Drexel Code Review Legit or Cheap Scam

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Drexel Code Review

As far as binary option auto traders go, the number of scams and/or fakes is mind boggling to say the least. It is disheartening, sad and infuriating at the same time. Disheartening to new traders who held the belief that, with their lack of experience, auto trading was their only hope of making it in binary options. Sad to all of us who have lost money, or know someone who lost money, to these scams and above all, infuriating because despite all the public outcry, there is no regulatory authority in place to control these conmen on the loose. Because of that, they continue lying to unsuspecting traders who naively entrust them with their money, hard earned or not, only to later cry foul when, instead of expanding, their bank accounts suddenly contract to a point where all the zeros in the balance disappear to leave only one zero. Because of the con artists, who are very many by the way, the greater population has developed apathy towards binary options in general, meaning less business for the legit auto traders.

We believe that binary options trading offer great potential and that it is profitable. We feel bad when a few rotten apples give the industry a bad name which is why we devote our time to exposing frauds and acknowledging the real deals. On this one, we take on Drexel Code, a controversial auto trader sharing a name with an equally controversial college. You can bet all your money that no punches were pulled. Enjoy the read, and (maybe) learn something from it all.

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100% Detailed & Unbiased Drexel Code Review Is it a SCAM Trading Software? What We Found About Cory Drexel? Autotrading Systems Exposed

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    Drexel Code Review

    Well, we get it. Drexel Code sounds more like a physics concept than a trading software and for most, it may sound like something out of Drexel College. That aside, Drexel Code is an automatic trading algorithm created and presented by a grumpy man, probably in the wrong side of half a century, with some serious grey hair, more grey than the dark grey sweater he’s wearing. The man says his name is Cory Graves, expert trader, programmer and financial analyst. From our experience, that is a most likely front, to cover up his real identity (hey, nobody likes jail). And he has good reason to do so as, from what we found out about him, and his alleged market-beating software, the old chap deserves to be ‘picking up soap’ in a run-down federal prison. Now to unmasking the software in question, shall we?

    According to Drexel Code site, which by the way is not safe for browsing according to Google Chrome, Drexel Code is an auto trader that is programmed in such a way that each registered trader is guaranteed, breath in and out then read this slowly – more $344k every single month. Simply put, Drexel Code will make you a millionaire in just under three months! Something that your 9 to 5 job, which you acquired after spending some additional years in college getting a masters after realizing everyone has a bachelor’s these days, has failed to achieve for 5 years. Imagine that. Just between you and us, when the pressures of life (taxes, bills and more bills!) get to us, we visit some auto trading sites and there’s never a dull moment. Like, $300k a month? Somebody call the editor of Forbes!

    What more, Cory Drexel claims that within the three years the software has been in operation, it has never lost a single trade. Simply put, the damn thing has an accuracy of 100%, which is absolutely commendable, until you find out that only Cory Drexel says that. Apart from the fact that everyone who’s ever traded with Drexel Code is coming out to say that the software is the worst they’ve ever seen, or heard, or read for that matter, we know that no auto trader in the world can be that accurate. In fact, not even a single auto trader is 90% accurate. The top industry accuracy level is somewhere around 87%-89%. We find it funny that only Cory Drexel holds that Drexel Code gets the job done. Everyone else who has tried, and even market experts (including our team) thinks otherwise.

    Deconstructing the Code

    The first thing we noted when we landed on Drexelcode.com was the sheer lack of organization and style exhibited by the site’s developers. We combed the whole site, including the often overrated FAQ section and didn’t learn anything new. Everything said on the site is pure fabrication and fantasy thinking from a deluded old man who should be somewhere teaching his grandchildren how to wipe their little noses. The reason we say this is because we didn’t see any evidence to prove that anything said in the page was true. We for one wanted to know how Drexel Code can make more than $300k for a single person in a month. We even sent several emails to the provided support email asking for further information on the same. Grandpa’ and his team could only reply with a generic promotional message asking us to register and become rich, just like our favorite Hollywood actors. First, does the (stupid) person(s) manning the support’s email even know the difference between an enquiry and an expression of interest?

