’ questions. Again, this trading robot operates under supposedly regulated partner brokers. These brokers are the one responsible for handling deposits and making payments. This means that even without the founders, there is someone to be held accountable in the unlikely event of a deposit loss.

Read our Bitcoin Profit review if you prefer trading with a robot with identifiable founders and support team.

How Does Bitcoin Investor Work?

If you have been into automated trading, it is highly likely that you have come across Bitcoin trading robots. A Bitcoin trading robot is a computer algorithm that analyzes big data in the bitcoin markets to make investment decisions.

Unlike humans, computer algorithms can analyze vast chunks of data within a split of a second and automatically place trades based on the insights derived from this data. The ability to analyze big data within a short time frame allegedly makes algorithms more accurate and profitable when compared to human traders.

Bitcoin Investor is a computer algorithm explicitly made for the Bitcoin markets. As mentioned previously, this trading robot analyzes the markets for trading insights and automatically places corresponding trades. Bitcoin Investor claims to have an accuracy level of 99% which means that it claims that for every ten trading decisions, at least nine of those are accurate. In traditional trading, human traders are estimated to have an accuracy level of less than 50%.

With Bitcoin Investor, you do not need any prior bitcoin trading experience to start trading. The app is meant to do all of the heavy lifting including investment research and placing trades. The only ting ll you are required to do is to monitor your account for at least 20 minutes per day to open and close trading sessions.

How to Place a Trade on Bitcoin Investor

You can start trading with Bitcoin Investor through three simple steps. These include signup, deposit and account activation. The whole process is straightforward and takes less than five minutes to follow through. Bitcoin Investor provides guides to help you navigate through the required steps.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Investor is only available in select countries. You can confirm if it is available in your country by visiting their signup page.

Bitcoin Investor Signup

To start trading with this app, you need to create an account by filling in your details on a form provided on their homepage. Testimonials determine a great signup process by the amount of client personal data collected and the measures undertaken to protect this data. A good signup process should only collect the necessary personal information and should have measures in place to protect it from cyber attacks. Likewise, the collected data should be used for the intended purpose only.

User tests also reveal that Bitcoin Investor does not collect unnecessary client details. Their website is SSL secured meaning that all data that go through it is encrypted and is therefore out of reach of hackers. However, users have determined that Bitcoin Investor occasionally uses the contact details corrected during registration to send unsolicited offers to clients. While this is not uncommon in the industry, it is a negative to most clients. The best practice is to give clients an option to opt in or out of such offers.

The personal information required in the signup stage includes the client’s full names, their email and phone number.

Demo Trading

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Investor does not offer any demo trading. While this may not be an issue with most traders, it is for those with a zero background in trading robots. If you would prefer trading with a robot with a demo account, read our review of Bitcoin Code.

Deposit and Withdrawal

After successful account creation, you are required to deposit $250 to start trading. Please note that this amount is the investment capital and not the cost of trading with the software.

Bitcoin Investor is a free software that charges a commission on profits generated using the app. The accepted deposit methods include Visa, Master Card, and Wire Transfer among others. When compared to its competitors, Bitcoin Investor does not appear to offer enough e-wallet payment methods. Testimonials have established that Bitcoin Investor takes less than 24 hours to facilitate transactions. This is a big plus given that most trading robots take up to 48 hours.

If you are new to trading robots, it is recommended that you start with the minimum deposit and only add capital once you are comfortable with the trading platform. It is important to note that trading with Bitcoin Investor involves a degree of risk and it is, therefore, possible to lose the invested capital. As a rule of thumb, never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. This rule applies to all investments irrespective of the degree of risk.

Live Trading

After making the deposit, you will able to access the Bitcoin Investor trading platform. As mentioned earlier, the trading app automatically does all the research and trading. Users are only required to open and close trades, an activity that takes less than 20 minutes per day. Bitcoin Investor does not allow manual trading. Read this Bitcoin Loophole review if you are looking for a trading robot that allows manual trading.

Most user reviews have determined that the Bitcoin Investor live trading system is beginner friendly and comes with a troubleshooting guide to help traders address the challenges that may arise.

