Crypto 300 Club Review Scam Or Legit Crypto Trading Solution

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Crypto 300 Club Review: Scam Or Legit Crypto Trading Solution

Crypto 300 Club Review: How legit is this crypto trading solution? Crypto300 Club is supposedly an online crypto trading solution platform. According to the information on the web page, Crypto 300club is the top online crypto trading club whose expert traders use pooled revenue to earn investors daily profits. What this means is that Crypto 300 Club represents an ICO. They raise money from a pool of investors to trade the crypto assets.

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How Does Crypto 300 Club Work?:

Joining Crypto 300 Club is free of charge. Free affiliates are eligible to earnings from referrals alone. To earn the daily returns, members must invest the aforementioned $10.Their platform is user-friendly and straightforward in approach. Though they claim to generate revenue of up to 300% annually, does not offer any products and services. Only affiliates can recruit new members to the referral program.

Is Crypto 300 Club Trustworthy?:

The answer is blatant NO. The returns offered by this website are 2% daily for 60 days and then 1% for life, which 1% daily sums 365% a year. This number is not sustainable regardless of what strategy you follow. This type of returns is not only unrealistic but also fictitious like a Ponzi scheme. Below are reasons why it is risky to invest in Crypto 300 club.

  • Crypto 300 club is not licensed with the Financial Conduct Authority, thus it is unregulated and operating illegally.
  • Lack of transparency. This is one of the major reasons why is risky. They don’t disclose any trading history, no information on the web page on their technical aspects of trading and the strategies they intend to follow.
  • There are no information regarding the fund managers.
  • They do not offer demo accounts. Almost all of the reputable solution feature free trial or demo accounts to showcase their level of commitment and effectiveness.
  • The testimonials about them online are too flattery and could be nothing but a structured pitch to trap newbie investors.


In this era of multiple online scams, before you trade any asset it is advisable make some researches about the true nature of the investment you are planning to dive into. Crypto 300 Club offers shortcut to procuring wealth without feeding the public with enough information it is. Stay away from Crypto 300 club, it might be a scam.

Crypto 300 Club Scam Review – LEGIT?

The Crypto 300 Club system claims to be a really high powered cryptocurrency trading solution. As the story goes, this particular cryptocurrency trading app is highly profitable. Apparently, it can generate 2% in ROI per day for the first 60 days. After the first 60 days are up, you will receive a 1% ROI for the rest of your life. To make things even better, it is said that the Crypto 300 Club platform is super user friendly.

This is said to be the case to the point where it is totally impossible to lose your money. Yes, that is right, you don’t have to do any work whatsoever and there is no risk of losing your money. Well, at least this is the fairytale which we are led to believe. However, as you probably know by now, appearances are often very deceiving.

This definitely appears to be the case with this Crypto 300 Club application. It all just seems way too good to be true. Heck, Crypto 300 Club software does not even offer us any proof that any of the claims made are real or true. However, through our extensive research process, we came across quite a few scam factors that you definitely need to know about. This is our Crypto 300 Club review and we are here to finally get to the bottom of things.

Crypto 300 Club System Leadership & Licensing

The first and perhaps the most important red flag that came to our attention here has to do with the Crypto 300 Club’s leadership. Simply put, the leadership is nowhere to be found. There are no real contact details here. Moreover, there is just not a single spot on the website where we are told who the leaders here really are. This is one of those signs that always raises our suspicions. How can we be expected to invest money with this Crypto 300 Club app, when we do not know who is in charge of it?

Make no mistake, these guys did not just forget to tell us who they are. They have purposely gone out of their way to ensure that their identities are not revealed. Heck, when we did a domain check, all of the info was completely private, in regards to website ownership. Unless these guys are doing something illegal, why would they remain anonymous? It’s pretty obvious that these crooks just want to rip people off.

