Crowd Profits Review Does it make sense

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Crowd Profits Review: Does it make sense?

Crowd Profits is an online platform that allows you to invest in ads in return for revenue. They claim that the platform can help you invest in ads that generate revenue each time a customer clicks on their ad. This means that if you get many clicks per day, you’ll see a proportionate increase in your profits. However, because many people are unaware of how online advertisements work, Crowd Profits claims to have a user-friendly site that allows you to invest in the brands that are likely to be trending.

Unfortunately, if you want to contact them for further information, you will not be able to do as they do not provide any e-mail or phone number on the website. However, there is a contract form that you could fill and hope that you get a reply. Otherwise, the only proof that this site exists is the website link itself: As with all businesses the strength of the contact information that a site provides is often an indication of whether the site is legitimate or not.

Crowd Profits Review

Crowd profits is actually an online platform that claims to be a third party dealer between people who want to invest in digital advertising and the brands themselves. Crowd profits rely on the principle of crowdfunding, where big brands invest a large amount amongst many people to increase their brand awareness. The platform claims to do the same thing for online advertisements.

Many people are looking towards investing in online platforms since they are seen as an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, as much as there is potential for online earning, there are also many scams that are ready to take away your money. This is why it is important to scrutinize every investment plan before jumping onto the bandwagon. If the investment does not make sense in terms of any clear strategy for returns, then you should be wary of it.

Crowd profits offer new investors a unique way of making money through advertisements. While this strategy may not be legitimate, if it is true, then you could make a $4000 profit on a $200 investment. However, you are required to create an account and then invest a minimum of $200 in this account. The site will provide different ad options and you can choose which one to invest in. However, this is quite a risky investment and they do mention that you can lose all your money. Certainly not a great way to convince a new investor.


The strategy of Crowd Profits is actually what doesn’t make sense. They claim to be a site that funds the ad campaigns of many major brands. However, this is a new concept that cannot be understood easily. Firstly, many major brands already have a significant amount of money to invest in ad campaigns. They don’t need crowdfunding.

Secondly, Crowd Profits would still need other platforms such as blogs and YouTube to advertise on. The only way this can work is if it were linked to affiliate marketing. However, the website states that this is not the case. Unless you understand the trading strategy of a site, you shouldn’t invest as it means trusting them blindly.


  • Location: Not mentioned
  • Minimum investment: $200
  • Expected return: $4000
  • Strategy: Not explained properly
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Contact information: An online web-form

You may be interested in looking into other similar platforms…IQ Miners, FX Coin Bot, DAX Robot and Fusxion.

Trading Results

As with the trading strategy, it is difficult to understand the trading results of Crowd Profits. They claim that their users have made $4000 on a $200 investment. However, this could not be verified from any external party. In addition to this, there have been no external reviews in which customers testify that they really made such profits. A profit of 2000% in a week is simply not realistic and makes one doubt the platform.

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Client Feedback

As this is a fairly new concept, there are very few customers who have actually invested in this program. The ones that have, did not leave a positive review, however. Many reviews claim that it is part of an older scam that dealt in cryptocurrencies and forex trading. All this platform did, was to change the name and trading strategy. Some customers were angry that the site made them lose all their money without giving a report as to why the program failed.


Investing in digital advertisements certainly has some profit margin. However, there is no way such big profits can be guaranteed overnight. Besides, any site (like Crowd Profits) that does not provide accurate contact information and has no way of backing their claims regarding how much profit you can expect, is most likely to be doubtful. You should always weigh the pros and cons before making an investment and sometimes you should first check if the investment makes sense at all or not.

Now we would want to hear your experiences and opinions about crowd profits. So share in the comments below!

Crowd Profits Review: A Scam Or Earn $4K Each Week?

This system claims that you can make up to $4k each week in Digital Advertising, with a small investment of $200.

Advertising is big business on the internet so will you be making big bucks or is this a scam?

I’m glad you’re here doing your due diligence as there are so many products and systems online that claim to make you money until you dig deeper to find that the only winners are the owners.

Will this system be the same?

If you are fed up of being scammed and taken for a ride, find out the best way to make money online.