    We didn’t want to know what Drexel Code can make for us, or depending on who you ask and how you do it, take away from us, all we wanted to find out what is what exactly the so called ‘code’ was and how it guarantees 100% winning chances in every trade. Filling people’s inboxes with uncalled for self promotion material is the worst form of marketing and it gets even worse if the person was simply asking for clarification and not some long self promotion essay written in lower grade English.

    drexel code main page

    In our investigations, we came to know that we’re not the only ones who have some reservations when it comes to Drexel Code. Most of the comments we read online about the system were all negative with the same storyline – naive person stumbles across the site, sees everything written on it, watches the sales pitch video, signs up, deposits some money and logs off, hoping to come back to a bigger bank account only to find all the money they invested vanished in thin air.

    We don’t even need to be told, it was clear to us that Drexel Code was a scam from the very first time we visited the site. The headline that greeted us, ‘Easy $340k every month!’ was the first giveaway. Hell, even if you’re not an experienced trader (or even a trader) or has never been conned, you can tell that the statement is as far from the truth as Cory Drexel’s hair.

    Doctored Screenshots

    If you’re a social media user, you know that 2020 is the year of the screenshot, just as much as 2020 was the year of selfies. Relationships have been broken with just a single screenshots and so have many a careers been sabotaged. In many ways, the screenshot is the truth, almost like a CCTV camera but more private. Cory Drexel, and his accomplices tries to use a clearly doctored screenshot to prove a point, which doesn’t even make sense in the first place. The screenshot shows the account balance of a female trader to be $40,000 as at 14th February 2020. According to the accompanying testimonial, the trader had only been trading for less than a month to get to the figure. From far, the screenshot looks believable, especially after going through the accompanying testimonial(s). However, as the wise folks said, it is next to impossible to fool all the people all the time. We were not fooled by the particular screenshot (and several others also on the site) and did some background checks to prove, or disapprove the claims.

    This being a screenshot, our options were very limited and the only thing we could do is check the date on the screenshot against the date on which Drexelcode.com was registered. As it turns out, the domain name Drexelcode.com was registered on 4th March this year and the site fully updated a several days later. Thus, the claims of the woman that she had traded with the software for several weeks prior to mid-February are outright lies. Unless, of course Drexel Code already existed before it got a domain registered which is most likely not the case since there’s no mention of that anywhere in the site.

    drexel code annoying pop up

    Drexel Code is a Scam

    To be clear, Drexel Code is a scam, and a dangerous one at that. It would be very unfortunate if you get scammed by Cory Drexel and his team after hearing it from us to stay away. For we are not ones to hid behind politically correct statements or beat around the bush, we have to support our statement with facts. Below are the reasons why we don’t trust Drexel Code, and suggest you don’t too:

    1. Perfection? False

    Earlier on, we talked about how, according to Cory Drexel, the software hasn’t lost a single trade in over three year period which puts its alleged accuracy at 100%. To deconstruct the claims, we have already established that Drexel Code only came to be in March 2020, which is not even a year ago, let alone 3 years. Two, Drexel Code is not, and can never be, 100% accurate. Not only Drexel Code but also any other trading system. This is because binary options are a very unpredictable and extremely risky venture. As such, there’s no single person, or algorithm in this case, that can predict price movements with absolute certainly. To make matters worse, Cory Drexel does not explain how the system accomplishes that and/or the particular strategy it uses. And even if he did, we would still fault him because, no matter which calendar you’re using, from March to now cannot be three years. Have we mentioned how all the traders we talked to complained of constant losses when using Drexel Code? This is despite Cory Drexel, with a straight face no less, looked into our eyes and said that the software has never, and cannot make a loss.

