IQ OPTION granted access to the classic options platform

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Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is entered into by and these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) shall regulate the relationship between IQOPTION LTD, with company No. 24840 IBC 2020, and registered at: Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), and the user (a natural or legal entity) (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) of (hereinafter referred as the “Website”).

  1. The Client confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted all information, conditions and terms set out on Website which are open to be reviewed and can be examined by the public and which include important legal Information.
  2. By accepting this Agreement, the Client agrees and irrevocably accepts the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, its annexes and/or appendices as well as other documentation/information published on the Website, including without limitation to the Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, Withdrawal Policy, Code of Conduct, Order Execution Policy and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. The Client accepts this Agreement by registering an Account on the Website and depositing funds. By accepting the Agreement, and subject to the Company’s final approval, the Client enters into a legal and binding agreement with the Company.
  3. The terms of this Agreement shall be considered accepted unconditionally by the Client upon the Company’s receipt of an advance payment made by the Client. As soon as the Company receives the Client’s advance payment, every operation made by the Client on the Trading Platform shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.
  4. The Client hereby acknowledges that each and any Operation, activity, transaction, order and/or communication performed by him/her on the Trading Platform, including without limitation through the Account, and the Website, shall be governed by and/or must be executed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.
  5. By accepting this current agreement, the Client confirms that he/she is able to receive information, including amendments to the present Agreement either via email or through the Website.
  6. A client that is a legal entity can register with the Company not through the Website but by sending an email with its request to [email protected] All terms and and conditions contained herein, including without limitation to 1 to 5 above, shall at all times be applicable to the Legal Entity and the latter shall conform with such terms and conditions, obligations and rights at all times.

1. Terms

  1. Account – means unique personified account registered in the name of the Client and which contains all of the Client’s transactions/ operations on the Trading Platform (as defined below) of the Company.
  2. Ask – means the higher price in a quote. The price the Client may buy at.
  3. Bid – means the lower price in a quote. The price the Client may sell at.
  4. Classic Options – means CFDs on stock options.
  5. CFD (contract for difference) – means a tradeable contract entered into between the Client and the Company, who exchange the difference in the value of an Instrument, as specified on the Trading Platform at the time of opening a Transaction, and the value of that Instrument at the contract’s end.
  6. Digital Option Contract – means a type of derivative instrument where the Client earns a payout if they correctly predict the price movement of the underlying asset at the time of the option’s expiry. The prediction can be made as to whether the value of the underlying asset will fall above or below the strike price at time of expiration. Should the option expire at the selected strike price, it will be considered to expire out-of-the money and will result in the loss of the invested amount.
  7. Execution – means the execution of Client order(s) by the Company acting as the Client’s counterparty as per the terms of the present agreement.
  8. Financial Instruments – means the Financial Instruments as per paragraph 2.4 below that are available on the Company’s Trading Platform.
  9. KYC documents – means the documents to be provided by the Client, including without limitation to the a copy of the passport or ID and utility bill of the Client, in case it is a natural person and/or certificates showing the management and ownership going all the way up to the ultimate beneficial owner, in case it is a legal entity, and any other documents the Company may request upon its sole discretion.
  10. Market – means the market on which the Financial Instruments are subject to and/or traded on, whether this market is organized / regulated or not and whether it is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines or abroad.
  11. Market Maker – means a company which provides BID and ASK prices for financial instruments.
  12. Operations – means actions performed at the Client’s Account, following an order placed by the Client,, connected with but not limited to crediting of funds, return of funds, opening and closing of trade transactions/positions and/or that relate to financial instruments.
  13. Prices – means the prices offered to the Client for each transaction which may be changed without prior notice. Where this is relevant, the “Prices” given through the Trading Platform include the Spread (see definition below).
  14. Services – means the services described in section 3 of this Agreement.
  15. Spread – means the difference between the purchase price Ask (rate) and the sale price Bid (rate) at the same moment. For avoidance of doubt, a predefined spread is for the purposes of this Agreement assimilated commission.
  16. Trading Platform – means an electronic system on the internet that consists of all programs and technology that present quotes in real-time, allow the placement/modification/deletion of orders and calculate all mutual obligations of the Client and the Company.

2. Subject of the Agreement

The subject of the Agreement shall be the provision of Services to the Client by the Company under the Agreement and through the Trading Platform.

The Company shall carry out all transactions as provided in this Agreement on an execution-only basis, neither managing the account nor advising the Client. The Company is entitled to execute transactions requested by the Client as provided in this Agreement even if the transaction is not beneficial for the Client. The Company is under no obligation, unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement and/or other documentation/information on the Website, to monitor or advise the Client on the status of any transaction, to make margin calls, or to close out any of the Client’s open positions. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Company is not obligated to make an attempt to execute the Client’s order using quotes more favorable than those offered through the Trading Platform.

The Investment and Ancillary Services which the Company should provide under the terms of the Agreement are stated below, and the Company will provide them in its capacity as a market maker under the terms of this Agreement. The Services that the Company provides in relation to one or more Financial Instruments are the following (the list below shall not be regarded as exhaustive):

a. Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more Financial Instruments;

i. Execution of the orders on behalf of the Clients.

ii. Dealing on Own Account.

iii. Portfolio Management.

iv. Investment Advice.

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b. Ancillary Services

i. Safekeeping and administration of the Financial Instruments for the Client’s Trading Account, including custodianship and related services such as cash/collateral management.

ii. Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction.

iii. Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of the Investment Services.

The Company does not provide investment, tax or trading advice unless specified as such between the Client and the Company in a separate agreement. Our services include ‘execution only’ meaning that the Company will act on your instructions and will not advice you on any transaction, nor will we monitor your trading decisions to determine if they are appropriate for you or to help you avoid losses. You should obtain your own financial, legal, taxation and other professional advice.

Financial Instruments (the list below shall not be regarded as exhaustive):

a. Digital Options and/or Binary Options Contracts in stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs;

b. Financial Contracts for Differences (CFDs) in stock options, stocks and currency pairs (FX);

c. Financial Contracts for Differences (CFDs) in cryptocurrencies for short/sell transactions. It should be noted that the client can only trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies exclusively on short/sell transactions. Subsequently, where the Company makes any reference related to CFDs on cryptocurrencies including inter alia, in the Company’s Terms and Conditions, Order Execution Policy, General Fees and any other relevant document included in the Company’s website, it should be understood and agreed that the statement ‘’CFDs cryptocurrencies’’ only refers to short/sell transactions. For further information please read the Company’s Cryptocurrencies Terms and Conditions. The Company reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and for all CFD products, impose the following expiration times: daily/weekly/monthly and/or no expiration at all.

d. Cryptocurrencies On its Website the Company is entitled to provide financial services of Contracts for Difference (CFD) with intrinsic protection (Protected CFDs). The risk of loss for Protected CFDs is limited to and does not exceed the sum invested by the Client in a particular CFD contract with the addition of any trading and/or ongoing trading fees incurred as a result of opening such CFD. Clients may choose to opt out from the features offered by Protected CFDs by choosing the option to use the balance in their trading account in order to keep a CFD position open (“CFDs on margin”). In this instance, when the loss for a position reaches 95%, an additional 20% of the original investment amount is reserved from the Client’s account. If the CFD position takes further losses, the Client’s available balance is further reduced by 20% accordingly. The Client can limit the additional funds reserved on his account balance by specifying his acceptable level of loss for a CFD position. In both features of CFDs described above, the Company offers negative account balance protection i.e. the Client’s losses may never exceed the total amount of funds available in the Client’s account. In addition, the risk of loss in relation to the corresponding potential benefits for CFDs described above, is reasonably understandable in light of the particular nature of the proposed financial contract.

Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Company agrees to provide the Client with the Services subject to the Client:

a. Being of age of maturity in accordance with the jurisdiction he/she resides in or is a resident of, is of legal competence and of sound mind.

b. Not residing in any country where distribution or provision of the financial products or services offered by the Company would be contrary to local laws or regulations. It is the Client’s responsibility to ascertain the terms of and comply with any local laws or regulations to which they are subject.

c. Not being a USA/territories of the US national and not being a resident of the following jurisdictions: USA/territories of the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Russian Federation and/or any country of the European Economic Area.

The Company will offer Services to the Client at the absolute discretion of the Company subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

The Client is prohibited and shall not, under no circumstances, be allowed to execute any transactions/Operations on the Trading Platform, Website and/or through his/her Account, that would as a result exceed the total balance and/or amount of money deposited/maintained with his/her Account. Such deposited amounts shall be considered to have been provided as collateral, either in the form of a lien or otherwise, to the Company by the Client by which the obligation of the Client to pay any money to the Company is secured.

