How to Place Bets on BetOnFinance

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How to Bet on BetOnFinance?

BetOnFinance is the newest online gaming system that managed to join up betting and financial market together. Although it may look complicated, these unique service help traders participate in financial markets. According to the BetOnFinance, this is the first company that offered new online gaming service. In this article, we will discuss how to bet with BetOnFinance.

Those who are interested to find out more about BetOnFinance, please read our BetOnFinance review.

Open Account with BetOnFinance

In order to start betting with BetOnFinance traders or bettors have to first open the account. In upper right corner of the site, traders will see yellow register button. After clicking on this button traders will find a simple register form they will need to fill out.

In view of creating the account, traders have to provide their email, username, password currency and the language they want to use while trading with BetOnFinance. After filling the account details, traders can move on and click on next step.

Next step includes filling some personal details like name, last name, street address, country, phone and birthday.

After all the details have been filled, traders can continue and verify their BetOnFinance account. After they accept BetOnFinace terms and conditions traders can click on Complete registration and check their mail to confirm their email address.

BetOnFinance – First Steps

In order to understand the rules of the game, traders will receive short welcome tips after they manage to register with BetOnFinance.

First of all, trading can start after bettors made the first deposit with BetOnFinance. To do that, they need to click on the blue Deposit/Withdraw button in the upper right corner of the account. BetOnFinance provides various payment options like MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, maestro, Neteller, Skrill or Trustly. Bettors can deposit from €10.

For traders that are using BetOnFinance for the first time, there is a welcome bonus that can be activated right after the registration.

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After they have managed to choose the payment method and made a deposit, bettors can continue choosing the game they want to bet on.

We have registered with BetOnFinance to get the idea of this new online gaming system that reminds us so much of traditional horse betting. After a quick registration, BetOnFinance has welcomed us with €15 of Welcome Bonus. We haven’t provided BetOnFinance with any credit card details, we just wanted to check the interface and see what services they offer to their bettors.

BetOnFinance Games – What Markets are Available?

BetOnFinance provides various tutorials that might help bettors to get an idea about each game they can bet on. We have analyzed all available games and found out that BetOnFinance bettors can choose between three main market types of betting:

  • Stock Race Games
  • Index Games
  • Event Games

After a trader has decided on which market type he wants to bet, bettors need to choose a game type and expiry time of a game.

BetOnFinance Stock Race Game – Game Rules

Stock race game allows bettors to bet on a stock they believe that will win or lose in view of other stock in given time. The concept is the same like horse betting, but bettors bet on stocks. Traders can choose to bet between 30 given stocks. The stock race allows traders to set Top3 or Bottom3 stocks that will be participating the race on that day.

The stock race is a pool game which means bettors are betting against each other and not against the BetOnFinance. The odds are never fixed, meaning that it depends on the total amount of the bets made by bettors for that specific race.

Bettors can choose different variants of stock race gaming, which means they can bet before the market opens or on the live games . If bettors choose to bet before the market opens, the can set winner or loser stocks up to five trading days before the game starts. Those who choose to bet on live games will enable to see the overview how markets are progressing on the beginning of the day.

The game is finished when the market closes and when the official results are given through BetOnFinance dashboard. Bettors are betting on a final value of the stock that is shown in the stock exchange market.

BetOnFinance Index Game – Rules

Are you interested in betting on the stock index? BetOnFinance Index Game allows bettors to bet on stock index change in certain time frame. Bettors basically bet on a price change of certain stocks, compared to the closing price in the earlier period. This betting game is indicating the price change in percentage.

Bettors can choose to bet on Half-day games, live games or on a range . Half-day allows bettors to finish their bet before the market closes on that day. This means that game ends at 12:20 PM on the local time of that specific market. The values of the stock are measured and based on the live price at noon, local time.

Those who choose to bet on a range, they will bet on 0,25% ranges instead of bet on a real price change.