    1. Cory Drexel doesn’t exist

    One of our verification procedures when confronted with such a system is to unearth the identity of the alleged developer and collect as much information as possible to be able to come to a reasonable conclusion. And we did our due diligence, as usual. We searched through several social platforms for a man, any man, called Cory Drexel and we might as well not have bothered because our search amounted to nothing. Zero. But then again, that was not a surprise since everything we had read, and watched on the sales video told us that Drexel Code was a fraud. We didn’t expect the man who came up with the idea to be reached and neither did we expect him to give his real name and risk legal suits.

    1. Countdown widget

    In case you haven’t visited the site yet, and we suggest that you don’t, there is a countdown widget that apparently counts the number of beta testing slots available (it is always beta testers who are required). This number starts up high when you enter the site and continuously decreases until it gets to one. Apparently, you have to sign up before the time indicated is over, otherwise you miss a lifetime opportunity to become rich. Let us just say that it is not the first time we’ve come across such and we devised a way to prove that everything you see is a lie. Basically, when you clear your cache and refresh your browser, the countdown will start again at a higher figure and not at 1. This shows that the whole idea of countdowns is deceptive and is meant to pressure traders to hastily creating accounts with these shady sites.

    Drexel Code Review Conclusion

    To conclude, there’s nothing more to say about Drexel Code and its creator other than, keep off at all costs. But don’t worry though, we found a software that actually works and that delivers on its promises. Options Robot passed all our tests and is far ahead of the others we have tested and therefore, if you are looking for a legit, accurate and profitable auto trader, you know where to look.

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    Drexel Code Review

    Post Updated: 14/04/2020 By Andrew 2 Comments

    Welcome to the Drexel Code Review by the Make Money Online Zone. At the moment after doing a bit of research into this system online there appears to be a real lack of facts about the Drexel Code. If you are in any way tempted to invest your hard earned money into this system, please read my review first before getting involved as there are some plenty of risks involved and several things that you should definitely be aware of.

    First of all let me begin by saying that I have had several years of experience in dealing with these systems. I know people that have make a full time living from trading online and I have spoken with countless people that have been scammed by automated binary software. The Drexel code makes no secret of the fact that it is a binary trading platform designed to “auto trade” on your behalf.

    The Drexel Code Review – Big Claims

    There are high risks for all traders that invest within binary options, the most successful traders are experts within their professions and spend most of their time monitoring charts and graphs for changes and patterns within stocks, currencies and commodities. Ask any expert trading, even those that do it for a living and they will tell you that they lose on a regular basis. Trading binary options and winning 100% of the time is impossible, but yet this is the first claim that the Drexel Code claims. Quite a big claim!

    The Drexel Code Review – The Website

    On entering the Drexel Code website we are filled full of confidence and made to think that this product is the real deal as we see the Drexel Code logo plastered everywhere! The flash car with the Drexel number plate, the logo on the front of the building, even the cups inside the office have the Drexel Code logo! This is not one of the cheap and nasty video’s that we normally see promoting this kind of thing, and for good reason. These guys want and need you to believe that this system is real, however I can confirm that there are more than one scam that are attached to the Drexel Code.

    The Drexel Code Review – Big Budget Bad Actors!

    The people that are responsible for creating the sales video for this system have done a pretty decent job in comparison to many that we have seen. However, most of the acting within the video is pretty bad. The group known as the “brew crew” get my special award for being the worst actors, but to be fair Mr. Drexel himself isn’t great!

    I’m really sad to say that I know some people have already started buying into this system and yes I can confirm that it is just another scam. But let me guide you through the full process of what is going to happen here, should you get involved.

    Two versions of the Drexel Code? A Double Scam?

    Before I tell you about the “official” Drexel Code I must first warn you that there is also a fake version of the Drexel code out there on the market too. Neither version will make you any money but I feel that I must warn you about it. What surprises me is the fact that it appears that Google have relaxed their advertising rules so much that they have allowed this website through. Not only is there a fake version of a system that is already scamming people but the place where you will find it is right above of the organic search results, within the paid advertising space on Google.