3. Services of the Company

  1. Services – services provided by the Company to the Client through the Trading Platform of the Company, including without limitation to customer, analytics, news and marketing information services.
  2. The Company shall facilitate the execution of trade activities/orders and/or transactions of the Client but the Client hereby acknowledges and accepts that the Company shall not at any time provide any trust services and/or trading consultation or advisory services to the Client.
  3. The Company shall process all transactions/Operations of the Client in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and on an execution-only basis. The Company shall not manage the Client’s Account nor advise the Client in any way.
  4. The Company shall process the orders/transactions requested by the Client under this Agreement irrespective of whether such orders/transactions may result to not being beneficial for the Client. The Company is under no obligation, unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement and/or other documentation/information on the Website, to monitor or advise the Client on the status of any transaction/order, to make margin calls to the Client, or to close out any of the Client’s open positions. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Company is not obligated to process or attempt to process the Client’s order/transaction using quotes more favorable than those offered through the Trading Platform.
  5. The Company shall not be financially liable for any operations conducted by the Client through the Account and/or on the Trading Platform.
  6. Each Client shall be the only authorized user of the Company’s services and of the corresponding Account. The Client is granted an exclusive and non-assignable right to the use of and to access the Account and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that no other third party, including, without limitation, to any next of kin and/or to members of his/her immediate family, shall gain access to and/or trade through the Account assigned to her/him.
  7. The Client shall be liable for all orders given through his security information and any orders received in this manner by the Company shall be considered to have been given by the Client. So long as any order are submitted through the Account of a Client, the Company shall reasonably assume that such orders are submitted by Client and the Company shall not be under any obligation to investigate further into the matter. The Company shall not be liable to and/or does not maintain any legal relations with, any third party other than the Client.
  8. If the Client acts on behalf of any third party and/or on behalf of any third party’s name, the Company shall not accept this person as a Client and shall not be liable before this person regardless if such person was identified or not.
  9. The Client has the right to cancel his order given to the Company within 3 seconds after the moment of giving such order to the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Cancellation”). The client agrees and understands that the three seconds cancellation option offered by the Company is applicable and available for the client as long as the price remains unchanged. Three seconds from the moment of giving the order to the Company by the Client via the platform, the Company may (but is not obliged to) offer to buyout the option from the Client and the Client have the right to agree to such offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyout”). The Client is entitled to use such Cancellation or Buyout option subject to the conditions specified on the platform. Such conditions can also include the fee charged by the Company. Such fee is specified on the platform. The Company is obliged to provide all necessary information as to the conditions of Cancellation and Buyout, their cost, etc. The Client acknowledges and agrees that provision of such information on the platform is sufficient. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the use of Cancellation or Buyout is very risky to the Client as long as the cost of Cancellation and/or Buyout depends on the market situation. The Client acknowledges and agrees that he bears all the risks associated with the use of Cancellation and/or Buyout.
  10. The Client is entitled to use such Cancellation or Buyout option subject to the conditions specified on the Trading Platform/Website, including without limitation to any fee to be charged by the Company. The Company shall be obliged to provide all necessary information as to the conditions of Cancellation and Buyout, including any applicable costs, etc. The Client acknowledges, accepts and agrees that provision of such information on the Trading Platform is sufficient. The Client acknowledges, accepts and agrees that the use of Cancellation or Buyout option entail large risks for the Client, especially in the case where the costs associated with Cancellation and/or Buyout, depend on the market situation. The Client acknowledges, accepts and agrees that he/she shall bear all risks associated with the use of Cancellation and/or Buyout option.
  11. It is understood and agreed by the Client that the Company may from time to time, at its sole discretion, utilize a third party to hold the Client’s funds and/or for the purpose of receiving payment execution services. These funds will be held in segregated accounts from such third party’s own funds and will not affect the rights of the Client to such funds.

4. Reception and Transmission / Electronic Trading

  1. By accepting this Agreement, the Client accepts that he has read and understood all provisions of this Agreement and related information on the Website. The Client accepts and understands that all orders received shall be executed by the Company as the counterparty of the transaction in its capacity of Market Maker. The Company shall act as a principal and not as an agent on the Client’s behalf for the purpose of the Execution of orders. The Client is informed that Conflicts of Interest may arise because of this model.
  2. Reception of the order by the Company shall not constitute acceptance and acceptance shall only be constituted by the execution of the order by the Company.
  3. The Company shall be obliged to execute the Client’s orders sequentially and promptly.
  4. The Client acknowledges and accepts a) the risk of mistakes or misinterpretations in the orders sent through the Trading Platform due to technical or mechanical failures of such electronic means, b) the risk of any delays or other problems as well as c) the risk that the orders may be placed by persons unauthorised to use and/or access the Account, and the Client agrees to indemnify the Company in full for any loss incurred as a result of acting in accordance with such orders.
  5. The Client accepts that during the reception and transmission of his/her order, the Company shall have no responsibility as to its content and/or to the identity of the person placing the order, except where there is gross negligence, willful default or fraud by the Company.
  6. The Client acknowledges that the Company will not take action based on the orders transmitted to the Company for execution by electronic means other than those orders transmitted using the predetermined electronic means such as the Trading Platform, and the Company shall have no liability towards the Client for failing to take action based on such orders.
  7. The client acknowledges and agrees that any products or services that may be offered by the Company may not always be available for purchasing or use for trading purposes, and it is in the Company’s absolute discretion whether it will make these products available or not to the clients at any time. The Company shall bear no liability, monetary or otherwise, in relation to this section, including without limitation to not making available any product at any given time.

The Client acknowledges that the Company will have the right, at any time and for any reason and without justification, at its sole discretion, to refuse to execute orders, including, without limitation, in the following circumstances:

a. If the execution of the order aims or may aim to manipulate the market price of the financial instruments (market manipulation);

b. If the execution of the order constitutes or may constitute abusive exploitation of confidential information (insider trading);

c. If the execution of the order contributes or may contribute to the legalization of the proceeds of illegal activities (money laundering);

d. If the Client has insufficient funds to cover the purchase of financial instruments or if there is insufficient number of financial instruments to cover their sale;

e. If the Client fails to fulfill any of his/her obligations towards the Company under this Agreement;

f. The Company’s own exposure levels as set out in the Company’s internal policies have been reached in respect of the Financial Instrument or the underlying asset of the Financial Instrument the Client wishes to buy/sell;

g. If the Client seeks to become or becomes a US Reportable Person or a resident of USA/territories of the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Russian Federation and/or any country of the European Economic Area.

h. The Client acknowledges that, at its own discretion, under certain market conditions and in particular where it has reached or surpassed internal exposure levels, the Company may have to close all or a part of the Client’s positions in CFD contracts with cryptocurrencies as underlying assets. The Company undertakes to provide adequate notification to the Client in case a CFD position will be liquidated by the Company and shall provide no less than 5 (five) working days notice before proceeding with the liquidation.

i. In addition to the above, the Company maintains the right, but not the obligation, to charge each Client a maintenance/custodial fee for any open cryptocurrency position (without leverage) maintained with the Company (“Open Positions”). Such right arises and may be exercised by the Company if such Open Positions remain open for more than three (3) months from the date of their opening (“Minimum Period”).

Provided that the Minimum Period has been completed and Company decides upon its sole discretion to exercise the right provided hereunder, the following steps will be undertaken:

(1) the Company shall provide a written notice to the Client notifying him/her that, within seven (7) days from receipt of the notice, the Company shall proceed with the application of maintenance/custodial fees against the Open Position in accordance with the table included below;

(2) should the Client wish to avoid the application of any maintenance/custodial fees, then he/she should proceed with the immediate close down of his/her position and not later than within seven (7) days from the date of the notice;

(3) the % maintenance fee as indicated in the table below, shall be calculated against the value of the Open Position upon the end of each month within the periods set out below;

(4) the payment of the calculated maintenance fee shall be made on the date upon which the Open Position has reached the Minimum Period and thereafter upon completion of each consecutive period, as stated in the table below. The payment to the Company shall be facilitated by automatically deducting the relevant amount from the Client’s Open Position balance; and

(5) upon the end of each period (as indicated in the table below), the maintenance/custodial fee % shall be automatically increased as set out in the below table without any further notice to the Client.

