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ETX Capital Demo Account Review

In this ETX Capital demo account review we uncover everything you need to know about the ETX platform from the sign up process to placing your first trade.

Our initial thoughts on the ETX Capital demo account is.

  • Quick and simple sign up
  • Easy to use modern platform
  • Simple to customise to suit your own preferences
  • Instantly access relevant charting information

To start practicing and trading with the ETX Capital demo account simply click here: ETX Capital demo account. Alternatively if you want to know more about ETX Capital, take a look at our full review of ETX Capital which also includes a video overview of the broker.

Overview of the ETX Capital Demo Account

It is popular option for traders to utilise a demonstration account before committing to a specific platform. ETX Capital offers this opportunity; a great choice for those who may be unfamiliar with how their platform functions.

Sign Up
The registration process is simple and some basic information is first required. These fields must be addressed:

  • First and last name.
  • Valid phone number (for future contact).
  • Functional email address.

    Once these details are provided, the applicant will be immediately taken to the main demonstration account page. Please note that Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed in order to display all information correctly. Important to note that the demo account works on both Mac and PC.

    Page Layout

    One of the advantages of the platform offered by ETX Capital is that it is extremely intuitive and clean. From the default layout here are several features worth mentioning here. First, a drop-down menu of the most popular assets are listed on the left-hand side of the main page. These include:

    Forex positions
    Bonds and interest rates

    There is also a watch list which enables the trader to follow specific instruments the trader is currently involved in or potentially would like to trade. Cash balances, open/closed positions, reserved margins and available trading funds are all displayed along the top of this screen as well.

    The bottom portion of the main screen displays all currently open positions in a top-down fashion. Alerts, balances, transactions, trade history and open positions are clearly illustrated here and with the click of a button, each can be examined in more detail. These can be opened up in a separate window for streamlined interfacing.

    Platforms Available

    We should note here that with a demonstration account, the client only has access to the TraderPro software offered by ETX Capital. This is a proprietary framework which is preferred by many individuals. However, there is also the possibility of upgrading to the popular Meta Trader 4 system or a binary options alternative. Both of these will require the deposit of funds. Although the amount of money deposited will vary, the trader still has the advantage of enjoying a first-time bonus as well as a registration bonus (explained within the website).

    Assets and Allotted Demonstration Funds

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    When a demonstration account is first opened with ETX Capital, the trader will be provided with €10,000 euros (or the monetary equivalent) of funds. These can then be used to immediately open positions within the aforementioned sectors. There are numerous unique assets to choose from. While these can be broken down into areas such as commodities, indices and equities, a drop-down menu within each category provides further options. Examples here can include major or minor European indices, country-specific equities, commodities such as metals or energy, short-term bond interest rates and CFD positions. With any of these options, the bid and the ask prices are displayed in real time. There is also a search bar which enables the user to quickly pull up a specific asset or trading position.

    Funds can always be added to this demonstration account and once the initially allotted funds have been exhausted, it is necessary for the client to upgrade to a live position in order to continue trading.

    Open a demo account with ETX Capital today.

    ETX Capital Demo Account

    ETX Capital review is for those traders want to open trading account with ETX Capital binary options broker, You will know all about ETXCapital like how to download ETX Capital MT4 platform or how to open demo account with ETX Capital UK broker, You will also know how to do ETX Capital login or what is ETX Capital minimum deposit. For more information about ETX Capital broker you can also visit ETX Capital review by forex trading website, The ratings forex brokers, or currency trading investing company and get all information you need to know about the ETX Capital Forex broker.

    ETX Capital Review

    ETX Capital is a broker that was established in 2002 and is headquartered in London, England. is a member of the London Stock Exchange (LSA) and is well regarded internationally among traders as a professional and reputable broker. Licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the ETX Capital trading platform operates under the strictest rules in the industry.

    In March, 2020 ETX Capital acquired the now defunct Alpari UK’s client base and took the extra initiative of setting up a dedicated customer help line to assist former Alpari clients in transferring their trading accounts to the ETX Capital platform as quickly and easily as possible.