    Take a look at the circled Google ad here. It’s not the real Drexel Code, it’s a fake. In fact this is basically just a link to another binary brokers where you are asked to deposit money. We tried it and the Google ad linked to an extremely poor landing page that simply asked to for your details and then to deposit money. I really don’t know how Google let this one slip through!

    The other ads here of course say that the Drexel Code is the real deal! But of course they would do when they are paying over a dollar per click!

    So let’s go back to the official version of the Drexel Code. If you get past the slightly poor acting and your longing to make money online is so great that you decide to give this a try, then no doubt the first thing that you would do is read the small print, right? Ok, perhaps that’s a little too much to ask when there is a countdown at the bottom of the page, counting down the amount of spaces left for “beta testers”. But in reality, the small print is partly the reason that these guys get away with this scam. Let’s take a look at what you are agreeing to when you sign up with the Drexel Code…

    The Drexel Code Review – What have I agreed to?

    Take a look at the 2 statements taken from the Drexel Code website.

    Understand that in this first statement “hypothetical or simulated results” means that they are made up. Everything within the sales video for the Drexel Code is made up and this statement helps them to get away with it. Notice also that it clearly tells you that no trades have been executed in the results shown. In other words, the examples shown are fake. And then finally we read that no account is likely to achieve profit similar to those shown in the sales video! Lets look at the second statement…

    In the second statement you are told not only that your personal details will be collected, but that they will also be shared with third parties. Why is this important? Well this is actually part of the big scam and this is where these guys will make the majority of their money.

    The Drexel Code Scam

    The Drexel Code Scam works in the same way that many of these systems have done. The software is fake and is simply an app that interacts with a binary broker. The guys that created this scam are affiliated to the binary broker and so make commission when you pay money into your account. Since binary trading is very much like gambling, there are no money back guarantees either! Once you pay your money, it’s over! The software if placed on “auto trade” as you are recommended to do, will trade a minimum of $25 per transaction until your initial deposit of $250 has all gone. 10 trades is all it takes to see your hard earned money disappear.

    And the reason why these guys want to let you know that your details will be passed on is because on joining your details were passed to the binary broker, who will then try to upsell you and offer you further offers to take more money from you. If you get a call from a binary trading company you should be on your guard as these companies are renowned for offering high cost services that will drain your bank account. You have been warned!

    Want A Real Way To Make Money Online?

    If this review has helped you and if you are looking for a genuine way to make money online, then please take a look at our recommended product. Our recommendation will cost you nothing to take a look at and it’s free to start learning the technique that we recommend. Plus you get free support and guidance from me directly. Follow our link for more information and to join Wealthy Affiliate. Not heard of it before? See our Wealthy Affiliate review here.

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    If you would like to share anything with us, post your comments and I will get right back to you!


    Great information–thank you for looking into this and sharing. There are so many “opportunities” out there and it is hard to know what makes sense to pursue. I appreciate when people take the time to do so so that I don’t have to waste my time or money if it is a scam or just not an opportunity for me.

    There are a lot of so called opportunities out there and a lot of people that are looking to make fast money. It’s a really dangerous combination because a lot of the time people are blinded by the possibility of making lots of money very quickly, when in actual fact the creators of the system have the same goals. These scams are all over the internet and they are making a fortune. Trouble is, it really doesn’t seem to be slowing down either!

    Zulander Hack Review; Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed !!

    We have to be extra vigilant not to fall in make money scams. I have seen a lot of make money online scams as well as trading scams. In this Zulander Hack review, we are going to examine whether it is a scam or not.

    The product owners of Zulander Hack do offer you hell lots of profit. But we can’t believe the owners at all. After all, it’s their product, and they don’t defame their own child. That’s why you need this Zulander scam review to ensure you don’t make any false moves.

    Zulander Hack Review

    Just like every binary option, zulanderhack.co also offers lots of profit daily. But before investing your money on this, you need to check this one for reliability. Today, I am here with the complete Zulander Hack review on which you will get to know whether it’s scam or not.