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Furthermore, there is also no information provided in terms of the company itself. We checked the known business registries and incorporation databases. We came up totally empty. This Crypto 300 Club company is not registered in the UK, AUS, USA, or anywhere else of importance. As far as we can tell, this company does not have any legal or official standing at all. The whole thing is totally illegal. It has absolutely no authority to take so called investments from you. Although, the Crypto 300 Club app does take your money, it just steals it from you.

Crypto 300 Club Trading App – Unreal Profits

Another thing that we noticed about Crypto 300 Club trading software is that there is no evidence that any so called cryptocurrency trading actually goes on here. Yes, we are informed that this is a highly profitable cryptocurrency trading system. However, we just are not told a single thing about it. What are the trading strategies being used here? What indicators are being used? Which cryptocurrencies are actually being traded?

These are all questions that we definitely want answers to if we are expected to invest in Crypto 300 Club software. Heck, we are not even shown so much as a screenshot of the platform. As far as we are concerned, the Crypto 300 Club platform does not even exist at all. It appears to be a cheap way for these scumbags to get you to fork over your hard earned money.

Furthermore, what is also very suspicious here is that we are guaranteed profits. Guys, the crypto market is very volatile. The values of various coins go up and down by the minute. Moreover, trading is just very risky. Simply put, there is no way that something like Crypto 300 Club software could ever guarantee profits. It just cannot happen. Saying that we will get 2% ROI per day, guaranteed, is just a lie.

Yet another thing to do with this is that 2% ROI per day, with 1% ROI for life after the first 60 days, is just not realistic either. If you think about it, this would translate to completely infinite profits. The numbers here are just way too high to be realistic in the least.

Crypto 300 Club System – Fake Accounts

The other thing that we noticed on the Crypto 300 Club website is that it tells us who has signed up recently. However, there is also just no way to confirm that these people are real. The random usernames which we are shown just do not convince us of anything. For all we know, this could be a total lie as well.

Crypto 300 Club Review – Final Thoughts

So, the Crypto 300 Club system offers absolutely no proof that the ridiculous profit claims are true at all. This is besides the fact that it just is not realistic in the least. Moreover, the company itself does not seem to be legit at all. There is certainly no transparency in terms of ownership here. This whole Crypto 300 Club trading program appears to be a complete rip off. We cannot put our confidence or money into it, and neither should you.


IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: [email protected] . If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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Crypto 300 Club Review – A Deceptive Scam?

Crypto 300 Club ( is an online crypto trading solution. Their platform is user-friendly and straightforward in their approach. They claim to generate revenue of up to 300% annually. For any newbie investor, this might seem like a reasonable target.

However, that is not the case. There isn’t any trading history disclosed by them. They do have a rough history which we will go over later in the review. Though, this firm is nothing more than an ICO, they do not feature any legal documents.

Any details about the fund managers are not discussed. Go through our impartial review which will give you a clear idea about this firm.

License and Support

All the companies which offer financial services to the public are required to be licensed and regulated. There is no exception to this rule. Moreover, it is safer for the clients if they stick with the regulated entities.

Crypto 300 Club represents an ICO. They raise money from a pool of investors to trade the crypto assets. The investors are promised some amount of profits in the near future. We checked the database of FCA and FTC, but we couldn’t find any details about them.

This firm does not reveal a single detail about their legal aspect. Furthermore, if you encounter any problems on their platform, then it is game over. What kind of investment firm operates in such an unethical way? Seems like these so called trading institution was on a budget.

How does Crypto 300 Club Work?

They say that their team consists of experienced traders. Apart from this one line narration, they do not reveal any details. We as investors do not know anything about the technical aspects of trading.

There is no information on the indicators they consider before opening a position or about the strategy they follow. The maximum drawdown limit is not specified. Since, there is no verifiable trading history, on what basis can we trust them?

Trading is a complicated profession and it requires a lot of prerequisite skills. Whenever, an individual starts trading without familiarizing themselves with the fundamentals. The risk of losing the entire investment amount is high.