    ETXCapital offers the opportunity to trade derivatives through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), ETX Capital binary options and spread betting assets to clients based in Europe and other locations around the globe. ETX Capital offers traders options on more than 50 different popular and commonly traded currency pairs, as well as a large sele ction of CFD commodities in equities from 18 different European countries, as well as Australia, United States, South Africa and Singapore.

    In addition to forex, ETXCapital offers CFD options in e nergy assets that include Brent Crude, NYMEX Crude and RBOB Gasoline, heating oil and natural gas and precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, platinum and copper. The broad spectrum of assets is rounded off with a huge variety of soft commodities that include corn, cotton, oats, soybeans, coffee, cocoa, orange juice , wheat and sugar.

    The ETX Capital trading platform provides an informative video that completely explains spread betting and is accessible on its truly unique spread betting page.

    Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
    Review Visit Broker Demo


    The ETX Capital trading platform is an industry leader and its software makes available a trading platform that is fully automated and allows for one click trading, as well as integration of Expert Advisors (EA).

    The ETX Capital trading platform is an industry leader and its software makes available a trading platform that is fully automated and allows for one click trading, as well as integration of Expert Advisors (EA). The platform includes a wide variety of useful charts and a number of different drawing tools designed to enhance a trader’s ability to draw their own strategizing conclusions, as well as researching, placing and tracking trades in a variety of financial markets. These tools include price alerts and guaranteed limit and trailing stop loss orders to prevent unwanted financial losses caused by volatile or unexpected market conditions.

    The drag and drop capabilities offered by the trading platform enable traders to position trading tickets wherever they want on their monitor’s screen. ETX Capital’s platform includes a pip calculator that allows traders to easily determine the value per pip of trades. ETX Trader Pro enables traders to keep an eye on a particular set of markets and create specific watch lists. The ETX TraderPro product information option provides pertinent and specific information about the item in question.

    The ETX Capital trading platform also includes a variety of useful and educational webinars, seminars and video analyse s with expert market commentaries to assist traders in further edifying themselves about various financial assets and the markets in which they are traded, as well as unique and successful trading strategies, all of which can be practiced using virtual money provided with an ETX Capital Demo Account.

    ETXCapital does not allow hedging or scalping, does not offer Virtual Private Server ( VPS) services and does not offer Islamic trading accounts.

    ETX Capital Trading Platforms

    ETX Capital offers traders 3 types of trading platforms to utilize for researching, placing and tracking trades in a variety of markets from beginning to end. ETXCapital offers ETX Trader Pro, ETX MT4 and ETX Binary trading platforms.

    ETX Trader Pro

    The ETX Trader Pro platform was designed for more seasoned and experienced investors with a wide array of options and features that enhance access to various financial markets. The platform includes a comprehensive charting package integration that enables traders to select from varying chart formats and display them in varying time frames. ETX Trader Pro also allows one click trading directly from charts for the convenience of its traders.

    ETX Capital MT4 Download

    The MT4 tra ding platform is the most popularly used trading platform in the world and considered the forex industry standard for trading platforms. More information about the MT4 platform can be found on the ForexS Q .com website.

    The ETX MT4 platform is ideal for traders who want to use Expert Advisors ( EAs ) to automate their trading activities and includes a large range of built in indicators and comprehensive charting capabilities, as well as free educational trading courses and the iron clad security afforded by the strict regulations imposed by the FCA of the UK.

    Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
    Review Visit Broker Demo

    ETX Capital Mobile App

    ETX Capital’s trading platform is available for most computers with internet access and a variety of handheld mobile devices including Android, iPhone and Smartphones.

    ETX Capital Binary Options

    The ETX Binary platform is the latest addition to ETX Capital’s arsenal of trading platforms. The ETX Binary platform enables traders to conduct binary trading activities using a wide range of available financial assets and instruments that include stocks, commodities, market indices and foreign currencies.

    All platforms used on ETXCapital are also available in mobile versions for a wide variety of handheld mobile devices.

    ETX Capital Account Types

    Unlike many trading platforms, ETXCapital only offers traders one type of trading account, which requires a minimum deposit of only $100 to open a live trading account. There is no maximum trade limit for traders and payouts can reach as high at 85%.