When a trader logs into the system, they are required to specify their preferred trading strategy and enable live trading. Testimonials recommend that you keep monitoring your account at least once in three hours and close trading sessions when you are not in a position to keep checking your account.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Investor

Bitcoin Investor is among the top bitcoin trading robots in our list. This trading algorithm scores highly on legitimacy, accuracy, and transparency. The following are the advantages of trading with Bitcoin Investor.

    Bitcoin Investor claims to have an accuracy level of above 99%. This means that the app claims to make the right trading decisions most of the times. An easy to use and secure trading platform – testimonials find the Bitcoin Investor trading platform and website highly secure and easy to use. The trading app has an interactive user interface which is easy to navigate for both beginner and experienced traders. Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods – Bitcoin Investor offers various deposit and withdrawal methods to include Visa, Master Card, and Wire Transfer among others. However, they don’t seem to have enough e-wallet options, according to testimonials. Excellent customer service – Most user experience reveals that this trading robot offers instant customer service through live chat on their website.

How much can you make with Bitcoin Investor?

With Bitcoin Investor, users claim to have made thousands of dollars per day in profits depending on invested capital. Some traders report earning as high as $1000 per day in earnings with an investment of as little as ₤250. While there is no guarantee that you will make that much, users are confident that there is a high possibility of making returns higher than what you can make in traditional investments. That said, it is recommended that you start with the minimum investment required and only add capital once you familiarize with the trading platform.

Bitcoin Investor Review: The Verdict!

User reviews find Bitcoin Investor legitimate and worth a try. This trading platform ranks among the top in regard to accuracy, transparency, and ease of use. You do not need any prior experience trading bitcoin to use this trading robot.

Bitcoin Investor comes with full guides to help you navigate through account creation and trading platform set up. Their customer service is also allegedly readily available to respond to your questions. Bitcoin Investor also processes deposits and withdrawals very quickly.

When trading with this or any other robot, the website recommends that you start with the minimum investment required and only add capital when you are comfortable with the trading platform. Also, make sure that you always withdraw your profits and close trading sessions when not available to monitor progress.

Best Binary Option Robot Review 2020

OptionRobot is one of the popular binary options trading software available today. But given that many auto trading software available often turn out to be scams, does OptionRobot stand out as legit software? Read on for a best binary option robot review 2020 plus tips and FAQs regarding the software.

OptionRobot preview

This binary options trading automation software is the first of its kind to work on leading online brokers like Binary Online, Option500, Plus Option, Greenfields capital, 72Option and Stockpair.

The software design implements up to 6 different technical indicators that include trend, Stoch diagrams and CCI indicators. Many scam trading software will often mask their inefficiency by claiming use of a complex algorithm. Users of such software often discover too late that they invested in fake software which doesn’t deliver returns as promised.

Getting started with OptionRobot

Option Robot usage isn’t limited to citizens from a specific country or specific brokers. This makes it easy for you to use the software to make trades from anywhere on the globe. One of the things that stand out on the signup page copy is the lack of overhyped marketing material. Unlike many binary options trading automation platforms, you won’t get guarantees about earning over $1,000,000 by just running the software. Instead, the copy provides enough information regarding what it is and how to get started.

OptionRobot is easy to use. Despite being a binary options trading automation software, control largely remains in the traders hands. This makes it easy for you to place trades based on your chosen trading strategy. You can also easily turn the auto trade option off. In addition, you can customize the software to place and exit trades at predetermined time intervals.

If you’re not ready to invest in binary options trading software, you’ll be glad to know that Option Robot is free to use. Unlike competing software which requires you pay upfront before using them, Option Robot can be used by anyone with or without money in their trading accounts.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Best Binary Option Robot Review 2020

The OptionRobot binary options trading robot has set itself apart as one of the few legit trading automation platforms available today. In an industry where software creators try to trick traders into buying poor quality scam products, Option Robot focuses on transparency and credibility. Here’s the complete review of this software.

Unmatched user control

One of the major shortcomings you’ll find in common trading bots is the limits they place on user control. This means that traders often find themselves trusting bots with complex algorithms to manage their entire trading accounts.

Option Robot doesn’t limit the amount of control you have over your finances. In fact, you can easily adjust the software settings to match your preferred trading style. Features you have control over include trade expiry, trade amount and ability to allow the software enter and exit trades automatically.