Plan and Profits

The returns are 2% daily for 60 days and then 1% for life. This number is not sustainable regardless of what strategy you follow. Risk exposure in the markets can be reduced, but it is impossible to eliminate them. If you do the math, 1% per day adds up to 365% yearly.

This type of returns is unrealistic and not the kind of profits investment banks or other big institutions aim for. Ask yourself, if they were really able to achieve the advertised amount of profits, then why are they offering it to the public for free?

Affiliate Program

This platform offers an affiliate program. All the promoters are paid 5% of the cumulative deposit made by their referrals. In the past, the commission percentage offered was high, but for some reason it was halved. The exact guidelines for the affiliates are not specified.

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Basically, any individual who has blog or any other popular web platform can sign up with them. Note that, the affiliates are not required to be an active participant.

Domain Insight

Below is a rundown about the key statistics of this website. Thanks to and service.

Registered On – 15/07/2020

Expires On – 15/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 48,554

Rank in United States – 37,382

The registrant details are untraceable. Majority of their traffic are coming from United States, Iran, India, Venezuela and Russia.

Red Flags

There are no information regarding the fund managers. Usually, all the legitimate firms feature details of their employees. So, that the public can always measure the performance of an individual. Since this firm does not uphold these standards, it it better to stay away from them.

They do not offer demo accounts. Almost all of the reputable solution feature free trial or demo accounts to showcase their level of commitment and effectiveness. However, since this element is absent do not give them the benefit of doubt.

There are some testimonials about them online, but they are all too flattery. Check out the comments from users on Beermoneyforum . Do not trust any of the testimonials, if there are referral links attached to them.

“The Top Online Crypto Trading Club

Our expert traders use pooled revenue to earn you Daily Profits – Everyone Earns BIG from the Crypto Market!

Just a Few Details…

Club Members Earn 1% Daily (Over 300% Annually) on All Purchases

Withdrawal Requests Paid within 48 Hours

Promoters Earn 10% During Initial Launch Period (5% after launch)

Only E-mail Address and First Name Required – Earn Millions without Government Oversight!”

Link: Crypto 300 Club

Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Crypto 300 Club Review Conclusion

Trading any asset or instruments require knowledge. Whenever you encounter a company or platform which offers shortcut to procuring wealth, be cautious. Always make sure that you indulge with regulated firms and entities only and ignore these kind of platforms.

Do you have any experience with Crypto 300 Club? We invite you forward to share your opinion.

Like this:

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BTC100X.WIN is a SCAM! Review: Scam or Legit? Review – HYIP Scam Warning!

I have invested over $6,000. and lost all of it with no way to withdraw any funds. You are right this crypto300club is a scam. Wish i had this scam information a year ago.

Sadly far too many people fall for the HUGE returns these HYIPS (High Yield Investment Plans/Programs). You are by far NOT alone in this. The ‘review’ they included in their review of the site is VERY accurate: ” Do not invest more than you can afford to lose”. Basically if you have some cash that you are able to lose on an investment, then invest that in MULTIPLE HYIPs. By spreading it around MULTIPLE HYIPs, you will have a CHANCE at breaking even or making money on them. There are multiple sites online that provide CURRENT data on which HYIPs are paying, and they update this information every day. They know which are paying, because they invest a reasonable amount in the program themselves, so they can provide real data to their readers. This doesn’t by any means guarantee success, BUT if you follow their advice when they first buy into a company then you have a fairly decent chance of making profits off of the investments. You will still have investments that are a complete loss because the company turns out to be a complete scam that never pays out. But on the whole the HYIP review sites seem to do better than even with their own investments. I recommend that you seek out the review sites yourself so I don’t inject my personal bias for or against any of the sites, and instead you research them objectively.

I stopped investing in HYIPS temporarily, because I used up my ‘riskable cash’. Once I have saved up some more, I will probably wade back in, but with more research and by following the combined advice of MULTIPLE HYIP review sites. They are making educated guesses in many ways just like we are, but they have a lot more experience investing in the HYIPs because they do it continually whereas most individuals do a few here and there. I wish you all good luck in your dealings with HYIPs.