Period from Position Opening Maintenance/Custodial Fees
3 months 0.25%
6 months 0.50%
9 months 0.75%
12 months 1.00%
13 months 1.25%
14 months 1.50%
15 months 1.75%
16 months 2.00%
17 months 2.25%
18 months and more 2.50%

5. Limitation of Liability

  1. The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted service, safe and errors-free, and immunity from unauthorized access to the trading sites’ servers nor disruptions caused from damages, malfunctions or failures in hardware, software, communications and systems in the Client’s computers and in the Company’s suppliers.
  2. Supplying services by the Company depends, inter alia, on third parties and the Company bears no responsibility for any actions or omissions of third parties and bears no responsibility for any damage and/or loss and/or expense caused to the Client and/or third party as a result of and/or in relation to any aforesaid action or omission.
  3. The Company will bear no responsibility for any damage of any kind allegedly caused to the Client, which involves force majeure or any such event that the Company has no control of and which has influenced the accessibility of its trading site.
  4. Under no circumstances will the Company or its Agent(s) hold responsibility for direct or indirect damage of any kind, even if the Company or its Agent(s) had been notified of the possibility of aforesaid damages.

6. Settlement of Transactions

  1. The Company shall proceed to a settlement of all transactions upon execution of such transactions.
  2. An online statement of Account will be available for printing to the Client on the Trading Platform of the Company, at all times.

7. Rights, Obligations and Guarantees of the Parties

The Client shall be entitled to:

a. Submit with the Company any order requesting the execution of a transaction/Operation on the Website in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

b. Request withdrawal of any amounts subject and in accordance with the Withdrawal Policy, and provided that the Company has no claims against the Client and/or the Client does not have any outstanding debts to the Company;

c. In the event that the Client has any alleged complaint against the Company and/or there is any dispute between the Client and the Company, then the Client can submit his/her complaint, to include all relevant particular and details, to the Company at [email protected] The Company shall acknowledge receipt of any such complaint, initiate an internal investigation of the matter and shall respond to the Client within a reasonable amount of time but not later than 3 months from the date of acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

d. Unilaterally terminate the Agreement provided that there is no debt outstanding from the Client toward the Company and such termination is made in accordance with section 17 herein.

a. Acknowledges that the Account shall be activated upon the deposit of funds/advance payment into the Account.

b. Warrants that he/she shall at all times be compliant with and honor all terms and conditions of this Agreement

c. Warrants that he/she shall ensure that at all times the username and password issued by the Company in relation to the use of the Service(s) and the Account, will only be used by him/her and will not be disclosed to any other person;

d. Shall be liable for all orders submitted through his/her security information and any orders received in this manner by the Company shall be considered to have been given by the Client;

e. Hereby acknowledges that frequent access and logins to the Account via different IP addresses from different countries and/or via the use of VPN (with the exception of users from Turkey or Indonesia) is an indication that shall reasonably lead the Company to believe that sections 3 paragraph 6 and 7 paragraph d sub-paragraph b, herein have been breached.

f. Confirms that any trading strategies and/or investment decisions and/or any activities performed by him/her through his/her Account and on the Trading Platform are made having in mind/considered/being aware of all risks involved and solely on the basis of his/her knowledge and upon his/her sole discretion.

g. Warrants that he/she shall take all necessary steps and action in order not to disclose any confidential information of the Company which the Company shall disclose to and/or make available to the Client from time to time.

h. Accepts any risk, including without limitation to any risk of financial loss, that arises from unauthorized access to and operation of his/her Account by third and/or unauthorised parties.

i. Shall notify the Company of any changes of his/her contact details and any other changes of the personal data he/she provided to the Company, within 7 (seven) calendar days since such changes came into effect.

j. Shall register only 1 (one) Account with the Company. In case that the Client owns multiple accounts, any transactions/Operations made via such multiple accounts and corresponding financial results of such transactions/Operations, can be canceled to the absolute discretion of the Company. All such multiple accounts can be blocked upon the Company’s absolute discretion, and funds deposited and maintained therein shall not be considered/treated as financial obligation of the Company towards the Client.

k. Shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company of any claims and/or legal actions instigated against the Company as a result of disclosure of the Client’s personal data.

l. Irrevocably accept full responsibility for his/her actions according to current tax legislation valid at the place of residence/living of the Client regarding any performed transactions/Operations, including but not limited to revenue/income tax.

m. Acknowledges that the provision of the Service(s) may involve information being transported over an open network. Information is therefore transmitted regularly and without control across borders. The Company shall take reasonable steps to avoid information being intercepted and read by third parties by utilizing techniques such as encryption, however it is not always possible to avoid third party unauthorized access to/view of the Client’s information/personal data. The Client hereby acknowledges this risk and accepts and consents to this, so long as he/she is reasonably satisfied that any such unauthorized access/disclosure was not made intentionally and that the Company took all reasonable measures and actions in order to prevent such unauthorized access/disclosure.

n. Acknowledges and agrees that the Company has the right to close any transaction, at its sole and absolute discretion without providing prior notice to the Client if the underlying asset or contract on which the transaction is based settles on an expiry date as determined by the relevant financial market, on which the said asset is traded (such time referred to as ‘Closing Time’ and the relevant expiring transaction referred to as an ‘Expiring Transaction’). The Company shall not be obligated to take actions to roll over an open position in an Expiring Transaction.

o. Acknowledges that the Company prohibits third party or anonymous payments into the Client’s Account. Only funds sent from an account held in the Client’s name and belonging to the Client are acceptable. The Company reserves the right at its discretion, if it has identified third party or anonymous deposits, to block the Account. The Client should note that any remaining funds will be returned to the third-party source via the same payment method and any profits accumulated by the Client using third party or anonymous funds will not be made available to the Client.

p. Agrees that in case the Company carries out a transaction/Operation on his/her behalf which is not covered by the balance of his/her Account, the Company shall have the right to liquidate his/her assets and use the proceeds to cover part or the total difference.

q. Irrevocably accepts that he/she is solely responsible for any technical deficiencies that may occur in Client’s connection to the Trading Platform, in Client’s equipment used for receiving the services (including, but not limited to, personal computer, laptop, mobile phone and etc.), and confirms that he/she shall have no claims whatsoever against the Company for any direct and/or indirect damages the Client may suffer due to such deficiencies.

r. Acknowledges that the Company has the right to refuse to execute any transaction/Operation requested by the Client and/or any other action required, under this Agreement, for as long as it maintains any claims against the Client, whether these are due, future or contingent and regardless of whether these arise from the same transaction/Operation from which such obligations arise.

s. Acknowledges and accepts that this Agreement and/or to any materials made available on the Website may be amended unilaterally, from time to time, by the Company, and that he/she shall be responsible to check on the Website frequently in order to ensure that he/she has made himself/herself aware of any changes effected in such manner. Upon the submission of a request by the Client of any transaction/Operation, any changes effected to this Agreement and/or to any materials made available on the Website shall be deemed as acknowledged and accepted by the Client.

t. If the Company deems that the amendments are material, such amendments will take effect on the date specified in the notice to the Client and if no date is specified, then on the date of receipt of the notice.

u. The Client understands and agrees that her/his consent is not necessary for any change to be effective. Whether the Client does not respond and/or disagrees with the content of the amendments implemented in the Company’s Terms and Conditions, this will be considered as an acceptance by the Client of the contents of the amendment and of the amended Terms and Conditions. Further, any order of the Client to execute a transaction(s) following the receipt of the notice and/or login into his Account, shall be deemed as acceptance by the Client of the contents of the amendment and of the Agreement as amended.

v. The Client understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to remain up-to-date with all changes. The applicable version shall be the latest version uploaded on the Company’s website and in the event of a dispute the latest version shall prevail.

w. In case the Client does not agree with the amendments, the Client shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the Duration and Termination of the Agreement section herein included.