    ETX Capital’s trading platform is available in over 15 of the most popularly spoken languages around the world, as are its customer support services.

    ETX Capital Demo Account

    A Demo Account is also available for experienced and novice traders who can benefit greatly from practicing trading in a variety of markets using virtual money that comes with the demo account. Traders can choose Demo Accounts using whichever trading platform they choose (ETX Trader, ETX TraderPro or ETX MT4). Demo Accounts are vital in learning to successfully formulate, place and track trades in any financial market.

    Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
    Review Visit Broker Demo

    ETX Capital Commission and Spreads

    In keeping with the forex industry standard, ETXCapital does not charge commissions on trades but makes its money using competitive spreads as follows:

    Spreads for the most popular and commonly traded forex pairs like the EUR/USD are as low as 0.7 pips.

    Spreads for CFDs start as low as 0.5 pips.

    Equity trading involves spreads starting at 0.08 pips.

    Spreads on commodities start as low as 0.025 pips.

    Trading on a variety of market indices involves minimum spreads as low as 1 pip.

    ETX Capital Deposits and Withdrawals

    Traders can deposit funds into their trading accounts using major credit and debit cards (except AMEX), wire and bank transfers. Account deposit transactions are usually completed within 1 business day. ETXCapital does not accept any type of third party funding or money orders, travelers checks or any other form of cash deposit.

    Withdrawals are processed within 2 to 3 business days and ETXCapital does not charge any fees for processing the first five withdrawal requests per month.

    Different deposit and withdrawal standards apply when trading some forex pairs, including GBP/EUR/USD/CHF, which involves the use of different deposit and withdrawal methods that are outlined in detail on ETX Capital’s website. Other regional restrictions may also apply and traders should contact the Customer Service department of ETXCapital for more detailed information about those possible restrictions.

    In keeping with strict international laws governing withdrawal of funds from bank and other financial accounts, the name on all accounts must exactly match the name on the trader’s ETX Capital account and proper identification will be required to transact account fund withdrawals.

    ETX Capital Withdrawal Charges

    ETX Capital offers its clients 5 free withdrawals of more than $100 USD in each calendar month. More than 5 withdrawals per month will incur a charge of $25 USD for each subsequent withdrawal after the first 5 that are permitted free of charge. This is due to excessive processing fees that ETXCapital is required to pay financial institutions to transact and process those additional withdrawal requests. No fees are imposed for deposits to trading accounts.

    ETX Capital Fees

    ETX Capital charges a fee to traders whose accounts remain dormant ( inactive) for more than 120 days.

    ETX Capital Leverage

    Leverage rates with ETX Capital are 100:1 for many assets and 400:1 on some options offered through the MT4 trading platform.

    ETX Capital Margin Requirements

    ETX Capital margin requirements is fixed, The amount of margin that you are required with ETX Capital to put up for each currency pair varies by the leverage. For example, If you use 50:1 leverage then you may be required to put up €200 to hold a €10,000 position.

    ETX Capital Promotions

    The ETX Capital broker does not offer incentives to traders in the form of promotional opportunities.

    ETXCapital Customer Support

    ETX Capital offers customer support services in a variety of languages Monday through Friday between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. (UK Time). ETX Capital account holders can also access the customer support team via e-mail or by calling a toll free telephone number, including international toll free telephone numbers for non UK investors and account holders.

    ETX Capital Login

    For login to ETX Capital broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do ETX Capital login.

    Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
    Review Visit Broker Demo

    ETX Capital Regulation

    The ETX Capital is trading name of the Monecor (London) Ltd is a member firm of the London Stock Exchange. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Financial Services register number 124721.

    ETX Capital Minimum Deposit

    The ETX Capital Minimum Deposit is 100 Pound.

    ETX Capital Trading Hours

    ETX Capital Trading hours of operation coincide with the global financial markets. Online CFDs and Forex trading is available from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m., New York time.

    ETX Capital Bitcoin Trading

    At ETX Capital you can buy or sell CryptoCurrencies like BTC but you can not deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoins, So ETX Capital Bitcoin chart is available for trading.