Anyways let’s begin this review …

Crowd Profits Review

Name: Crowd Profits
Website: CrowdProfits
Who Is It For?: The owner
Price: $200+
Owner: Unknown
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 0/10

What Is Crowd Profits About?

This means that they allow more than 1 person to invest in products and services in order to earn an income.

They have crowd investment in games, movies, products, individuals and charities and now with this new system, they will allow you to invest in Digital Advertising of big brand names such as Nike, Microsoft, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

They say it is a new trend that’s turning into a revolution – “an opportunity beyond the scale of your wildest dreams“.

Now when I see statements like that it smells of desperation. It does make you want to look deeper into this and maybe part with your hard earned cash. I mean who doesn’t want an opportunity that outweighs their wildest dreams?

Anyways, after reading some of the text on the Sales page, it reminded me of a similar product I reviewed recently, with bold claims, that had to do with digital ads.

That product is called Digital Payday.

Both products require you to invest money into their advertising campaigns through their marketplace.

How Does Crowd Profits Work?

If you are new to Internet Marketing and you read the information on the Sales Page, you were probably lost with all the jargon.

They do this to make it sound like this is a great opportunity to get involved with when everything they mentioned could have been said in one sentence.

Using terms like ‘crowd-investment’, ‘crowdsourcing digital advertisement’, ‘Google trend statistics’ and so on isn’t necessary for what they are marketing.

Basically, you will be depositing money into their system and using this to fund your ad campaign. Campaigns that they have supposedly chosen for you from the big brands. You will invest amounts as low as $25 for the ad campaigns you are interested in through their marketplace.

They say the advantage of doing this is that this allows the big brands to ‘crowd-source’ their advertisement, reducing their ad-cost significantly, and at the same time providing you with the ability to make money for every visitor that clicks on their advertisement.

This is total nonsense as the big brands have no problem with their ad costs. In fact, many of them don’t even have to worry about spending huge fortunes on ads as their products and services are being endorsed by celebrities, sportspersons and such the like.

Anyway, with this system, they claim that you will earn huge sums of money by investing in the best ads. Ads that are trending which will get you the most clicks.

However, there is no way to see how well the campaign is doing; they mention Google trend statistics but are you knowledgeable in this to see what is trending and what isn’t?

This method is like putting the cart before the horse.

You sign up and then look for trends.

The way I work, which makes more sense, is to find trends then start to invest in what is trending. My investment can be writing about the product that is trending, tweeting about this product or service and so on.

There are no guarantees that your investment will make a profit and there is no money-back guarantee with this system.

Your investment is going straight into the bank account of the owners!

Is Crowd Profits A Scam?

I couldn’t register using a valid email address. The email address I used was the same one I used to sign up to the Digital Payday system which is a scam.

When you have already entered in your email address for an opt-in/sign-up form you cannot opt-in/sign up again.

It seems like they forgot to clear down their data.��

Many product owners will create new products based on an old product and only change the name. This is because there are reviews like this that expose the scam and they are bent on getting at your hard earned cash no matter what so they will re-invent the wheel and just give it another name.

This product is supposed to be all about Digital advertising however their disclaimer seems to be talking about something else.

Check out the screenshot below.

What has Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies got to do with investing in Digital Ads?

Reading the disclaimer of products I review sometimes give an indication of whether it could be a possible scam.

For instance, in the mad rush to get the ‘new’ product on the market, the scammer owner often forgets to update the name of the product so the name of a previous product they were promoting is still shown.

They even go as far as changing the name of the owner when by the above mistake we know it is the same person.

The likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Nike and the other big brands have enough capital to spend on billboard ads, tv ads and so forth without the need for you to invest in promoting them.

These are well-known brands and need no promotion from the likes of us mere mortals.

As I couldn’t get a peek into what they were offering in the way of ads, I can only assume that it will be nothing more than a bunch of ads that are nowhere to be seen on the internet.

This system is only there to take your money and run.