The Client hereby warrants and represents to the Company that he/she:

a. Is not a USA/territories of the US national and is not residing in any country where distribution or provision of financial products or services offered by the Company would be contrary to local law or regulations.

b. Is responsible to ascertain the terms of and shall comply with, any and all applicable local laws and/or regulations to which he/she is subject to.

c. Has the legal capacity/competence, is of sound mind and has reached the age of maturity in the country which he is resident or citizen;

d. Is not a USA and/or territories of the US citizen and/or a resident of Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Russian Federation and/or any country of the European Economic Area;

e. Is not under any legal disability with respect to, and is not subject to any laws or regulations which prevents his/her performance of this Agreement or any contract or transaction contemplated by this Agreement.

f. The Client acts as principal and not as an authorized representative / attorney or trustee of any third party.

g. The monetary funds and/or financial instruments and other assets delivered for any purpose by the Client to the Company are not connected directly or indirectly to any illegal and/or criminal activities and/or terrorism.

h. The monetary funds and/or financial instruments and other assets delivered for any purpose by the Client to the Company, shall belong exclusively to the Client and at all times be free from any charge, lien, pledge or encumbrance, unless the Client has otherwise disclosed to the Company in writing.

i. The financial instruments, information and/or legal documents, which the Client delivers to the Company are authentic, valid and free of any defect and they shall have the legal effect which they contend to have.

j. The Client certifies that he has provided accurate, complete and true information about himself upon registration and will maintain the accuracy of the provided information by promptly updating any registration information that may have changed. Failure to do so may result in Account closure, Account limitations and/or voiding of any transactions.

k. The Client will provide KYC documents to the Company within a period not exceeding 7 days from the moment of depositing funds.

l. The Client confirms that the purpose and reason for registering and operating an Account is to trade, on his/her personal/own behalf, in any financial instruments and to take advantage of the Services offered by the Company. The Client warrants that should the reason for operating an Account change, he/she will inform the Company immediately.

m. The Client warrants and/or shall repeat the above warranties at all times, including, without limitation, during and/or upon the execution of any transaction/Operation and/or trade, through the Account and the provision of the Services.

The Company shall be entitled to:

a. Modify the size of the value of the Company’s financial obligations to the Client with changes of the appropriate entry of the trade operations register in case of violation of one or several provisions of the Agreement herein by the Client.

b. The Company reserves the right to change, add or set as default the option payments rate, return rate, the possibility of adjusting the return rate, the possibility of acquiring the option type, the minimum and/or the maximum option amount, the possible expiration periods for one, several or all of the assets. The company shall be entitled to limit the maximum amount of purchased options for 1 (one) minute, 1 (one) hour, 1 (one) calendar day.

c. Contact the Client with any question concerning the Agreement herein, including, in order to clarify the Client’s intentions regarding his/her actions through the Account.

d. Unilaterally modify and/or amend and/or restate the terms and conditions of this Agreement and/or the material made available on the Website without prior notice to the Client. The Company shall notify the Client of any such changes through the Website and/or by the delivery of an email to the Client.

e. Modify the size of the value of the Company’s financial obligations to the Client, if fulfillment of Operations on the Trading Platform does not comply with conditions of the Agreement herein.

f. Engage third parties with a view to cooperate in order to facilitate and/or enhance any and/or the provision of, the Services under this Agreement.

g. With regard to any matters and/or obligations that are not covered by this Agreement, the Company shall act accordingly upon its own discretion but at all times in accordance with business custom and existing practices within the line of the Services.

Obligations of the Company:

a. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement and the Company being reasonably satisfied that the Client is compliant with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and/or has not in any way breached any terms of this Agreement, the Company shall offer the Services through the Website;

b. To fulfill provisions of the Agreement herein.

8. Indemnity and Liability

  1. The Client shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Company and its directors, officers, employees or representatives against all direct or indirect liabilities (including without limitation all losses, damages, claims, costs or expenses), incurred by the Company or any other third party in respect to any act or omission by the Client in the performance of his/her obligations under this Agreement and/or the liquidation of any financial instruments of the Client in settlement of any claims with the Company, unless such liabilities result from gross negligence, willful default or fraud by the Company. This indemnity shall survive termination of this Agreement.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any direct and/or indirect loss, expense, cost or liability incurred by the Client in relation to this Agreement, unless such loss, expense, cost or liability is a result of gross negligence, willful default or fraud by the Company. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 8.1 above, the Company shall have no liability to the Client whether in tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or for any indirect or consequential loss arising under and/or in connection with the Agreement.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any loss of opportunity as a result of which the value of the financial instruments of the Client could have been increased or for any decrease in the value of the financial instruments of the Client, regardless of the cause, unless such loss is directly due to gross negligence, willful default or fraud on the part of the Company.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any loss which is the result of misrepresentation of facts, error in judgment or any act done or which the Company has omitted to do, whenever caused, unless such act or omission resulted from gross negligence, willful default or fraud by the Company.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any act or omission or for the insolvency of any counterparty, bank, custodian or other third party which acts on behalf of the Client or with or through whom transactions on behalf of the Client are carried out.

9. Personal Data

  1. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Client irrevocably consents to the collection and processing of his/her personal data/information by the Company without the use of automatic controls, as the same are provided by him/her to the Company. The term personal data for the purposes of this Agreement shall mean: the Name, Surname, Patronymic, gender, address, phone number, e-mail, IP address of the Client, Cookies and information that relate to the provision of Services to the Client (for example, the Client’s trading story).
  2. The Client shall be obliged to provide correct, accurate and complete personal data/information as requested by the Company.
  3. The purpose of collecting and processing the personal data is to comply with applicable regulating legislation requirements, including without limitation to anti-money laundering regulations, as well as for any and all purposes in relation to this Agreement, including without limitation to enable the Company to discharge its obligations towards the Client.
  4. The Client acknowledges and consents to that, for the purposes described at the section directly above, the Company shall be entitled to collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, adjust (update, change), extract, use, transfer (disseminate, provide, access), anonymize, block, delete, destroy such personal data and/or perform any other actions according to the current regulating legislation.
  5. The Client acknowledges and consents to the Company storing, maintaining and processing his/her personal data in the manner as described in this Agreement during the term of the Agreement and for 5 years following any termination of the Agreement.
  6. The Client hereby acknowledges, accepts, agrees and consents to the disclosure of personal data by the Company to third parties and their representatives, solely for the purposes of the Agreement, including without limitation in order to facilitate processing/execution of the Client’s orders/Operations, provided that at all times (i) the amount of personal data to be disclosed to any such third party is proportionate and/or limited solely to facilitate to the actions as described above, and (ii) the Company shall ensure that such third party shall treat the personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  7. The Company shall not be entitled to make available the personal data in public and/or disclose such personal data for any other purposes, subject to disclosure required under applicable laws and regulations.
  8. During processing of the personal data, the Company shall take necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect such personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, provision, and dissemination as well as from any other illegal actions.

10. Assignment

  1. The Agreement shall be personal to the Client and the Client shall not be entitled to assign or transfer any of his/her rights or obligations under this Agreement.
  2. The Company may at any time assign or transfer any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement to a third party. The Company shall notify the Client of any such assignment.

11. Risk Statement

The Client hereby confirms to have read, understood and hereby accepts the risk statement relating to the use of Services on the Website, as the same is available electronically via the Website.

By accepting this Agreement the Client accepts that the Client has read and understood the information contained in this Agreement and the Company’s general description of the nature and risks of different Financial Instruments and/or Service(s) which can be found in our Risk Disclosure.

12. One Click Trading terms and conditions

One Click Trading mode allows you to perform trading operations on the platform with only one click on the Buy/Call or Sell/Put buttons without any additional confirmations.

Opting in for the One Click Trading mode means that you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions, and you agree to be bound hereby.

Your current version of the platform enables you to choose between the following modes for order submission. You agree that you will be bound by the procedures and conditions specified herein with respect to each such mode.

-There are several steps you have to follow when using the default mode for the submission of orders. Using the default mode, you first invoke the instruments menu and choose the assets you want to trade. Then you select all parameters depending on the instrument you have chosen and confirm your order submission by clicking either Buy/Call or Sell/Put buttons depending on the particular order type selected and your trading intentions. Using the default mode, a confirmation window will appear and will you have to confirm your intentions and the trade details in order to confirm the transaction. Your order will not be submitted until you have completed the aforementioned procedure.

-The One Click Trading mode for order submission (“One-click trading”) is a one-step process. You will be submitting orders when you single-click either Buy/Call or Sell/Put buttons.

There will be no subsequent confirmation prompt for you to click; hence you should ensure beforehand that all parameters are set based on your trading intentions. You will not be able to withdraw your order once you click Buy/Call or Sell/Put buttons (with the exemption of a 3 second cancellation period for binary options) and only certain parameters such as stop loss and take profit orders for CFDs can be modified after having opened a trade. Under normal market conditions and system performance, a market order will be promptly filled after submission and you will have entered into a binding transaction.

You can activate or deactivate One Click Trading mode in the settings of the platform. One Click Trading can be activated or deactivated for one or several instruments in the settings.

By selecting the One Click Trading mode, you understand that your orders will be submitted by clicking the Buy/Call or Sell/Put button, without any further order confirmation. You agree to accept all risks associated with the use of the order submission mode you have chosen, including, without limitation, the risk of errors, omissions or mistakes made in submitting any order.

You agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any and all losses, costs and expenses that may incur as a result of any such errors, omissions or mistakes by you or any other person trading on your behalf.