    ETX Capital Affiliate Program

    With ETX Capital Affiliates program you will money by introduce and referral investors to the broker, With ETX Capital Affiliate partner program you will earn money in 2 ways:

    Transaction based – Once the client introduced by you to the broker take potions then you will get your commission.

    Flat based – When the client you introduced to the broker invest money then you will get a fixed fee per client.

    ETX Capital Live Chat

    To get a fast support you can use ETX Capital Live chat, The ETX Capital Live Support is also available to support clients, To use ETX Capital customer support just visit the broker’s website.

    ETX Capital Address

    ETX Capital Head Office address is: 1 Broadgate Cir, London EC2M 2QS

    ETX Capital Phone Number

    The ETX Capital Phone Numbers are:

    Trading desk: +44 (0) 20 7392 1434
    Customer service: +44 (0) 20 7392 1494

    Trading open 24 hours: Sunday 9:30pm – Friday 9:15pm (London Time)

    ETX Capital UK Wiki

    ETX Capital is a UK based financial company that provides institutional, high-net-worth and retail customers with multi-asset market derivatives trading through financial spread betting and contract for difference (CFDs) products. ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited.

    ETX Capital provides online trading in spread betting, CFDs and foreign exchange (forex).

    ETX Capital Review Conclusion

    The professional investors and forex traders conducting this ETX Capital Review have determined that the firm is very reliable and shows great integrity in dealing with its clients to ensure they all receive the highest level of service affordable for a trading platform. In operation for more than a decade, ETXCapital has proven itself with its great record of customer satisfaction and numerous industry awards recognizing the broker’s commitment to high standards.

    Although the ETX Capital trading platform is a little confusing and does not provide direct market access, it allows traders to efficiently research assets and the markets in which they are traded and allows one-click automated trading on a huge variety of financial assets and instruments, making it a great market platform for trading forex and other assets for both newbies and experienced traders alike.

    However the ETXCapital Forex broker is regulated but invest the amount you can afford to lose it as online trading contains risk of losing your money.

    By this ETX Capital Review now you know all about ETX Trading platform, So share this ETXCapital review please.

    ETX Capital Review and Tutorial 2020

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    ETX Capital Facts & Figures

    ETX Capital are a London based, FCA regulated broker offering tight spreads across a wide range of markets. They offer professional client services to Pro clients. ETX are offering a FREE trading course to new clients, and free guaranteed stops on the TraderPro platform.

    Trade 5 cryptocurrencies, and BTC against USD, GBP or EUR. Margin is tiered from 50%

    Instruments CFD, Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Spreadbetting
    Demo Account Yes
    Min. Deposit £250
    Min. Trade £1
    Regulated By FCA
    MT4 Integration Yes
    Mobile Apps iOS and Android
    Auto Trading No
    Trade Signals No
    Islamic Account No
    FTSE Spread 1 pt
    GBPUSD Spread 0.9
    Oil Spread 0.06 pips
    Stocks Spread From 0.5%
    GBPUSD Spread 0.9
    EURUSD Spread 0.6
    EURGBP Spread 0.9
    Assets 65+
    Spread BTC Market Spread + 10, ETH Market spread + 8
    Coins BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP

    ETX Capital is a reputable online trading brokerage with head offices in London. With decades of experience and a choice of trading platforms, the broker offers trading in Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting. This review of ETX Capital will examine all aspects of their offering, including trading fees, demo accounts and mobile apps, before finishing with a final verdict.

    ETX also now offer a full professional clients service which is making them the ‘go to’ broker for professional clients since the ESMA regulatory changes.

    ETX Capital Trading Platforms

    Customers can choose between three trading platforms:

    ETX Trader Pro

    As the name suggests, this platform is geared towards experienced traders, or ‘pro’ accounts. As a result, you get a range of advanced features and comprehensive access to the financial markets.

    In particular, TraderPro reviews highlight the sophisticated charting tools. This allows you to choose and view numerous charts in different time frames simultaneously. This means you could view Ichimoku, Heikin-Ashi and line charts all at once.