    What is Zulander Hack and How does it Work?

    Michael Wright is the man behind Zulander Hack. It is a trading app though he says that Zulander is not another binary options signal providing app. He adds that the app has been trading for about a year now and never faced a loss in business since the beginning. It has the potential to make $532,491 out of $1 only. Isn’t that great? It would have been great if they had fulfilled the promises.

    If you are an experienced trader, Zulander Hack can fetch you more than $10000 (It’s his words only). They will return your money if you reside in a country they approve of writing a review for them.

    As I said earlier, Zulander Hack is not another binary options signal app. I seriously don’t know why they keep on telling this.

    According to the co-founder, the app works in the following way.

    You have to use the guess work right for even making a feel of gaining profit. Why because everything about Zulander Hack revolves around guessing. If you sign up for them, you have to guess whether the price of a trade goes up or down. You can buy it by placing a call or sell the same. Getting the guess right means earning profit. In case of wrong predictions, you will suffer from losing your investment. I know this is not a perfect trading method. And, I am not sure of whether you get your money even after you guess correctly.

    Why is Zulander Hack another Scam?

    I have multiple reasons to tell you that Zulander Hack is a scam. You may not believe that all of the information they put on the website are fake. I am here with an unbiased Zulander Hack review to make sure that you don’t and won’t lose your hard earned money.

    Do you remember an author’s saying I quoted here? He stated that the software has been running for about a year (242 days precisely) without losing a trade. But when you check the who.is details of their website, you can’t believe the age of their website. Zulanderhack.co is only released in the ending time of 2020. What they used to gain such a huge profit then as no Zulander Hack was available? It’s a mystery we couldn’t bust.

    All of the people you see on Zulander Hack website are fakes. Yes, you read it right. If you dig deeper into the details of each one, you can’t trace even a single detail about them. I know using actors for promotion is not deception. But providing false claims about them making hell lots of profits using their software is really deceiving.

    Check some testimonials I have found on Zulander Hack website here.

    Don’t you see it? Have you seen any of the people before? May be you haven’t. But a deep analysis made us land on two pictures that proved their fake identity. In real, they are random models and maybe they haven’t even heard of this software.

    Another thing that made us raising doubts on this Zulander Hack review is the unavailability of founder. Seems like their founder, Michael Wright lives in their website. You can’t find even a single social media profile of him online. This made us think that Michael is a fictitious character made only for promoting this scam. The only online property of him you can find (other than zulanderhack.co) is a Google profile page that contains information about this app only.

    Zulander Hack uses unregulated brokers. Don’t you hate unregulated traders as a trader? Only fraud websites seek help of unregulated brokers because they don’t leave a trace of your money getting deposited. So, you can’t recover money after depositing even if you don’t want to trade using it. The fraudsters withdraw your money soon after you deposit. Zulander Hack gets a commission in return irrespective of your lose or profit. So, always make sure that you sign up with those trading apps only having regulated list of brokers. Otherwise, you will end being broke by an empty bank account.

    All the testimonials on their website are fakes. Instead of inviting real tradesmen to use and review the software, they are using random models, fictitious characters and even cheap reviewers from Fivver.com to trap newbie traders. Their mindset is clear. The men behind Zulander Hack scam is targeting inexperienced beginner traders because no experienced one will fall for their false promises.

    Their website says that the software works only in some countries. And a simple examination of their website unveiled their scam again to us. We spot a review on their site, from a country where the software does not work.

    In short, Zulander Hack is 100% scam. Never ever try this Cyprus-based false money maker. You can’t even do anything legally as it was not emerged from USA.

    Wrapping up

    I hope you have got enough information to believe that Zulander Hack is a scam. If it never were, you would, at least, find their founder elsewhere.

    So, whenever you choose an auto trader app, make sure that it has made a positive impact in the industry.

    Share this Zulander hack review as much as you can so that; people will not fall into this trap.

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