If you accept the One Click Trading terms and conditions, tick the “buy in one click” option when opening trades on the platform. If you do not accept the conditions, do not tick the box and do not use the One Click Trading function.

13. Charges and Fees

  1. The Company shall be entitled to receive a fee from the Client regarding the Service(s), provided by the Company.
  2. The Company may pay fee/commission to business introducers, referring agents, or other third parties based on written agreement. This fee/commission is related to the frequency/volume of transactions and/or other parameters
  3. The Company may pay fee/commission to business introducers, referring agents, or other third parties based on written agreement. This fee/commission is related to the frequency/volume of transactions and/or other parameters. All applicable fees or charges can be found on the Company’s Website (General Fees). The Company has the right to amend its fees and charges from time to time.
  4. Ongoing trading fees including inter alia swaps shall be charged and deducted from the Client’s relevant position’s profit and loss. In case the Client’s position equity does not maintain enough funds to provide for it, trading fees shall be deducted directly from the client’s account balance.
  5. The Client agrees that any amounts sent by the Client will be deposited to the Account at the value on the date of the payment received and net of any charges / fees charged by the bank or any other intermediary involved in such transaction process and/or in any other case, the Client shall authorize the Company to withdraw the fee by way of transfer from the Client’s Account.

14. Governing Law

  1. The terms and conditions of this Agreement as well as any matters pertaining to this agreement, including without limitation to matters of interpretation and/or disputes, shall be governed by the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  2. The Company and the Clients irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  3. The Company shall be entitled to use the interpreter’s’ services during the court trial in case of dealing with disputable situation according to the legislation of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

15. Duration and Termination of the Agreement

The Agreement herein shall be concluded for an indefinite term.

The Agreement herein shall come into force when the Client accepts the Agreement and makes an advance payment to the Company.

In case of any discrepancies between the text of the Agreement in English and its translation in any other language, the text of the Agreement in English as a whole shall prevail, as well as the English version/text of any other documentation/information published on the Website.

The Agreement may be terminated in any of the following circumstances:

a. Each Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving to the other Party 15 (fifteen) days written notice. During the 15 days notice, the Company may limit the services available to the Client, however access will be granted in order for the Client to withdraw any remaining balance.

b. The Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement, block the Client’s account, and return any remaining funds (if applicable) immediately and without giving prior notice under the following circumstances:

i. Death or legal incompetence of the Client.

ii. If any application is made or any order is issued, or a meeting is convened, or a resolution is approved, or any measures of bankruptcy or winding up of the Client are taken.

iii. The Client violates or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client violated, any of the Client’s obligations under and/or terms of, this Agreement and/or is in breach of any of the warranties and representations made by her/him in this Agreement.

iv. If it comes to the Company’s attention and/or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client has not reached the age of maturity in the country which he is resident or citizen, as applicable.

v. If it comes to the Company’s attention and/or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client became a citizen of the USA/territories of the US and/or a resident of either the USA/territories of the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Russian Federation and/or any country of the European Economic Area.

vi. If it comes to the Company’s attention and/or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client is or became a Russian resident and his/her Account was registered after the 1st of July 2020.

vii. The Company has suspicion based on available information that the Client:

a. Is and/or has been using fraudulent means or was involved in a fraudulent scheme in relation to the performance of this Agreement;

b. Has illegally and/or improperly and/or unfairly and/or otherwise gained an unfair advantage, over and/or to the detriment of (i) other clients of the Company and/or (ii) the Company;

c. Has unjustly enriched by using information which was intentionally and/or negligently and/or otherwise concealed and/or not disclosed in advance by the Client to the Company and/or for which if the Company had known in advance, it would have not consented and/or it would not have authorised the use of such information by the Client for the purposes of this Agreement; and/or

d. Has performed acts with the intention and/or effect of manipulating and/or abusing the market and/or the Company’s trading systems and/or deceiving the Company and/or defrauding the Company; and/or

e. Has acted in bad faith during the performance of his obligations under the Agreement.

viii. The Client being guilty or the Company has suspicions that the CLient is guilty, of malicious conduct or gross negligence or fraud or of using fraudulent means or was involved in fraud scheme in relation to the performance of this Agreement.

ix. The termination is required under applicable law.

x. In case the Client receives 2 warnings regarding verbal abuse against employees of the Company.

xi. If the Client didn’t provide to the Company his KYC documents within 14 days from the moment of acceptance of this Agreement.

xii. In case the Client uses and/or there are indications that lead the Company to reasonably believe that the Client uses different IP addresses from different countries and/or VPN and/or VPS during the course of executing any transactions and/or trades through the Trading Account and/or the provision of the Services. Whether the Client has provided notice to the Company for any change to its IP address and/or of the use of VPN and/or VPS is irrelevant with the exception of users from Turkey or Indonesia.

xiii. The Client has initiated a chargeback in relation to the funds held in the Client’s Account. In case the Company identifies that the Client created any additional trading account(s) following the chargeback dispute, the Company shall be entitled to without giving prior notice terminate the Agreement immediately, close all open positions, block the account(s), and return any remaining own funds (if applicable) excluding profits.

The Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately without giving prior notice if the Client fails to provide to the Company his/her KYC documents within 14 days from the moment of acceptance of this Agreement, constituting, thus, his/her Account as an unverified Account.

In case of termination of this Agreement for a reason indicated in section 15.b of this Agreement, the Company shall have no liability towards the Client and no obligation to pay the profit of the Client (if any).

In case of termination of this Agreement for a reason indicated in sections 15.a of this Agreement, the Company shall have either to wire to the Client the remaining balance or to give to the Client the opportunity to withdraw his/her remaining balance. In case of termination of this Agreement for a reason indicated in section 16.b of this Agreement, the Company shall have to wire to the Client the remaining balance excluding any profit.

16. Terms and Conditions for 1-Click Service

  1. The Client shall agree to make a deposit to his/her Account to use the Company Services or any other additional services ordered by the Client on the Website as well as all additional expenses (if necessary), including but not limited to any taxes, duties, etc. The Client shall be completely responsible for timely depositing the funds into his/her Account. Provider of payment services shall ensure only fulfillment of payment in the amount defined by the Site and shall not be liable for payment of the above-mentioned additional amounts by the Website’s Client.
  2. The payment is considered to be processed and cannot be returned after clicking the “Payment” button. By clicking the “Payment” button, the Client shall agree that he/she cannot return the payment or require its recall. Additionally, by accepting the terms and conditions herein contained , the Client as the owner of the payment card confirms that he/she shall be entitled to use the Services offered on the Website.
  3. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement and depositing funds to the Account, the Client agrees to the use the Website’s Services and accepts that the processing of any of the Client’s payment shall be executed by a provider of payment services, being a third party to this Agreement (the “Provider”), and the Client further acknowledges and accepts that no legal right exists for return of already purchased Services or other options of payment cancellation. In case if the Client is willing to refuse from using of the 1-Click service for the next purchase of the Service, the Client can refuse from 1-Click service using the Account on the Website.
  4. Note that 1-click deposits (recurring payments) are not processed as 3-D secure transactions, the client needs to enable 3-D secure function if he would like the payments to be processed as 3-D secure”, as it’s a vital information in regards to BTC withdrawal policy.
  5. The Provider shall not be in any case liable for refuse/impossibility to process the data connected with payment card of the Client, or for refuse connected with failure to obtain permission from the issue bank to process payment using the payment card of the Client. The Provider shall not be in any case liable for quality, amount, and price of any service, offered to the Client or purchased by the Client of the Website using the payment card of the Client. Paying for any Services of the Website the Client first of all shall be obliged to fulfill the rules of using the Website. We are asking to consider that only the Client as the owner of the payment card shall be liable for timely payment of any service ordered via the Website and for all additional expenses/fees connected with this payment. The Provider shall only be the performer of payment in the amount specified by the Website and shall not be in any case liable for any pricing, general prices and/or total sums.
  6. In case of the situation connected with the Client’s dissent with the terms mentioned above and/or any other reasons, we are asking the Client to promptly refuse from making a payment and to directly address the administrator/support of the Website if necessary.

