Cloud Trader – Scam or Not

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Cloud Trader Review Scam or not

Cloud Trader: A Totally Honest Review

There are numerous programs out there that promise to help people make solid profits in the world of binary options trading. The main problem is that many of them are not as foolproof as the creators would like you to believe. Here is a comprehensive review of Cloud Trader. Use the information here to determine if this is the right program for you.

The Creator

This program was developed by a man named Matthew Shepherd. Just like you, he wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck. As a result, he joined several binary options programs in the hopes of achieving some success. Unfortunately, the opposite happened and he wasted a great deal of time and money.

Instead of continuing to pour cash into programs that were not helping him achieve the success he was seeking, Shepherd decided to create one that would actually work. He gathered some of Wall Street’s best and several other experts and they worked together and found a system that would give excellent results on a regular basis.

The Profits

There are people using this program who make over $1200 per day. The average person does not even make that in one week. Results can vary, which means that you have the potential to make more. There are people who are making so much that they have been able to quit their day jobs and use this as their only source of income.

Flawless Records

You may have seen programs that have a win record of about 70%. While that is not the worst possible number in the world, those are not really great odds. This means that you stand to lose money about 30% of the time. Imagine pouring your money into a program and only having a positive outcome a bit more than half the time.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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Cloud Trader is different since the win record is 100%. Yes. This means that you will make a profit every day you use this system. The idea of making $1200+ every day without the risk of losing money should prompt even the biggest skeptic to give this software a shot.

Ease Of Use

Whether you believe it or not, everyone out there has the potential to make money using Cloud Trader. You do not have to be some type of finance professional or binary options guru to do well. The software is fully automated, which means that you will not have to lift a finger. You can sit back and relax while you watch your money grow.

Seasoned traders can use this software to better their current strategies. This is because market conditions are evaluated and the results are offered to users. Any information gleaned can be used to make even more money. Even with the option to make more, the software is not any harder to use than it would be on a typical day.

The Cost

As you were told earlier, Shepherd wasted a great deal of money on programs that were just not worth it. He understands people’s reluctance to take a chance on systems that are not very familiar to them, so he has made a huge tradeoff. In exchange for you offering him the opportunity to show you how great this program is, you can use it free of charge. You will never have to pay any money to use this software. This means you won’t risk anything if the system does not show you winning results, but don’t worry, it will.


Since this software if fairly new, millions of people are not clamoring to get their hands on it. At this time, only around 1,200 people are using this to their advantage. Even with the small number of members, they have collectively made nearly $130K in profits. Things tend to get a bit sour once too many people become involved, so try to get in while the program is in its beginning stages.

The Secrecy

When some people hear that others are making so much money, the first thing they concern themselves with is asking for proof. There aren’t countless people all over the Web showing screenshots of their earnings from using this software. This shroud of secrecy is what causes many people to be skeptical about whether or not this program works. What you must understand is that successful people are not always quick to share their financial information with others. That does not mean it does not exist. You will just have to try the system and find out if it is truly worth all the buzz.

The Breakdown

  • You can use the program without spending any of your hard-earned money.
  • You will make at least $1,200 daily when using this system.
  • No experience is necessary; you will still have a positive outcome.
  • The software does all of the work and it offers a 100% win record.
  • There is not much information available about this program on the Web.
  • It is still in its beginning stages.

Honestly, there are far more positives than negatives, so you should not hesitate to give this one a try. Basically, the only downside is the fact that this is a new program, so you will not find endless information available. Other than that, everything you read will point to the many benefits associated with giving this a try.

You should not hesitate to try this if you are curious about dabbling in the world of binary options. Even if you have no prior trading experience, this software is for you. Why would you want to continue to work at a dead-end job that you despise if there are more lucrative opportunities available to you? The longer you wait to get started, the more money you will not have the opportunity to make. As you were told earlier, you will not have to pay any money to use this software, so there really is no reason for you to ignore this breakthrough system.

If you want more info about binary options read the article below:

How to Trade on the Binary Market Cloud Trader

You can make a lot of money trading on the foreign currency exchange markets. Binary trading can be done by people of all financial backgrounds. However, in order to be successful in the binary market, you must be knowledgeable and have a good understanding of how the market works. This article is filled with advice to help you be successful at trading in the Binary.

The first thing you must determine is the amount of risk you are willing to take concerning your finances. One of the benefits of the foreign currency exchange market is the ability to begin trading in this exciting market with only a few hundred dollars. However to earn large profits you will need to invest more than just a few hundred dollars. Always know the risk you are willing to take before delving into the foreign exchange market.