BetOnFinance Event Games – Rules

BetOnFinance has offered unique games that allow bettors to make bets within various events. We have found that BetOnFinance bettors can choose to bet on various company events, macroeconomic or political events, CEO game, IPO or First-day game. Every game will offer different range and outcomes and this will depend on which type of event game is chosen.

Bettors can start betting event games starting from €1 and the odds always depends on the amount bettors have invested in the pool.

BetOnFinance Placing a Bet

Bettors can bet on BetOnFinance only when they are online. After they have logged on their account and made a deposit with BetOnFinance, they can start placing bets. After clicking on Bet Now button, bettors will be redirected to their Bet Slip trading platform. The left side of the BetOnFinance platform offers a drop down menu where bettors can choose preferred market, game type and other game specifications like time period and game day.

After they have set betting specifications, bettors will be able to see all available bets for chosen game. BetOnFinance welcomes bettors to choose the amount of each bet and betting can start. After they have decided about the bet, in order t activate the bet, the bettor needs to confirm the popup window.

BetOnFinance platform allows bettors to track their bets on their homepage interface. Bettors can also track and analyze their bets on the weekly basis data given by BetOnFinance. Besides personal success, bettors can track most successful bettors on the BetOnFinance and the real time situation on the markets.

If you are tired of standard binary options trading and like traditional horse betting, BetOnFinance could be an interesting thing to try.

How to Bet on BetOnFinance?


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BetOnFinance is something new in financial markets as it combines traditional betting with internet trading platform in order to provide really unique service. Betting on BetOnFinance is pretty similar to the one our grandparents used to do when horse or dog betting. The bettor has to select its favorite stocks and simply put their money on how will they perform in certain time period. Will the Google Stocks be in Top 3 of the day or maybe the best performing? Just like when it comes to horse betting, the bettor has to estimate the chances and performances.

Easy Login and Great Introduction

In order to start betting, account must be created. The SignUp button is in the upper-right corner of the website and only basic info is required (username, email, password and date of birth). Soon after making an entry, a verification email is sent, and after clicking the link, the bettor can start betting.

When the user enters the platform big ‘Do You Need Help’ banner will show op. FBO team highly recommend reading the instructions, as they can be very useful, especially for beginners.

The banner leads traders to learning section that is based on educational videos and FAQ section. It gives a great introduction to the world of betting and explains all terms in a simple way. There are also types of games and game rules listed. It is a great idea to put this type of banner first, as it immediately provides traders with the necessary information.

Placing Bets on BetOnFinance

The next step is to place bets. By Clicking ‘Bet Now’ users are redirected to their Bet Slip. Bet Slip is actually betting platform where every trader can choose how and when to place their bets. On the left side, users can see a drop-down menu where they choose a market, game type, period and game day.

After the user gets finished with this part, it is time to pay attention to the middle, where all possibilities are listed. Immediately after the stock has been selected, the Bet Slip is open, in the shape of the little white window, where the bettor can enter the amount of money willing to bet.

When the bet is finally completed, a pop-up window with confirmation will show up. A pop-up window lets the user know the bet is successfully placed.

Now, all bettors have to do is wait and see if their bet is profitable of not. All bets placed can be followed on the homepage that provides weekly analysis of bets as well. There you can also find the list of most successful users, the real-time situation of markets and financial calendar.

This online platform really makes betting more interesting than ever and is adjusted to all types of traders. It provides enough information so that even beginners can place successful bets and experience online betting in a new manner.

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BetOnFinance Review 2020

BetOnFinance is closed.

BetOnFinance corresponds to online trading internet platform that enabled traders to bet on financial stocks in a pre-defined time frame. This online platform shows different trading experience and represents a whole new approach towards betting. The principles of BetOnFinance services are the combination of traditional horse betting and online trading with various financial assets. This way, instead of betting on horses, traders can bet on the financial market.

BetOnFinance, regulated by the Danish Government, offers an interesting new betting concept which was only available to Danish citizens.

This betting platform is operated by BetOnFinance Limited which is located in Malta.

In the meantime, BetOnFinance has been regulated by Maltese MGA which automatically enabled trading for other traders.