Annex 1 – General Terms

Technical Regulation

1. The Client’s Responsibility

  1. The Client acknowledges that these General Terms is as an integral part of this Agreement.
  2. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify that all transactions and Service(s) received are not contradictory to any applicable law and to undertake any other legal duty emanating from the use of Website at the Client’s sole option, discretion and risk, and the Client is solely responsible for ascertaining whether it is legal in the Client’s jurisdiction and/or place of residence. The Client holds sole liability for all transactions in his Trading Account, including all cards transactions or other means of deposit and withdrawal transactions (as stated below). The Client acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to accept or decline any deposit and/or funding and/or withdrawal request by the Client depending on the payment method that the Client chooses (which includes but is not limited to the third party financial institution from which the Client wishes to deposit/withdraw funds with the Company (Third Party Institutions)), and the Company may suggest to the Client an alternative for its request. It is important to note that the Company does not have and cannot in any way have any, control over such Third Party Institutions and any transactions made by the Client through the Platform using such institutions and it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that the Company shall bear no liability, monetary or otherwise, in relation to any loss of funds incurred by the Client pursuant to any actions or omissions of Third Party Institutions.
  3. The Client is responsible for securing his/her Username and Password for his Trading Account. The Client holds sole responsibility for any damage caused due to any act or omission of the Client causing inappropriate or irregular use of the Client Trading Account.
  4. It is clearly stated and agreed by the Client that the Client bears sole responsibility for any decision made and/or to be made by the Client relying on the content of the Website and no claim and/or suit of any kind will arise to that effect against the Company and/or its directors and/or employees and/or functionaries and/or Agents (the Company and/or its Agents). The Company and/or its Agents will hold no responsibility for loss of profits due to and/or related to the Website, Transactions carried out by the Client, Services and the General Terms of use or any other damages, including special damages and/or indirect damages or circumstantial damages caused, except in the event of malicious acts made by the Company.
  5. Without limitation of the aforesaid and only in the event of definitive judgment by court or other authorized legal institution resolving that the Company and/or its Agent(s) hold liability towards the Client or third party, the Company’s liability, in any event, will be limited to the amount of money deposited and/or transferred by the Client to the Trading Account in respect of the transaction which caused the liability of the Company and/or its Agent(s) (if such was caused).
  6. No Trading Account will be approved without the completion of the Company’s compliance procedures, including the identification and verification of the Account.

2. Risks

  1. The value of the Financial Instruments offered by the Company may increase or decrease. The Client acknowledges that they fully understand the risks involved in trading CFDs (and other similar products), including, but not limited to, the risk of loss of all funds.
  2. CFD Trading does not give you any right to the underlying instrument of the Transaction. This means that you do not have any interests in, or the right to purchase any underlying shares in relation to such instruments because the CFDs represent a notional value only.
  3. Virtual currencies are complex and high-risk products, and their prices fluctuates widely; as such, they entail the risk of losing the entire invested capital. Trading cryptocurrencies may result in significant loss over a short period of time. Clients should not trade in virtual currencies in case they do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise in these products.
  4. The Client acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted the Company’s risk disclosure information found on the Company’s Website.

3. Financial Information

  1. The Company should not be held responsible for any losses that the Client may incur (or to third party) due to reliance on inaccurate or erroneous financial information on the Website.
  2. The Client should verify the accuracy and reliability of the information on the Website and its appropriateness in comparison with other dependable information sources. The Company will not be held responsible for any allegedly caused claim, cost, loss or damage of any kind as a result of information offered on the Website or due to information sources used by the Website.
  3. The Client approves and accepts that any oral information given to him/her in respect of his Trading Account might be partial and unverified. The Client accepts sole risk and responsibility for any reliance on the aforementioned information. The Company does not give any warranty that pricing or other information supplied by it through its trading software or any other form is correct or that it reflects current market conditions.

4. Processing of Trade Requests and Orders

A. The processing of a Client’s request and/or order shall be carried out as follows:

Following submission of a request/order, such request/order shall undergo a correctness test on the Trading Platform;

The request/order shall be send from the Trading Platform to the server;

The request/order shall undergo a correctness test by the server;

The server shall then forward the results of the correctness test to the Trading Platform;;

In case that the connection between the trading platform and the server is correct, the trading platform will receive the results of processing of the Client request or order by the Company.

The time of the process may vary and depends on the quality of the communication between the Trading Platform and the server of the Company, as well as on the market conditions. In normal market conditions the time of the process usually varies between 0-4 seconds. In market conditions that differ from normal, the time of Client request/order processing can be higher than that.

The server of the Company may refuse the Client’s request/order in the following cases:

If the client sends the request before the first quote in the Trading Platform on the market opening:

  1. If there is not enough funds on the Client’s account for opening a new position;
  2. If the Client sends the request/order before the opening of the trading session;
  3. When market conditions differ from normal, such as there are significant volatility or instability in the markets, or the industry as a whole, preventing us from providing our services in an orderly manner, including any instances where we are unable to receive data and/or we receive incorrect data from our services providers.

When using the trading platform it is allowed to use only one tab of the browser. In case of using several tabs of the browser the results of trade can be corrected and/or cancelled.


  1. The Client acknowledges that the only reliable source of quote flow information is the main server for customer requests. The quotes on the Trading Platform cannot serve as a reliable source of information about the real quotes flow, as in the case of unstable connection between the Trading Platform and the server part of the quotes from the flow may not reach the Trading Platform.
  2. The graphs displayed on the Trading Platform are indicative. Thus, the Company does not guarantee that the transaction will be made at the same prices specified on the graphs in the Trading Platform at the time of submission of the other customer transactions.
  3. The price displayed on the Trading Platform is formed by the formula (Bid+Ask)/2
  4. Non-market quote – the price in the Trading Platform which does not correspond to the price on the market at this moment of time (hereinafter referred to as the “Non-market price”).
  5. In case that the Company executed the Client’s request/order for Non-market quote, the following shall be imposed on the Company’s duty:
  6. In case of position closing – correction of the financial result between incorrect closing of the position and closing according to real market price corresponding to the closing moment of transaction according to Non-market price;
  7. In case of position opening – the Company reserves the right to cancel the financial result regarding such position.
  1. Copyrights and Intellectual Property (IP) on the Website are the Company’s property or of third parties which have authorized the Company to use such IP on the Website and Service(s). It is forbidden to copy, distribute, duplicate, present in public, or deliver the copyrighted material, in whole or in part, to third parties. It is forbidden to alter, advertise, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial use of the copyrighted material, in whole or in part, except with duly signed prior permission from the Company.
  2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any material and/or message, including without limitation, idea, knowledge, technique, marketing plan, information, questions, answers, suggestions, emails and comments (hereinafter – “Information”) delivered to the Company shall not be considered the Client’s confidential or proprietary right of. Consent to the Agreement will be considered as authorization to the Company to use the entire Clients’ Information (excluding Clients’ Information designated for personal identification), at the absolute and sole discretion of the Company without requirement of any additional permission from the Client and/or the payment of any compensation due to such use.
  3. Client undertakes that any notice, message or any other material supplied by the Client shall be appropriate and shall not harm other persons including their proprietary rights. Client shall refrain from uploading or sending any illegal and/or harmful and/or disturbing to other Clients material, and is strictly forbidden from taking any action, which might damage the Company.

7. Content and Third Parties’ Websites

  1. The Website might include general information, news, comments, quotes and other information related to financial markets and/or advertising. Some information is supplied to the Website by unaffiliated companies.
  2. The Company does not provide investment research. All news, comments, quotes and other information related to financial markets published by the Company are of promotional/marketing nature only.
  3. The Company does not prepare, edit or promote the information/links and/or other information provided by unaffiliated companies.
  4. The Company will not be liable for the content of any third-party websites or the actions or omissions of their proprietors nor for the contents of third party advertisements and sponsorship on those websites. The hyperlinks to other websites are provided for information purposes only. Any Client and/or potential client use any such links at his/her own risk.

8. Processing of Client Orders to Open Positions

  1. If the amount of available funds is sufficient to open a position – the position will be opened.
  2. If the size of the available funds is insufficient to open a position – the position will not be opened.
  3. The Client’s order to open a position is processed, and the position is opened only after the corresponding entry in the server log file. Each new position is assigned with a serial number.

9. Processing of Client Orders to Close Positions

Closing of trading position occurs at the current price at the trading server at the moment of closing of the trading operation.

10. OTC Assets

  1. OTC Asset or “over the counter” is an asset that traded out of the regular market (hereinafter referred to as the “Asset”).
  2. The Asset’s price is formed from data for trade requests and orders of the Clients, received by the Company.
  3. The Client acknowledges that by making trade requests and orders on such Asset, he/she understands the essence of the work of such an Asset and the pricing algorithm of the Asset.
  4. The Client acknowledges that by making trade requests and orders on such Asset, he/she admits that the only reliable source of quoting information is the main server for the trade orders of the Clients.