Never let your emotions rule when you are trading on the Binary market. Have clear goals and never let greed overtake you when you are actively trading with Cloud Trader. Also, never revenge trade after losing money. Instead depend on your pre-defined strategies to help prevent you from losing money.

When you lose money on the Binary market, analyze your mistakes and try to learn from them. Because a loss can be expensive, it is best to learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future. Ignoring a loss and not learning from it can cost you in the future.

Don’t actively trade on Mondays and Fridays. Although the market is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you should avoid trading on these days. The markets are much more volatile when other markets first open on Mondays and when they close on Fridays. On these days, it is harder to see trends and react properly.

You can minimize the risk of trading on the Binary market by using an automated trading service offered by Cloud Trader. This allows you to make trades based on your successes in the past. Never trade just because you are bored or want to find out if a certain method will earn you money.

You should analyze and study each country’s economic situation. This type of analysis is called binary fundamental analysis. Economic and political events can impact how the market reacts. By understanding the country’s economic and political situations, you can be better equipped to trade effectively. For example, when interest rates are increased, the country’s currency becomes stronger because people will begin moving their assets around to realize greater returns. A high Gross Domestic Product figure plays a part in determining the interest rate in a country. Conversely, when unemployment figures increase or there is a deficit in the Trade Balance, interest rates will decrease. By watching the news and knowing what is going on in a country, you can improve your trades.

The Binary market is a great way to invest your money. Whether you have a lot of money to invest or only a little, you can turn a profit. Use the advice from this article to help you become a successful Binary trader.

7 Binary Options

Over the past 2 years, binary options trading robots have become the latest trend in the binary options trading industry. While binary options have helped simplify trading in the financial markets, many novices are still hesitating about giving it a try due to their unfamiliarity with the volatile financial markets.

Their fears are largely due to the lack of knowledge about how the markets work. However with the introduction of trading robots, beginner traders no longer need worry about whether they have any trading experience or not. One such automated trading robot released on the market recently was the Cloud Trader. The creator claimed that this trading robot can help its users generate as much as $1250 in daily profits. Can this be true or it is just as scam?

To found if the Cloud Trader can indeed perform as advertised, check out our review on the Cloud Trader below.

What is the Cloud Trader System?

According to the presenter in the promotional video for the Cloud Trader, Mr Mike Shepherd, he claimed that he was the founder of the trading software. Said to be a person with wide experiences and reputation, Mr Mike Shepherd took several years to create the Cloud Trader with the assistance of some of the best programmers and financial analysts. Accordingly, the Cloud Trader is a software which helps traders to predict trends in the financial markets hence enabling them to profit from their trades.

However from our research, we found that the presenter of the Cloud Trader promotional video Mr Mike Shepherd was also the presenter of another binary options trading software called the Cloud Track Trader. In that video, he introduced himself as a Mr James Christian.

This has lead us to the conclusion that the company behind the Cloud Trader and the Cloud Track Trader are the same company given their similar names and same personality in the both the promotional video. This is the first red flag that we observed which point to the possibility that the Cloud Trader is a scam.

Screenshot of the owner “Mr Mike Shepherd” selling Cloud Trade App:

Another red flag that we observed was the fact that throughout the entire presentation, no technical details of the software were actually revealed. Instead, we are presented with an overview of the lifestyle of the presenter. This is the same modus operandi which many pyramid schemes uses to bait new recruits to their schemes which is by selling “dreams”.

How does it work?

The Cloud Trader is said to be a software that looks for repetitive patterns in the markets. The software is said to be able to identify as many as 500 patterns within a single trading day. Once the patterns have been identified, the software will automatically carry out the winning trades, as many as 26 trades. It is also claimed that due to in-depth analysis performed by the CloudTrader, traders can achieve a 100% win ratio.

Normally, any explanation about the inner workings of a software will leave one more enlightened. However in this case, we found ourselves more confused and bluffed. First of all, it is virtually impossible to achieve a win ratio of 100% due to dynamic nature of the financial markets.

No human mind is able to predict with 100% accuracy as to which way prices will move. Of course, one can argue in this case that a software is predicating the trends rather than a human. But we mustn’t forget that it still takes a human to program the software. Or if a human cannot predict with 100% accuracy, so how can a person be able to program a software to do just that?