Free to use software

Using OptionRobot will not cost you anything. To get started, simply create a new account. Once complete, you’ll find a “TRY DEMO ACCOUNT” button within your user interface. Clicking on this button directs you to the free account that’s initially credited with $1000 virtual cash.

Implements familiar technical indicators

Which are your favorite technical indicators? Having easy to read indicators is one of the factors which can affect the profitability of a trade. Option Robot implements 6 different technical indicators that include CCI, MACD and the RSI indicator. The platform is designed such that if you set more than one indicator during a trade, the bot will only generate a signal when all indicators are identical.

What’s more, this platform also offers three popular money management systems including the Fibonacci, the Classic and the Martingale system. Each trading system makes it easy for you to easily adopt your trading style to the software. For example, if you love to minimize the risk involved in every trade, using the classic system is recommended. If accuracy is you primary concern, the Fibonacci system will be your best bet.

Link with 9 different binary options brokers

Broker compatibility is one of the major challenges traders have to overcome when dealing with binary options trading automation software. Option Robot software can be linked with 9 different binary options brokers. These include Opteck, binary Tilt, Stockpair, ZeusOption, BD Swiss, Dinero Libre, BinaryMate, Binary Online and 10Markets..

Being able to link the software to different brokers has several advantages.

– You can use the software to automate your trades from anywhere in the world. That is, if a specific broker doesn’t accept traders from your country, you can easily switch to a different broker that accepts traders from your country as well as supports the OptionRobot software.

– You have more control over trades including the trade size amount and trade expiry periods.

– Switching from one broker to another one doesn’t require you close your Option Robot account.

Excellent trader support

OptionRobot staff has gone to great lengths to ensure that any trader using their software is fully satisfied. Their free account is a true testament to this. However, there are additional customer support features that stand out.

Simply visiting the OptionRobot website triggers a live chat app where you can easily ask questions. The chat feature is available 24 hours and messages are replied to almost immediately. You can also access their customer support team via email.

The platform also offers a detailed FAQ section as well as a blog which can be used as a trader’s resource.

Only trade currency pairs

Option Robot seems to be totally focused on forex currency pairs traders. This means that you cannot use the software to trade other asset types like commodities and indices. In addition, the software can only be used to trade 8 different currency pairs.

Enter simultaneous trades

To maximize profit potential, you’ll want to have several trades running concurrently. Option Robot makes it easy for you to enter into 1 to 8 different trades at the same time. You can also set the trade amount through the software’s settings section. The minimum trade amount is $5 while the maximum is $1250.

Option Robot advantages

– Option Robot software is free to use. The only requirement is that you have an active and funded trader account with one of the brokers that support the software.

– Ability to link to 9 different reputable online brokers makes it easy to switch between brokers

– Up to 6 different technical indicators and 3 different trading methods make it easy to use your preferred trading strategy

– Easy to customize the software to match your trading strategy through the settings section

– Excellent customer support with live chat and email accessibility

– Browser based software doesn’t require downloading anything and is accessible through different internet enabled devices

Disadvantages of Option Robot

– Some claims of demo account being designed to provide unrealistic returns and entice traders to sign up for real account

– Software only allows for trading in 8 forex currency pairs shutting out traders interested in trading other assets

Overall, Option Robot is one of the top binary options trading automation tools on the market today. As a trader who wants to use this software, you’re probably wondering how you can best leverage the software to maximize profit potential. Here are 8 tips to help you out. General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

OptionRobot usage tips

Trading automation software should not be used to completely replace your trading strategy. Many traders make this mistake and end up losing their entire account balances. Binary options bots are never 100% accurate. This fact alone means that as a trader, your input before executing any trade will be necessary. If you’ve signed up with Option Robot, your chance for profiting is significantly higher compared to using other competing software. Why?

OptionRobot gives you a lot of control over its settings and therefore won’t have to rely on pre-set algorithms which can easily lead to trade losses. But how can you actually leverage the Option Robot software to increase chances of winning majority of your trades? Here are 8 tips.

