Forex Fury trusted trader or scam

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Forex Fury: trusted trader or scam?

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Client Testimonials

Updated weekly, the feedback for our product is 99% positive . This is very difficult to achieve in a market where there are competitors writing fake negative reviews. All the testimonials in this section are collected from third party websites including trustpilot, sitejabber and fpa.

Happy with the Fury service. Forex Fury wins over 90% of the trades it places, which is what you should expect from a product with a strategy like this one. Upgrading my account to Diamond soon as I get the chance.


Pick your pairs and go! Forex Fury is a very intelligent system. I am now running 5 accounts, AUDJPY, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD, and GBPUSD. Although, I am going to stop using GBPUSD because I saw Fury said to avoid it during brexit / election news smartly. Just have to keep with it.


Happy with my journey. Forex Fury has renewed my faith in automated trading. I have been with the company 2 and a half years and have had mostly ups during this time. All of my accounts are positive, and it’s clear that the system works better and better the longer you use it. If you have a bad month or bad week, don’t worry, just keep at it. It’s a long term strategy, that will always turn up


Signed up a year ago, been on and off with it, but I’ve found a strategy that works well for me now. I run 10 demo accounts, and every month I

Ariyeh B

I’m a long term Fury member with 3 licenses, as I run 3 live accounts at the same time. If you aren’t having success with this software, then Forex simply isn’t the market for you, or you aren’t putting in the work.

Survis K.

Does exactly what they promise. Trades on your behalf, and takes less than 15 minutes to set everything up. I like running 20+ demo accounts to test different pairs / settings

Duno K.

EA Forex Fury is really excellent! 5 stars! I recommend it to everyone, it is very easy to install thanks to the video and the pdf manual. I’m using it with the EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs and I’m getting really top results! WOW! I am very happy . Thanks to the assistance that responds quickly and with competence and courtesy! thanks ForexFury I have tried many automatic EA but ForexFury is number one!


It is the best for me. If you use conservative parameters and abiding by the suggested time limits will work very well.


Forex Fury is a very helpful tool. It has made trading a much easier, and fun process. I was tired of staring at the charts trying to figure out when the next reversal was coming. Now, all I do is let Fury run on it’s own, and sometimes I’ll shut it off if the markets are looking volatile. Very low effort for stable gains.


I like quick, short trades and “easy wins” which makes this the perfect ea for me. Most other styles or strategies hold into trade too long and it works up my anxiety. So this is what I needed.


Good robot on GBPUSD, USDJPY, or USDCHF as long as no big news event happen. Use for few month and win my trade so 5 star for me.

Spending years in this market without success, I’ve grown a thick skin, but the success I’ve had with Forex fury has been making that soft again. With the win streaks

I’ve been trading on and off for approximately 3 years. Mostly, used indicators and traded manually. This past year I decided to give expert advisors a try, and it didn’t go well at first. BUT.. Then I came across Forex Fury, a time restricted scalping system and I’m really doing great. I have 9 demo accounts running, and 1 live account. But I have 3 demos doing really good so I will upgrade to a diamond soon so I can get more wins.


Just got an email from the Forex Fury team asking me to share my experiences and I’m more than happy to oblige. Been with Fury for a year and a half. Wasn’t really much of a scalping trader when I first signed up, but I’m to say that has chgd and I’m now on board. I run USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, XAAUSD on 4 separate accounts with settings pretty close to default. Though, I’ve done some testing over the years and made some small adjustments.


This is my favorite robot by far. Support 5/5 Trade quality 5/5 Consistency 5/5 Updates 5/5 Myfxbook 5/5 Forum 5/5 Settings 5/5 This is hitting everything for me, I have 3 licenses all winning on 1 different pair each. USDJPY 5/5 USDCHF 5/5 EURGBP 5/5 Running demo acconuts on other pairs in testing!


A very impressive service, with the best customer support team I’ve ever dealt with. I went into this investment very skeptical, with little knowledge of Forex Fury, or automated trading in general. The support team helped me understand how the system works, and I’ve started to make gains of 100 pips per week consistently on my account. A very good experience to say the least.


Everything you need from an automated Forex Tool Convenience Consistency Killer Instinct These three items make up Forex Fury in my eyes. It is a ferocious trading system that only cares about winning trades and avoiding risk. The perfect addition to the Forex trader’s arsenal who want to grab an extra 35 pips a day.


It’s a great system, but just like any other robot in that it takes a little bit of a learning curve. If you’re just going to let it run all the time in all conditions then it won’t work. It’s built to work only in ranging conditions, so if you spend the few minutes a day making sure the markets aren’t volatile you will win with the robot for many years. If not, then you will struggle.