One other type of program you should “consider” would be adpacks. These by definition are programs where you are purhasing a specified (Ad)vertising (Pack)age (hence the term AdPack), and then you earn a certain percentage on an ongoing basis from the overall advertising sales of the program. Some of these companies are also scams and there are also review sites for AdPack programs. Statistically from what I have seen, the AdPacks are successful more frequently than the Investment schemes are.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and this holds true in ALL online investment programs of any type! CAVEAT EMPTOR! aka Buyer Beware! Invest at your own RISK, and there will be a LOT of RISK. but you CAN make money on these types of invesments/programs if you are very careful and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose completely.

Hi Graham,
Read your comments about HYIPs and totally agree with you that you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Indeed, that should be the credo for anything in life. With Crypto 300 Club, I was proceeding along quite comfortably, using their money as my investment (as the opening amount) and when the investment came to fruition, they paid into my BTC wallet. All good, you say. So I invested only $10 and although that was a small amount, I still felt I should go no higher. But things started going wrong with my account shortly afterwards. I couldn’t apply for the daily payment (which is paid INTO my account, NOT my wallet) and when I complained about this, the customer service person gave such a torrent of abuse, I was quite shocked. Then soon after, when I brought up the login page, I found that my account had been suspended. Needless to say, I received zero payments for my investment and I submitted my report to this site to warn others.

Further to my comment about Crypto 300 Club, there has been a further development.
I logged in the other day to find a message which says that my account has been suspended… and has been deleted.
When I contacted them on live chat, I ‘spoke’ with Elijah, a most ill mannered person, who advised me that I had sent a message asking for my account to be closed. He even sent a copy of the alleged message to me.
I pointed out I had invested money in this account, so why should I want to close it? He insisted someone did, I said my account may have been hacked…but thinking about it, they probably fabricated the message just to get rid of me.

They are a copy of another scam called Ad Click Xpress, and they both make up excuses to take your ad packs and demand you buy more.

I have been using Crypto 300 Club now since January 2020 and started with their free trial to show how the system works. The payout for the free trial is $1 paid in Bitcoin to my wallet. I felt relatively happy with this, and I was getting regular email messages from them, so I decided to invest the minimum $10 on 22 January 2020. I understood I would be paid 2% per day and half at the weekend.

Then, it became complicated. Let me explain:

Their email said that the original owners had decided to go and the company was taken over by new owners who suggested that the old owners had not been running the company correctly and had lost a lot of their reserve money.

They would put new measures in place to safeguard their future and the choice of 2% per day would be complimented by 1% per day and 0.5% per day with a choice to be made after the first week of investment.

They advised that with the 2% per day, there was a good chance that it could be cut to 0.5%, the 1% per day had a slight chance of being cut to 0.5% and the 0.5% per day would have no chance of being cut.

In order to be paid, members have to login each day and claim their payment. The payment is shown on a pop up. (Incidentally, each link on the website opens in a separate tab, so if you are looking around the website, you actually open a considerable amount of tabs on your browser.)

I had joined before this choice was publicised so I was continuing on $0.20 (2%) per day. Then, suddenly, on 1st March 2020, it changed without notice to $0.005 (0.5%) per day. This continued, according to my spreadsheet, until Wednesday 16th April 2020, when the payment pop up showed, or rather didn’t show a payment after the dollar sign.

I contacted them on their live chat, advising them that my payment was being shown on the pop up window. They said don’t worry, the payments are still being made into my account.

When I queried them three days later, saying that my balance had not increased for four days, only to be served an abrupt reply, simply saying that I should read their emails for my answers.

It appears that they have decided to stop payment into my account, and I can bet that they have stopped paying into their members’ bitcoin wallets as well.

I hope this stops others from losing their hard earned money.

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