1. Do not over rely on the auto trade feature

The auto trade feature might come in handy when you’ve learned how to use the software and have come up with a solid trading strategy. Even then, the auto trade feature needs to be used sparingly during the first months of trading. Initially, your focus should be placed on learning how to use the different software settings and see how they affect your trades.

2. Always conduct fundamental analysis before trade entry

The technical analysis tools offered by OptionRobot are meant to give you a glimpse about the movement of a particular asset. These are supporting tools and they should be used alongside fundamental analysis to get a clear picture about possible asset price movements. Fundamental analysis involves identifying news or events that might affect change in an assets price movement. Such information can be sourced from news, market reports and press releases. Unfortunately, trading software isn’t designed to perform fundamental analysis and it’s therefore up to you to do it manually.

3. Avoid investing in neutral markets

Neutral markets are characterized by little or no price movements. This means that entering a trade will most likely result in zero or no profits. To make the most profit, set your software to enter and exit trades when the signals indicate a bearish or bullish trend.

4. Always try to invest in low volatility fx currency pairs

Option Robot has done a great job by allowing traders to invest in only 8 of the leading currency pairs. However, you’ll also need to play your role in distinguishing between the most volatile and least volatile pairs. Remember that price volatility can change in an instant for example, in the event of a natural disaster. It’s therefore essential that you keep track of a specific currency pair’s history and if it has seen low volatility for a good amount of time, you can go ahead and trade in it.

The reason why trading in low volatility currency pairs is recommended is market changes usually won’t result in huge price movements. As such, you can easily protect yourself from incurring huge losses due to a small market change.

5. Using Option Robot doesn’t mean you throw your account management strategy out the window

Use the OptionRobot free account to test different account management strategies. For example, consider investing a maximum of 5% your account balance on a single trade while you get accustomed to using the software. This means investing a small amount per trade if you open multiple positions at a time.

6. Avoid the lure of opening multiple trades simultaneously

Option Robot allows traders to place up to 8 different trades simultaneously. This could lead to overtrading. That is, you might be tempted to open a high number of trades in anticipation of huge profits. Huge profit potential is always accompanied by huge loss potential. It’s therefore recommended that you have 2 to 4 open trades at any given time. These are easier to keep track of.

7. Always test before executing any new trade strategy

With binary options trading and especially software, nothing is cast in stone. You might easily come across new hot trends and tips regarding a specific currency pair or even a profitable strategy you can implement using OptionRobot. Never execute any hot tip without testing it first. Option Robot is free and testing out new strategies and tips is one way to make the best use of the software.

8. Be wary of using the Martingale trading system

The Martingale trading system is designed to allow faster profits generation from successful trades. However, the risks involved are unusually higher compared to using the Classic system or the Fibonacci system. Analysis of the Martingale system shows that it goes against prudent trading account management strategies and should therefore be avoided if you’re to grow your trading account steadily.

Practical example showing how to enter a profitable trade using OptionRobot software

Before entering a single trade, always make custom settings on the OptionRobot settings panel. Using the aforementioned tips, here is a practical example you can copy.

How long a trade will run really depends on your trading strategy. However, I’ll usually hold a position for 60 seconds to 10 minutes. My preferred trading method is Fibonacci due to the accuracy it offers.

I’ll usually have more than one indicator chart running simultaneously. This will further ensure that the software only enters a trade when it receives an identical signal from all open technical indicators. My favorites are the RSI, MACD and Stochastic indicators.

I will usually use a maximum of 5% of the total account value on a single trade. In addition, I never have more than 2 open trades running simultaneously. With regard to the currency pairs I select to trade at a particular time, my choice is largely determined by the currently open market. For example, if the London session is open, I ‘ll usually choose to trade European currencies as opposed to the USD or CAD.

This example seems pretty straight forward. However, sticking to a specific strategy and only changing it after testing out a new strategy isn’t quite easy. There’s always the emotional element of the trade to contend with. For example, what do you do if you enter into three consecutive losing trades? A good strategy would be to stop trading for the day, go back to the drawing board and analyze the trade histories. Then come up with a trading strategy for the next day. However, this is easier said than done. Most people will try to reverse their losing streak by placing new trades which could lead to more losses.