BetOnFinance Account Features

Our BetOnFinance review has shown this online betting platform provides innovative and interesting services for various types of users. The principle of betting with BetOnFinance is identical as horse betting. Some bettors are maybe tired of traditional betting, so this novelty might be interesting to those. BetOnFinance platform is adapted to the 21st century and it makes betting fun and easy. In order to start betting, bettors have to select a stock first. After this, bettors need to decide how this stock will perform in selected time frame. Bettors decide on their betting amount and place a bet according to their preferences. There are numerous betting options available and bettors have to option to enjoy different betting approach with BetOnFinance.

BetOnFinance provides two different betting accounts. One account provides demo services and it is available for everyone, while second account is Real BetOnFinance account and traders need to invest real funds in order to bet.

BetOnFinance Free Competitors Account

This account enabled trading for all traders that want to interact with financial stocks for free. BetOnFinance enabled this demo account with 5000 of virtual money so bettors can spend it according to their preferences. Traders who register with BetOnFinance Free Competitors account can use given virtual funds for weekly competitions. Traders can trade with demo account as long as they have virtual funds on their account.

BetOnFinance Real Play Account

In our BetOnFinance review, we have found this platform offers Real Play account where traders can enjoy a great number of possibilities. BetOnFinance Real account is available from DKK. Such a low limit enables betting for beginners that don’t want to spend significant amounts of funds for their first bets. Besides approachable and low betting amount BetOnFinance welcomes their bettors with 100% Welcome Bonus for those traders who make a deposit over 100 DKK. in order to receive a welcome bonus, traders must reach required turnover of 5x.

Read more about BetOnFinance Bonuses in our detailed guide.

It is interesting to mention that BetOnFinance provides launch up bonuses of 200% for up to 1000 DKK.

BetOnFinance enabled traders to bet against each other, not against the house. In this case, when financial markets close those bettors who made precise predictions will share winning pool.

BetOnFinance Trading Software

Our BetOnFinance review showed that traders are offered to choose between two betting platforms, depending on the type of betting account traders have chosen to trade with. According to BetOnFinance, separated platforms provide a better overview over betting portfolio. Traders that register with demo account doesn’t need to spend time looking for betting rules, bonuses or other information that is important for BetOnFinance real account. Each betting platform is visually approachable and it is easy to navigate, even for those who use it for the first time.

Betting with BetOnFinance is extremely easy, no matter if traders are using the demo or real account. On the left side of the platform, bettors will see Game selection with all listed options. The Proprietary platform offers users to choose a game type, market, time-frame and game type.

The right side of the BetOnFinance platform has placed a call to action buttons to ensure better overview over betting portfolio. Besides mentioned features, traders can also use various extra services like limiting loss and limiting amount tools. Those tools help bettors to improve their money management with their real account.

BetOnFinance betting platform has ensured plentiful possibilities for customization and adjusting the betting portfolio according to personal preferences and needs of every trader. It ensures the great betting experience for experienced bettors, but it’s simple enough so beginners can also understand it and use it.

BetOnFinance online platform has developed two trading interfaces: desktop and mobile. This way bettors can choose to bet with the preferable interface and adjust the platform according to their betting habits. BetOnFinance Mobile platform ensured betting services for modern bettors who want to place their bets no matter the place and time. Both trading interfaces have ensured bettors to place bets with top 30 stocks and indices in more time frames: ½ day, One day, One week and one month.

BetOnFinance Support Information

According to our BetOnFinance review, this betting provider enabled support for English and Danish. Bettors can contact support via email and Facebook. This is quite unusual since financial services usually don’t offer support through social networks. This great addition provides additional support services and moders bettors will probably like this type of communication. BetOnFinance has also enabled live chat support for all potential and current bettors that use BetOnFinance services.

Besides great customer support, BetOnFinance provides latest important news that may be important while deciding on which stocks traders will place bets. BetOnFinance has also ensured a financial calendar that may helpful.

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