    On top of that, once you have your client login details, you get straightforward access to historical data, volume indicators, guaranteed stops and more. In addition, the platform comes with a news feed so you don’t have to turn to the likes of Bloomberg to stay in the know.

    Overall, opinions of ETX Capital’s TraderPro platform are positive. In fact, many believe it is up there in the rankings with the likes of the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

    The Pro platform includes the professional client service which had made ETX a popular choice among full time traders.

    The TraderPro platform also delivers free guaranteed stop losses. This a real bonus for traders who like to use stops to manage risk. The guaranteed stop ensure your trades are closed if the asset hits that price, regardless of the amount of price volatility.

    ETX MetaTrader 4

    There is also a free MT4 download. This is ideal for traders who are already familiar with the system and would prefer not to change. This industry standard promises a range of features and superb security. It can be used for trading everything from Bitcoin and oil to the FTSE 100 and Swiss francs.

    The MT4 free download will work for hedging, scalping techniques and plenty of other strategies. Users also have the added bonus that there is a wealth of educational resources available to help them get the most out of the platform.

    Some superior rivals are out there though:


    ETX Capital recently withdrew their binary options offering in the face of the changes suggested by the European regulator – ESMA. These prohibited the supply of binary options to retail investors in Europe. As a responsible broker, ETX have removed the product to all traders.

    Minimum Initial Deposit

    The minimum initial deposit is £100. This is relatively low for the industry, making the brokerage attractive to beginners with limited initial capital.

    Note it is because ETX Capital is a market maker that entry requirements and minimum bet sizes are lower than traditional ECN brokers.

    ETX do motivate traders to make a larger initial deposit by offering a free trading course to traders who deposit $1000 (or equivalent).

    Spreads & Commissions

    ETX Capital spreads are competitive. Forex spreads start from just 0.6 pips for popular currency pairs, such as the EUR/USD. Spreads for CFDs start from 0.5 pips, while minimum equity spreads are 0.08%. For those wishing to trade in commodities, spreads start at just 0.025 points. Finally, for indices, you can find spreads of just 1 pip.


    Trading on leverage can be an effective way to capitalise on market opportunities. For FX trading, leverage extends to 1:30. For commodities, leverage is 1:10, while for equities and indices leverages span from 1:5 to 1:10.

    It’s also worth highlighting that trading on margin does come with risks. If you’re not careful, a margin call could promptly require a payment in excess of your initial deposit.

    Note margin requirements vary with fluctuations in exchange rates. Also, you may be able to change your personal leverage limits by contacting ETX Capital, or registering as a ‘professional’. Regulatory guidelines cap leverage, but only apply to retail investors, not professionals. Leverage for professional accounts can reach 1:300.

    Other Trading Fees

    There are certain fees to be aware of before you sign up for an account with ETX Capital. For example, there are overnight rollover fees and charges, which will depend on your position size and instrument. See the official website for a break down of rolling daily charges.

    In addition, there is a monthly dormant account charge if you have not made any trades in over 365 days. But if you do decide to return to the platform, ETX Capital will refund you the last three months of inactivity fees.

    Deals & Promotions

    Recent regulatory changes have meant that ETX Capital have withdrawn many of their deposit bonus offers. Incentives now focus on ‘adding value’ for traders, so for example a deposit of any size will secure a free trading course and similar perks. This previously required a $1000 deposit, so is a useful offer to take advantage of. Visit the ETX Education pages to see the current list of free etx webinars.

    Mobile Apps

    An increasing number of individuals intraday trade directly from their mobile devices. So, is ETX Capital good in terms of mobile trading apps? Customer reviews would suggest yes. Mobile trading apps are available with all 3 trading platforms for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    The app interface is sleek and straightforward to navigate. You get access to 5000 markets and you can enter and exit positions using price alerts, real-time charts, one-touch trading and a range of custom indicators.

    In fact, results from user reviews point to the binary mobile app as among the best in the industry. For example, bringing up an energy stock quote and entering a position takes but a few seconds. Furthermore, mobile apps are kept secure with encryption and fast touch ID log-in. Finally, you can manage risk with trailing stop losses and limits.