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Option Robot FAQ

Q: What is OptionRobot?

A: OptionRobot is a browser based binary options automation software. Opening an account with Option Robot is free. The software works by entering and exiting trades on your behalf on a number of selected online brokers.

Compared to competing binary options trading bots, traders will find it easier to customize the software to match their trading styles. It offers 6 different technical indicators and 3 different trading systems to choose from. In addition, the software can be linked to 9 leading binary options broker platforms.

Q: Is Option Robot a scam?

A: OptionRobot offers several features which indicate that it’s legit software that traders can use to make profit. Opening an account doesn’t require that you invest some money. In addition, it includes a demo account which allows you to test the platform without investing your own cash.

This software doesn’t place limits on users’ ability to customize it to match their trading preferences. Like with other trade automation software, using OptionRobot doesn’t guarantee that you’ll profit from all of your trades. However, it includes unique features which if leverages properly, can see you profit from a huge percentage of trades entered.

Q: What devices can I use to access the software?

A: Option Robot is browser based. This means that you can access it via any internet enabled device including your smartphone. Also, you don’t have to download any app to access the platform.

Q: Do I have to pay to access Option Robot?

A: No. opening a new account is absolutely free. The free demo account comes credited with $1000 virtual cash. Switching between the demo mode and real money mode is as simple as clicking on the “TRY DEMO MODE” button or “REAL MONEY MODE” button.

Q: Can I trust the online binary options brokers that support OptionRobot?

A: Option Robot can be linked to broker account held by 9 different brokers. Many of these brokers are licensed and regulated by leading financial authorities. In addition, some of these brokers have built a good reputation for providing quality options trading platforms.

It’s worth noting that some brokers might not offer their services to traders from certain regions. It’s always advisable to check with each one of the 9 brokers that support OptionRobot to ensure that the one you invest your money with is actually permitted to operate within your region.

Q: Per day, how many investment signals can this software generate?

A: Theoretically, Option Robot software can generate well over40 different trading signals. However, it’s usually recommended that you don’t open more than 10 trades per day. This way, you will minimize the number of trading signals generated. Fewer trading signals mean it will become easier to track and analyze asset movements. It also makes it easier to follow through on your trading strategy.

Q: Why are the percentage return and payout different in the demo account and real money account?

A: All the signals available on the demo account are identical to those on the real money account. The differences between percentage payout and return are usually due to the effective return and payouts offered by individual brokers.

Q: How can I customize trade settings on the OptionRobot software?

A: Once you’re logged in to your account, click on the “settings” button. On the new window, you can make custom settings by making changes on:

– Number of simultaneous trades (1 to 8)

– Trade method (Fibonacci, Classic or Martingale)

– Currency pairs (8 different currency pairs)

– Trade expiry (60, 90 seconds,2minute 5 minutes)

– Trade amount ($5 to $1250)

– Technical indicators to use (MACD, RSI, SOCH, Trend, CCI and William)

Q: Can I link my existing broker account with my new Option Robot account?

A: Unfortunately, OptionRobot accounts can only be linked with broker accounts opened through the OptionRobot official website.

Why you should consider using OptionRobot for binary options trading

Many binary options traders agree that learning to trade currency pairs lays the foundation for learning how to trade more complex assets. If you want to accelerate the learning process, it might be necessary to use supporting tools such as trade automation bots.

OptionRobot sets itself apart from competing software by offering a free demo account. This makes it an attractive option for beginner traders who don’t want to invest a lot of money on expensive software. Experienced traders will also find the software a great tool to try out different trading strategies for free before investing their cash.

Option Robot also offers useful tools and features that you won’t find in ordinary commercial binary options trading software. These features include 6 different technical indicators and 3 different integrated trading methods. In addition, the platform links to some of the leading online brokers.

Getting started is fairly easy. Once you’ve created you account, you can easily start testing the demo account which has $1000 virtual cash. Customizing the bot to match your trading style is also quite easy via the “settings” button found on your account interface.

Overall, if you’re looking for a legit and unique binary options trading software, OptionRobot is worth considering. You’re not required to spend a dime to purchase the software. The only money you’ll need to invest is topping up your trader account balance with one of the 9 brokers supporting the software. General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

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