  • Money can be made from ads but you can do so for free.
  • Ads revenue is a growing market and many people are now leveraging this method
  • Wild income claims of $40k/month
  • Requesting your telephone number on sign up. They will probably sell this to other marketing companies to make money off you.
  • Misleading information on how Facebook and Google make their money via crowdsourcing. This is not true. Both platforms use paid advertising, paid for by the likes of you and me
  • Owners are probably the same ones promoting the Digital Payday Scam system. I tried to sign up to Crowd Profits using the same email address I used for Digital Payday and I was prompted to use another one. This only happens if you have already registered with a system.
  • You are not told where the ads will appear
  • Owner is unknown
  • No way of attracting visitors to the ads
  • No way of tracking how the ads are doing
  • Lack of support


I do not recommend Crowd Profits.

The system is just a made-up hype that has no grounds for you to make money.

You will have no way to get a refund as you only deposit money once you are in the system.

If you want a safe and trusted way to earn money through ads, sign up to Google Adsense. They are a well-known subsidiary of Google, it’s legit and you don’t have to deposit any money to invest in ads.

However, making money through ads means having your own website.

You will place snippets of code on your website from an ad network such as Google and anytime a visitor to your site clicks on the ad, you earn a small commission. It isn’t anything to phone home about. I’m saying that to tell you that you don’t need to pay to earn money through ads.

I use Google Adsense without investing a penny and here is a snapshot of my earnings below.

I was only able to earn this on the side as I learned how to attract visitors to my site in order for them to see the ads.

This amount will only increase over time without me doing anything other than to add snippets of code to my website. As you can see, it won’t buy me the next holiday or pay off the mortgage but it is passive income that is there for the taking – so why not.

If you’re serious about earning serious money online, money that you can use to go on a much long for vacation, pay off your debts, pay your school fees or whatever, you can do so using a legitimate method called Affiliate Marketing.

With this model alone, you can earn a fulltime living without the use of ads.

However, it takes time, patience and a lot of hard work.

You might be wondering what is Affiliate Marketing and how can you get started.

Well, I created a short video of what Affiliate Marketing is which you can watch below.

Even though there are only 4 steps, there is a lot happening in the ‘Attract visitors’ step. This is key to your success as an Affiliate Marketer.

Without the training platform I use to this day, I wouldn’t have known what this business model was about.

This training platform taught me all I need to know about this method of making money online.

They have a FREE 7-day trial. No credit card required. You will learn how to build your own successful online business so that you don’t need to worry about systems like Crowd Profits that will only take your money and leave you high and dry.

Making money online can be done by anyone but there are those that will exploit you. Creating something for yourself where you no longer need to depend on others is the best way.

If you would like to give the training platform a test run, click the button below. Check out my review on them here before you do so, so you will know EXACTLY what it is you are getting.

There are no hidden agendas, no false claims. It is what it is. A training platform that helps its members to become successful online entrepreneurs.

If you’re serious about making money online, you can do it. You don’t need to buy into a product or system to help you.

I often use the phrase ‘Learn how to Earn‘ and that is what you will be doing with this platform.

Once you have the knowledge, you can use it to build multiple income-generating streams.

Why delay? Check it out for free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will be glad you did.

Anyways, whatever decision you make, I would like to wish you success with your online goals!

Thank you for taking time out to read my Crowd Profits Review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Crowd Profits – SCAM Exposed! My Honest Review Uncovers Why It’s NOT Legit

The Crowd Profits site claims to provide the biggest online money-making opportunity that’s ever been launched & promises that you’ll be able to turn a relatively small $200 investment into a passively weekly income of over $4,000…

But obviously that’s a pretty bold claim & no doubt as a result you’re pretty sceptical about the whole thing… So what’s the deal? Is it really legit, or is Crowd Profits a scam that’ll just end up costing you money rather than helping you make it?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’ve took a closer look into it to see exactly what’s going on & in this honest review I’ll be sharing the real truth about how it all works, including whether or not you can really make any money with it like they claim. ��

What Exactly Is Crowd Profits?

Okay so basically Crowd Profits claims to be some sort of revolutionary website that’ll see you being able to easily build a large income online by leveraging something called crowdsourcing in the online advertising business.

You’re led to believe that you’ll be able to sign up & invest in advertisements put out by the biggest brands in online advertising, which will then allegedly see you earning a profit from every person that clicks on those ads you invest in.