    Overall then, if you conduct research or trade from your mobile device, ETX Capital could certainly meet your mobile app needs.

    ETX Methods of Payment


    Once you sign up for an account, you will need to add funds before you can start trading. Fortunately, there are a number of options for depositing and withdrawing funds, including:

    • Bank Wire Transfer
    • Credit & Debit Cards
    • China UnionPay
    • Giropay
    • Neteller
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Sofort


    You can view your current account value from within your account area and then decide whether you want to withdraw some of your capital.

    Reviews for withdrawing funds are positive for three reasons:

    1. You can use any of the same methods used for funding your account.
    2. There is no minimum withdrawal. Having said that, you will incur a fee if you withdraw less than £100 of your revenue.
    3. Withdrawal times are fast. The quickest method is wire transfer which takes between 2 to 3 business days. All alternative methods will take between 3 to 5 working days.

    Contact customer support if you have any withdrawal problems.

    ETX Capital Accounts

    ETX Capital offer a couple of account types. The standard live trading account, offers traders of all experience levels the same levels of features and tools, as long as they can make the £100 initial minimum deposit. Clients signing up as ‘Pro’ clients will also enjoy the professional client service which offers larger leverage and access to investment types not available to retail traders.

    To qualify as a professional trader, ETX require traders meet 2 of the following three criteria:

    1. Over €500k of liquid assets excluding your house of residence if you own it.
    2. Relevant experience in financial services.
    3. Traded at least 10 times in each of the last 4 quarters

    There are also some perks for larger deposits, such as free trading courses and similar offers and deals.

    Note ETX Capital does not offer a swap-free account for Islamic traders.

    Demo Account

    Although there is just a single live trading account, there is also a free demo account. You can get an MT4 demo account. Alternatively, you can opt for an ETX TraderPro account. Once you have your demo login details, you can then trade stocks on the Dax 30, for example, with virtual cash.

    Practice accounts are a fantastic opportunity to build confidence and develop strategies. Then when you have gained experience, you can close your forex demo account from within your account area and upgrade to real-time trading.

    A Brief History

    Before taking a look at customer trading reviews, here is a brief overview of the company: ETX Capital is owned and managed by Monecor (London) Limited. In 2007, the group was acquired through a joint venture from the private equity investment firm JRG Group and the BXR Group.

    But although the parent company’s history dates back to 1965, ETX Capital only came to life in 2002 and is relatively unknown. This is because the owner and board of directors previously focused their attention on institutional traders and high net worth individuals.

    However, the partners and directors have seen considerable success since opening their doors to average traders. Firstly, they have become an FCA regulated FX broker. The broker went online in 2020 and hit the news with the acquisition of the Alpari network in 2020.

    The ETX Capital Group were quick to facilitate a smooth transition for existing Alpari customers with a dedicated helpline and the installation of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) servers. As a result, user ratings went up along with share price and turnover.

    Finally, for those observers wondering what the meaning behind the ETX acronym is:

    • Electronic Trading
    • Telephone Trading
    • Execution Services

    Additional Features

    Many reviews suggest the best part of the ETX Capital offering is the range of additional resources. These include:

    • Sentiment Mapper – Spread betting and FX clients can see how other ETX Capital traders have been trading. For example, you can see whether people are taking a bullish or bearish stance. Also, if you want to take a position on gold or oil, you could head over to an interactive chart and see which direction other traders are moving. Used correctly, this may help you capitalise on trends and boost your salary.
    • Education – The broker offers a vast range of free educational resources. This includes training modules, downloadable files, video commentary and more. All of which can help you with everything from basic definitions to implementing complex strategies.
    • Automated trading – The MT4 platform allows for APIs and extensions so you can enlist the services of trading robots and EAs.
    • Award Winning – ETX have picked up 4 awards already in 2020, the most recent being Best Online Trading Platform at the ‘Shares’ magazine awards.

    Regulation & License

    As forex and cfd broker reviews show, finding a trustworthy exchange is becoming increasingly important. This is a result of a growing number of scams and fraudulent brokers. Fortunately, a quick company check shows ETX Capital has regulatory oversight from the FCA, with Financial Services register number 124721.