It’s a good product with good support and a safe strategy. If you are a talented trader you should be able to adapt quickly and make easy wins in ranging markets. If you are a trader who is used to losing, it will take longer, and you will have to test or learn more.

The software exceeded my expectations right out of the gate, but it takes a bit of testing at the beginning. I’d say a learning curve of about 3 weeks. It’s really not much, but if you are looking for get rick quick, look elsewhere or don’t look at all.

I am happy w Fury because they keep updating and adjusting. They are so different from when I first signed up I think they might even be under a new ownership group in the past year. Best $200 I’ve spent in FX.

Forex Fury: trusted trader or scam?

Forex Fury is a robot that traders of Forex can use to make money while doing next to nothing. It boasts of a 93% accuracy that is promised to increase soon. There are verified Myfxbook accounts for clients interested in researching their claims to prove if it is a scam or not. Installation of this robot is free and the team working on it are available at all times to respond to questions that may arise via email. Traders do not require to have any trading skill set to operate this and grow their accounts. Numerous verified client testimonies have been found online to show that this is a legit investment that can be trusted.

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How Forex Fury Works
It is compatible with NFA, FIFO, MT4 and MT5 Build 600+
It is expected to trade between 5-10 times a day depending on market activity
Works with any MT4/MT5 Trading Brokerage
Multiple filters to avoid bad market conditions
It opens a maximum of 7 trades at a time and doesn’t hold it for long periods (to allow it get in and out of markets quickly)
There are videos and instructional guides packaged in the 5 minutes’ installation
It adapts to new currency updates and can trade EURUSD, USDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD, USDCAD and many more.

What Are You required to Do?
To use this app, you are to first install it. Installation as have been aforementioned is free and to run a demo account, clients can have as low as $0. To start investing, clients are expected to put in a minimum of $100.

With the researches that have been carried out on this product and the countless online client reviews that give it a 5 out of 5 rating, this is one trading robot that can be trusted. It has proven beyond doubt that it is not a scam. Five years in the business and it has not been negatively talked about. This fulltime automatic trading product can be trusted.


This product is water tight. It can be trusted and clients who are looking for ways to make money online can choose Forex Fury to grow their money. Currently, it has a promotional 15% discount coupon that can be seized on at the moment.

Forex Fury Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Fury forex robot for the free to download Meta Trader 4 trading platform. This automated forex trading system is suitable for any level of trader as it includes detailed instructions and prompt support to ensure that you can have it up and running on your forex trading account in just a few minutes. From then, it will do all the trading for you, analysing the market for entry and exits as well as managing your trades. As with many forex robots you may want to start using it on a demo account first in order to familiarise yourself with how it trades.

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Forex Fury Trading Strategy

Forex Fury was developed by a group of Forex traders with one mission which is to make a winning robot. After years of developments they claim to have achieved their goal. They now want to “share the work that they have done in order to increase their resources which will in turn allow them to make the software even more effective than it already is”. The Forex Fury robot trades around 5-10 times per day depending on the market conditions. There are verified trading results on the Forex Fury website that currently show a win rate over 90% although the draw downs are NOT ideal and actually quite high. Some traders are happy to use such a trading style as they understand the risks but others may want to look at something safer such as Forex Robotron. Forex Fury is NFA/FIFO compliant and has been designed to run on the GBPUSD currency pair. This is good as the GBPUSD is considered a major currency pair thus has plenty of liquidity for fast execution at the best possible prices and also some of the lowest spreads. Ensure as always that you are using a regulated ECN forex broker for the best possible results.

Forex Fury Back Testing

The 15 year back test on the Forex Fury website shows gains in the thousands of % but unfortunately we are unable to view the detailed statement for a more thorough analysis on the statistics such as draw down, profit factor, win rate, etc. We are also unable to verify the modelling quality and spread use as well as consider if commissions were included in the back tests. These are important things to consider when reviewing a back test as it is important that they are done in the best possible conditions within the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester – I recommend Birts Tick Data Suite for the best possible back testing conditions.

Forex Fury Back Testing

Forex Fury Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Forex Fury Summary

Overall Forex Fury is a decent forex robot with the potential to produce consistent long term results. However, it can have large drawdowns at times so is aimed at the forex trader who does not mind taking a bigger risk. There are only demo results and one of the accounts you will see took some big hits in previous years and has since been stopped. At the time of writing this review the newest account has started well. It does come with full detailed instructions, full support, free updates and a money back guarantee.

Forex Fury






  • Meta Trader 4
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Full Support
  • Detailed Instructions
  • 1-2 Licenses
  • Set Files
  • Memebers Area
  • Unlimited Demo Accounts
  • No Minimum Deposit

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