11. Fraud

In the event that the Company has reasonable suspicion to believe and/or comes to its attention that the Client has acted fraudulently with regard to the subject matter of the Agreement, including without limitation to the following occurrences:

  1. Fraud associated with credit card transactions and other ways to fill a balance that does not belong to the Client;
  2. Fraud associated with the use of software for false trading results;
  3. Fraud associated with errors and system failures for false trading results,

the Company shall be entitled to block the Client’s account without prior notice and without the possibility of further money withdrawal and/or entitled to unilaterally terminate the Agreement in the extrajudicial procedure.

IQ Option review – What to expect from the broker

We have tested one of the world’s fastest-growing online trading platforms, IQ Option. Keep reading to find out everything there is about the broker!

IQ Option offers a unique trading platform for FX Options and CFDs on forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities and ETFs. Professional clients or traders outside the European Economic Area can trade there also binary and digital options. The CySEC regulated IQ Option company that allows real trading starting at $10 appeals to new and existing clients mainly with its ultimate trading platform, and competitive fees (spreads). New traders can set up a FREE Demo trading account at any time.

General Risk Warning: 87% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Basic information about IQ Option

  • Website:
  • Trading instruments: FX Options, CFDs on forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, etfs. Professional or traders outside EEA can also trade binary and digital options
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimum investment: $1
  • Demo account: Yes, free of charge, reloadable. No deposit required.
  • Methods of deposit and withdrawal: Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit/debit cards
  • Operator: Iqoption Europe ltd. (Cyprus). Regulated by the CySEC.

Unlimited Free Demo Account in 5 seconds

The most frequently used account when first trading on the IQ Option platform is the demo account. It allows you to test whatever you need – the platform, strategies, etc.. This account is cost-free, the broker does not require any initial deposit. Once you establish your demo account you will be provided with $ 10 000 play money to trade with for as long as you need since the demo account is not time-limited. You are also granted access to the broker’s extensive educational centre. I have exported for your convenience a registration form that can be used to open a free IQ Option practise account, here it is:

(87% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

Real Account can be opened with as little as $10

The IQ Option real account requirements are slightly different in comparison to the accounts of other brokers. The minimum deposit is as low as it can get – $ 10. The lowest possible investment is only $ 1, so if you wish to trade small amounts you are free to do so. The advantage of these very precisely adjusted investments is that you can easily follow your money management strategy which is very hard to do using other platforms that usually require a minimum deposit of $100, $200 or more.

International support, account currency, prohibited countries

IQ Option is an international company that opens its doors to traders from around the world. They provide support in the 14 following languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Urdu and Norwegian. On top of that, clients who choose this broker can finance their account not only in USD, GBP, or EUR, but also in: Brazilian Real, Malaysian Ringgit, Chinese Yuan, Indonesian Rupiah, Vietnamese Dong, South African Rand, Philippine Peso and Thai Baht.

IQ Option accepts clients from all countries with the exception of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and the USA.

IQ Option Trading Platform – Basic information

The IQ Option trading platform offers a very fast, clear and modern solution for its clients. The trading platform can very well stand-alone as the only tool for your analysis as it features all the things a trader needs to have at his hand. That includes all the popular indicators (RSI, BB, Stochastic, etc.), graphical tools (trend, horizontal and Fibonacci lines…), historical quotes and of course a multi-chart layout. To stay up to date with the news, traders can use on the platform volatility alerts, market updates, stock screeners, calendars and newsletters.

Currently, there are over 110 video tutorials that traders can use to understand how certain indicators work or to watch the news. The broker also offers an Android/Apple application very similar to the computer version that you can download to your smart device. Regarding the leverage and spreads, they both differ depending on the traded asset.

Assets you can trade on the IQ Option platform

The IQ Option trading platform features a wide variety of trading instruments, these include FX Options, CFDs on forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities and ETFs. Clients who come from non-regulated countries (most countries outside Europe) or European traders that are classified as professional traders can also trade binary and digital options. The number of tradable assets tends to change as the broker frequently add new ones to the platform. As of now, there are 17 cryptocurrencies, 87 Forex pairs, 169 Stocks, 21 ETFs, 10 Indices and 6 commodities which can all be traded as CFDs.

IQ Option Chart analysis – Indicators, templates, lines

The IQ Option platform is one of the most sophisticated platforms for fundamental analysis out there. It features nearly 90 indicators and oscillators for you to use on the charts. They are fully customizable, allowing you to change anything from the period (the number of candles/bars on which is the calculation of the indicator based on) to the colour and even thickness of the lines. Some of the available popular indicators also include text or video guides on how to use them when trading.

Once you set to your indicators the setting you want to frequently use, you can create a template. By doing so, you will be able to quickly apply the template to any chart whenever you want.

In total, there are 4 chart types to choose from, the one that is set on default is the line chart. However, there is an option to switch to bars, Heikin-Ashi or to our favourite candlestick chart. Indicators and good-looking charts have their place in fundamental analysis. However, on the foundation of fundamental analysis stand lines that you can use to draw support and resistance levels, trends or other important lines. Fortunately, the IQ Option platform does not forget about graphical tools like basic lines, trend lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines or Fibonacci lines.

Timeframe on the IQ Option platform

To change the time frame of your graphs, you can choose from 18 popular time intervals. They range from 5 seconds to 1 month. There are 3 ways how you can set a timeframe of your chart. The first option is to click on a time period that is featured right below your chart.

Selected 1-hour time-frame

The second way how to choose your timeframe is to click on the time interval button that is situated on the left bottom of your chart. This option can be chosen only if you have a candlestick or bar graph, it does not work for the line chart. Here, you select what time interval should each candle or bar represent. So, if you choose 5 minutes, each candle/bar will represent 5 minutes of market movement. That means the chart at which you will be looking is going to show you the asset movement of the last 3 hours.

The third option is to just simply use the scroll wheel on your mouse. If you scroll up you “zoom-in” and the time-frame gets smaller. Guess what happens when you scroll down :).

Simple way to use multi-chart layouts

In case you want to monitor more than one asset at the same time, you can take advantage of the multi chart layouts that the platform features. Towards this purpose, use the chart layout icon that is situated right next to the IQ Option logo. Once you do that, choose a layout that you wish to use. To change an asset in your multi chart layout, just simply click on its name and select a different one.

Manage your risk with position auto-closing feature

The position auto-closing feature on the platform works as a stop loss and take profit. This tool can be set to a specific profit/loss amount, percentage number or asset price. When it reaches or drops to the figure you specified, the trade automatically closes itself. By using this feature you secure your positions and you know that you will not lose more money than you are willing (or secure your earnings). Recently, IQ Option also added to the trading platform “Trailing Stop” that makes your stop-loss dynamic. A position with activated trailing stop moves the stop-loss threshold up (in case of a BUY deal) or down (in case of a DOWN deal) if the market experiences a trend.

Trailing stop explained on a simple example – Let’s say you buy a stock (CFD) of a company called ABC for $10 and you activate trailing stop with a 10% stop loss. In case the value of the stock dips by 10% the position will close itself and IQ Option returns you $9. If, however, the stock goes up to $20, the trailing stop will come up along with it. Which means when the stock price is at $20, the stop-loss will trigger once the value of the asset is below $18. I would recommend trying this wonderful feature to anyone as it helps you to manage your risks even better than just simple SL.

Market analysis – News, Forex & crypto & earnings calendar

Doing your fundamental analysis is also possible with IQ Option as they feature breaking news and important announcements right on the trading platform. To access them, head to the left menu and click on market analysis. The news is sorted into 4 main categories and comes from high authoritative sources like Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, CoinSpeaker and many others. By using this feature, you will never miss important news about the forex, stock, crypto or commodity market.

Leaderboard & Live chat with other traders

If you want to compare your success to other traders on the IQ Option platform, you can. The feature that allows it can be found in the left menu of the trading room and is called “leaderboard”. Here, you will see the gross profit that traders made over the week, the metrics include transactions executed only on real accounts.

A great thing about the stats is that you can monitor your worldwide position as well as the position you have in your country. Unfortunately, the feature shows only the gross profit which means you have no idea how much money the traders lost while achieving their rank. I, therefore, don’t find any special or deeper use for the IQ Option ranking system. It’s just simply a comely feature to look at for fun.

To connect traders on the IQ platform, the company, also created a live chat where traders around the globe share their ideas and achievements. Live chat with other traders is available to all users who have at least a trading volume of $300. There are few general groups that discuss basically anything, no matter the asset type or sector. Discussions on the theme of specific popular assets like Bitcoin, Microsoft stocks, gold, et cetera. are also held on the platform. Sadly, they just don’t have that many participants so don’t expect a big queue of pro traders waiting to spread their ideas.