    Because they are regulated, compliance with a number of measures to protect consumers have to be met. This should put intraday traders at ease that ETX Capital is a legitimate broker, concerned about customers as well as their dividends.


    ETX Capital stands out in several areas:

    • No dealing desk – ETX Capital is a no dealing desk broker. As a result, you may benefit from straightforward and direct trade access, plus low costs.
    • Rebates – FX traders may be eligible for a cash back rebate on every trade they make. In addition, user reviews report relatively low problems with slippage.
    • Demo account – Prospective forex, CFD and spread betting users get access to a demo account. This is a great tool for building confidence and test driving ETX Capital’s software.
    • Trading tools – Customer reviews praise the range of tools on offer from the industry leading platforms. You get advanced charts, one-click trading, plus a range of technical indicators.
    • Market choice – There is no shortage of products and instruments to choose from. As a result, the broker is a sensible choice for both beginners and veterans.
    • Competitive spreads – Take ETX Capital vs IG Index, NinjaTrader or Plus500 and you realise the former promises attractive prices for active traders.
    • Education – There is an array of free educational material available to traders, including seminars, tutorial videos, user guides and manuals. These resources can prove particularly useful for novice traders.
    • International accessibility – Broker reviews are quick to point out customers from all over the world can trade with ETX Capital. That includes users from Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, India, and Indonesia. However, traders from the USA are not accepted.
    • Pro Clients – Professional Client Service. Offering higher leverage, more control over closed trades and more trading options.


    Despite notable advantages, customer reviews also underline several downsides to the ETX Capital offering:

    • Limited account options – There have been some complaints about the limited account options. Just one standard account means there are no financial incentives and benefits for traders with significant capital.
      Complex navigation – The website can be unnecessarily challenging to navigate, especially when compared with some competitors. This can all detract from the overall user experience.
    • Negative balance protection – There are other brokers who do more in terms of negative balance protection for customers. It would be reassuring to see the CEO do more to protect users in this way.
    • No live chat – Whilst most competitors offer live chat support, ETX Capital offers only telephone and email support.
    • No localised telephone support – ETX Capital does not have localised telephone support numbers for international clients. As a result, traders from Dublin will be contacting the same number as those from Dubai.

    ETX Capital Trading Hours

    On the whole, ETX Capital opening hours are around the industry norm. For example, the TraderPro platform is open for forex trading between 22:00 GMT Sunday through until 21:55 GMT Friday.

    However, specific product trading times can vary in response to changes in liquidity. In addition, Christmas trading hours and other holidays will affect opening hours. See the official website for upcoming holiday hours.

    Contact & Customer Support

    Customer reviews of ETX Capital were mixed in terms of the customer support on offer. On the positive side, you have access to email and telephone support. See the Contact Us section on the website for the relevant telephone contact number and email address.

    The ETX Capital customer service is provided in a long list of languages, including English and South African

    User reviews show they can help you with everything from binary login details and forgotten passwords to pip calculators and guidance when the website is down.

    You can also head to their Support and FAQ section. Here you will find answers and discussions around most common problems.

    On the downside, support is not available 24/7, like some competitors, but instead runs from 07:30 to 21:00 GMT Monday to Friday. In addition, there is no live chat support, despite some competitors now offering live video chat services.

    Overall then, there are several customer services open to users. However, beginners who want a hands-on live chat or video support may want to look at alternatives.

    Safety & Security

    ETX Capital expressly state how serious they take personal security. In fact, they have a Security Officer to ensure privacy policies and legislation are met. Furthermore, the broker utilises advanced encryption technologies and firewalls. On top of that, client funds are kept segregated in tier-1 banks.

    ETX Capital Verdict

    So are ETX Capital any good? Well, forex, CFD, spread betting and binary options reviews suggest yes. With extensive experience, powerful trading tools and an unlimited demo account, ETX Capital makes for a worthy broker contender. In particular, if you’re looking for reliability and integrity, a long list of awards helps demonstrate ETX Capital may be the right choice.

    For additional guidance and other options, see our brokers list.

    Accepted Countries

    ETX Capital only accepts traders from United Kingdom.

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