Final conclusion

Our research and observations shows that there is very little possibility that the Cloud Trader is a legitimate binary options trading robot:

  1. First of all, the information about the creator of the Cloud Trader seems to be fake with the same person presenting 2 different software under 2 different names.
  2. Secondly, we still do not have a good idea of how the software is able to recognize patterns in the volatile financial markets.
  3. And finally, no one can possibly claim a 100% win rate.

Seeing that the creator of the CloudTrader software is willing to go through so much deception, we strongly recommend our readers to avoid signing up for the CloudTrader software.

Cloud Track Trader Is 100% Scam! Unbiased Review!

Cloud Track Trader is a new scam which is recently launched in Binary Options Trading. Cloud Track Trader claims to make you over $1250 everyday without any loss. In other words, they claim to have 100% winning rate. CEO and developer of this system, Mathew Shepard claims to help traders make alot of money with zero loss. This software is just like most of the scam software with the main motive of robbing innocent traders’ hard earn money.

So, is it really possible that any binary options trading software is capable of generating huge profits without any loss? Well, I am feeling very bad to reveal that it’s not possible in binary options trading. So if you are thinking to join this system, then we recommend all of our readers to read this Cloud Track Trader review carefully before taking any initial deposit.

Cloud Track Trader Review

And so, if you have decided to go for Cloud Track Trader as your new Binary Options Trading software then you are doing a huge mistake.Why? well in this Cloud Track Trader Review I will help you understand why it is a scam and you should go for it without going through this review.

Cloud Track Trader Is Old Scam!

So going through this review, you will come across many facts and details that has help me prove that Cloud Track Trader is a scam! Now let me tell you why it is not safe to shake hands with Cloud Track Trader.

Mathew Shepard! The Man Behind Cloud Track Trader

As the CEO of Cloud Track Trader scam, it would be obvious that, he so named Mathew Shepard is no gentle man at all. He is a paid/fraud actor who has his hand dipped into this scam software. Thats right Mathew Shepard is a paid actor, so now you can think of how really the software can be. This guy has promoted many scams in past like Cloud Trader app. This guy nothing to do with binary options trading and is just paid for reciting the dialogues given to him. So if you are still thinking to with this trading software then it will be your biggest mistake.

Suspicious Video Presentation

If you visit Cloud Track Trader site, a video presentation starts right off. The video doesn’t only look crappy and fake, the so called CEO starts right off by bragging about how the software makes 100% without any loss. In the whole pitch video, he made many fake claims about earnings and tried his best to lure all innocent visitors who are watching video. Moreover in that video of 18 minutes, he didn’t explain anything about algorithm of this software or how this software works.

Babbling about existing 1,231 members which he claims to make over $1250 everyday (about which we will be talking about later) seems to be a scam tactics to drag in innocent traders. Also check Option Robot Robot Review.

Bogus Claims And More

“All you have to do is fund your account with initial deposit!” that’s what Mathew Shepard want. The so called CEO starts of by saying that he and his team work for 2 long years to develop the Cloud Track Trader and has been making millions till now. When we did a little bit research about domain of Cloud Track Trader, we found that domain is registered on 31-08-2020. If their website is registered 2 months ago, then how their members were making millions from past 2 years?

Moreover it’s not possible for ay auto trader to have ITM rate of over 100%. Best auto traders like Copy Buffett or Code Fibo are not even having an ITM rate of 90%. So how this new auto trader which is created 2 months ago is having 100% success rate? I guess you already got the point that Cloud Track Trader is a scam system which is just created to swallow all of your money.

Fake Testimonials:

When it comes to proving that a binary options trading software is a scam or not, what’s better than checking its testimonials? And looking into the official site of Cloud Track Trader it wasn’t a shock to find hell lot of testimonials. But the sad news is that none of the testimonies are real. If you will check these testimonials carefully, a person named Anita Willis is listed three times with different location. How is it possible?

More Viral Scams – Orion Code Scam, Gemini 2

Final Verdict – Cloud Track Trader is 100% Scam! Avoid It!

Recommended System – Snap Cash Binary

I have already mentioned that Cloud Track Trader is s scam and I have also shown you why I claimed it to be a scam. So you are going to choose Cloud Track Trader as you own trading software then all you will ever do is loss a whole lot of money and time. Making $1250 daily with any legit Binary Option Trading software is already hard enough and claiming to make that much money without even a single loss is such a simple scam tactics that new and old trader should look out for.

Though making lot of money with Binary options Trading isn’t hard enough but you are defiantly going to have a hard time if you choose a scam software like Cloud Track Trader. And so my final words about this review would be to recommend you to stay light years away from this software if you don’t want to waste your time.

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