The Crowd Profits state that advertisers are moving this new method of crowdsourcing their advertisements because it supposedly enables them to reduce their ad-costs significantly… But I can tell you that’s total BS.

How do I know it’s BS?

Simple, because I’ve been in the online marketing game for a LONG time and not only is there no such thing as crowdsourcing online advertising, but I’ve also exposed 2 other similar scams prior to coming across this one named Banner Bit & Daily Banner Profits.

They too claimed they could enable their members to make a ton of cash by investing in online advertising but the whole thing was just a way to con people out of their hard earned cash. None of the money was invested in ads (and as a marketer I can tell you it doesn’t even make sense to invest in ads), instead the whole thing was just a big ad flipping scam.

I don’t expect you to just take my word for that though – after all I appreciate you may have come across the Crowd Profits site & gotten really excited about the potential opportunity to make money. Maybe you are not wanting to give up on that so easy, so instead I’ll show you exactly how it all works below so that you can see for yourself what’s really going on. ��

How Does Crowd Profits Work?

The truth is the Crowd Profits system doesn’t actually work at all, it’s just an investment scam that’s been designed to trick you into parting with your cash through a fake concept known as ad flipping.

The whole thing leads you into believing that you’ll be investing in online advertisements from big brands such as Nike, Samsung, Microsoft etc which seems pretty reassuring… But it’s a total lie.

They want you to believe that you’ll be able to invest in those ads & then share a portion of the revenue that’s generated from each of the people that click on them… Then they also want you to believe that you could even resell the ads on at a later date if they happen to increase in value due to receiving more clicks.

As a newbie to making money online that whole concept might seem kinda legit… After all advertisers spend money & make money back… So why couldn’t you get in on a share of their profits?

Well I can tell you as an online marketer – something I have been doing for several years, that there is NO way you could crowdfund ads in such a way as the Crowd Profits system claims you can.

The whole thing is built on utter BS and all it is is a ploy to trick newcomers into handing over their hard earned cash.

Once they hand over their cash (a minimum of $250) they will indeed be presented with a whole bunch of advertising in the members area that they can seemingly invest in, but none of it is real.

The creators of the whole thing have just added a whole load of random ads, but they aren’t actually being displayed anywhere online (hence why you’re not told anything about the websites they’re supposedly appearing on).

But Here’s The Worst Part…

The worst part about these ad flipping scams is that the creators of them are very, very cunning. Not only do they trick you into handing over your cash with this very clear ploy they’ve come up with… But they also trick you into thinking you’re profiting, just like binary options scammers do.

So if you happened to sign up, deposit money & invest in ads through their site (which I obviously totally don’t recommend doing) you’d begin to see your account balance increasing making it seem like you were making money.

However this is totally FAKE. The profits generated and the account balance shown is not real… It’s just a simulation – none of it is actually connected to the real world & instead they’ve just pocketed the cash you’ve invested.

The reason they fake your profits though is because then a few days or weeks later they’ll follow up with you & this time try to encourage you to invest even more with the promise of generating even bigger profits.

In my review of Banner Bit many people said they had been scammed out of thousands in this exact way.

So whatever you do, don’t fall for it – and certainly don’t sign up to the Crowd Profits system because it is total utter BS.

My Verdict – Is Crowd Profits a Scam?

I can tell you with 100% that the Crowd Profits platform is indeed a scam – the whole ad flipping concept that it’s based around is totally flawed & there’s simply no way you’ll make money with it like they claim that you will.

The whole thing is nothing more than an (admittedly clever) ploy that’s been designed to part you with your hard earned cash so that the creators, or should I say con artists, behind it can earn some money at your expense.

Therefore as you can probably imagine there is no way I am going to be recommending it to you because it’ll just leave you disappointed & out of pocket… But the good news is that there IS a way you can actually make money from online advertising.

The way you can make money from it legitimately is called affiliate marketing, which is basically where you get paid commissions for promoting third party products or services online. It’s a VERY good way to make money & if it interests you then you should definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate which is where you can get started with it.

But either way whatever you decide to do I just hope that my review here has helped you out & given you a good insight into how the whole thing really works (and why you shouldn’t invest in it). If you do have any further questions or comments though then don’t hesitate at all to leave them below. ��

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