Which is better? IQ Option web platform vs Windows, iOS and Android applications

The IQ Option trade room can be accessed either via the web-based platform or by using applications designed for Mac OS, Windows, iOS or Android. The web-based platform and Windows application look and function exactly the same. The only difference in the two is according to IQ Option in the speed of the platform which should be up to 5 times faster in the app.

On mobile devices, it is, however, a different story. While the basic functions like opening and closing positions work perfectly fine both on the web platform and Android/iOS app, the interface is not especially friendly on the web platform and operating with graphs is at best complicated. So, if you plan to trade on your smartphone I would definitely recommend downloading the IQ Option app, here is a comparison of the web-based platform and android application.

IQ Option trading hours

Almost no asset is tradable around the clock and some asset types can be actually traded only for a couple of hours during the day. To know exactly when you can trade your favourite asset, I advise visiting the page where this information is disclosed. Market hours of all assets are displayed in the UTC +1 time zone. That means if you are located e.g. in the UK, you live in a time zone that is not 1 hour ahead (UTC + 0) as IQ Option is. So, if you find in the IQ Option trading hours table that the Microsoft stock (CFD) can be traded on Monday from 15:30 to 19:00, you will be able to trade this asset when your clocks display 14:30 – 18:00.

IQ Option fees

It is crucial for each trader to understand what fees IQ Option charges. Unlike some other CFD providers, IQ Option has a no-commission policy, which means there are no fees e.g. for the execution of trades. What the broker will most likely charge you with is the spread and in certain circumstances with the overnight fee. There are, however, also 2 other fees, the inactivity and withdrawal fee. Now we will closely discuss each, so you could fully understand when the fees are charged and how big they are.

Spread for forex and CFDs

The spread fee is the difference between the price for which you buy an asset and for which you can sell it back. IQ Option spreads are not as competitive as at Plus500, but they are still fairly tight. The general rule of thumb is that the more popular asset you trade, the lower the spread is. You can find spread for each and every forex, cryptocurrency pair or stock… in the menu where you pick a new asset. The spread is there, however, displayed in percentage, so if you want to know how many pips the spread is you have to open the asset and have a look at the left bottom corner of the chart.

Major currency pairs EUR/USD 1 pip
Minor currency pairs EUR/GBP 2.9 pips
Exotic currency pairs USD/NOK 48 pips
Stocks BMW $0.132
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin $281.22
ETFs QQQ Trust $0.348
Commodities Gold $1.12
Indices AU 200 $9

The data were taken on 28.11.2020 at 13:13 GMT+1.

The IQ Option spread is based on the current market conditions which means it changes in real time. The table above is to be used just give you a general idea where the spreads might hover.

Overnight fee

The second expense is an ongoing fee and is charged to every position that is opened overnight. This fee is also known as the swap fee and at IQ Option it ranges between 0.003% – 0.015%, in extreme circumstances up to 0.6%. It is also important to note, that the swap fee is 3 times higher than the normal swap fee from Friday to Saturday. Up to date information regarding how big the overnight fee is for all assets and when it’s charged can be found on the page

Inactivity fee

The third fee IQ Option charges whenever a user is inactive for a period of at least ninety (90) consecutive days. The charged amount is €50*. Be aware that they charge this fee each month once the account is not active for the above-mentioned time period. In a situation when there are not enough funds on the account to pay this fee, the inactive fee is not charged as your account balance cannot get into negative numbers. Remember, however, that if your account does not have enough resources to pay this fee and stays inactive for 12 months, they will charge a lower amount to cover administrative expenses and close the account completely.

In case you plan to take a break from trading on the IQ Option platform, I would advise withdrawing your funds, especially when there is no fee for almost all withdrawal methods.

Withdrawal fee

The last, fourth, fee which you can encounter with is a withdrawal fee. This one, however, applies only to bank transfers and is 25€*. If you use other payment service providers such as the Neteller, Skrill or Webmoney, then no withdrawal fee is charged to your account.

*or equivalent of this amount in a different currency.

IQ Option leverage for Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs

Each asset category can use different financial leverage. It also differs for traders from regulated and non-regulated countries (and professional traders). Here is a table describing the leverage (up to) of each asset category.

Asset category Regulated countries Non-regulated countries
Major currency pairs 1:30 1:1000
Minor and exotic currency pairs 1:20 1:300
Stocks 1:5 1:20
Cryptocurrencies 1:2 1:100
ETFs 1:5 1:20
Indices 1:10 for HK 50, 1:20 for others 1:150
Commodities 1:20 for Gold, 1:10 for others 1:150

The table was updated on 29.03.2020 for which it is accurate. As regulated countries are regarded countries from the European Economic Area.

Why is leverage different for traders from regulated and non-regulated countries?

The obvious question after going through the table above, right? Here is the deal. In the EU, all regulated brokers have to follow the new ESMA law which states the maximum leverage for each asset category a broker can offer. In non-regulated countries, a law that would set the maximum leverage does not exist and therefore the broker can make this decision on its own. We all know that leverage can multiply our winnings as well as our losses and because ESMA wants to at least somehow limit the risk that EU clients take, they established this law.

Where do I find leverage on the IQ platform? oh, Multiplier!

If you wonder where do you find leverage on the IQ Option trading platform, head to the main tab where you select a new asset, here if you choose e.g. forex you will see several currency pairs looking similar to this example:

Now, you might have noticed that there is no such thing as leverage on the picture above, that is because the broker calls it as a multiplier, but it is exactly the same tool.

IQ Option – Financing your account

Once you decide to trade with real money, you can use the following deposit and withdrawal methods when financing your account: Credit and debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Paypal and bank transfer. In certain jurisdictions, IQ Option tends to support also some additional deposit and withdrawal methods which are popular in that given country (for example Advcash, WeChat Pay, AstroPay…)

Remember that the same method you use for your deposit also has to be the same one you use when you request a withdrawal.

I would personally advice using e-wallets for funding your account as there are no fees for both deposits and withdrawals + the deposits are processed instantly. Credit and debit cards are also a good alternative but remember that you will be able to withdraw to the card only the total amount of the deposits you made over the last 90 days. It is so because card withdrawals can be processed only as refunds. That means all amounts surpassing your deposits (i.e. your profit) has to be withdrawn to an e-wallet or via a bank transfer.

How to deposit funds

In order to deposit funds to your real account, you need to first go through the verification process (described in detail below). Once your account is verified you are all set and can deposit your desired amount. The minimum IQ Option deposit amount is 10 USD/GBP/EUR.

IQ Option has no deposit fee policy (no matter what deposit method you use). If you, however, deposit via a bank transfer, make sure you know all the fees that might your bank charge you with.

How to withdraw your money

The withdrawal process is pretty straightforward, you just enter the amount you want to withdraw in the banking tab when you are logged in your account. IQ Option charges no withdrawal fees with the single exception of a wire transfer. E-wallet withdrawals are processed in a couple of seconds, wire transfer and card withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. The IQ Option minimum withdrawal amount is $2.

IQ Option account verification

IQ Option is a fully licensed company and as such it must verify the identity of each user before he/she opens a real account. Regulatory bodies (like the CySEC or FCA) implemented this rule because people have complained in the past that brokers don’t let them withdraw their money (because clients did not submit required documents).

The good news is that you only do this once, and then all withdrawals and deposits are quick and easy. The broker has to verify both your identity and your residence, so they ask for the following documents:

  • Identity card, national passport or driving license (to verify your identity)
  • A household utility bill, such as gas, electric, water or landline telephone (but not a mobile phone bill), or a bank statement showing some transactions (to verify your address)

The document proving your address cannot be older than 6 months and your name, as well as your address, have to be clearly visible. If you have, for example, internet banking you will surely find there a statement which you can use to verify your address of residence.

In case you have decided to fund your account via a credit or debit card, you also have to submit a copy of both sides of the card. For your own safety, you are free to cover the CCV number (the three numbers situated on the back of your card). IQ Option needs only the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card number.

The verification procedure takes 3 business days as the IQ Option support needs to check all submitted documents individually.

IQ Option history & When it all began

The founder and CEO of the company is Dmitrii Zaretskii who laid the first stone of the company in October 2020. IQ Option experienced consistent growth in the number of active clients and trading volume ever since. Here is IQ Option in numbers:

IQ Option Regulation

IQOption Europe Ltd is licensed by the CySEC under the license number 247/14, a regulatory body which ensures that the company follows all the Cyprus and European Union laws and regulations. Furthermore, IQ Option Europe Ltd. is also in the following registers:

  • In the register of FCA (UK’s financial regulatory body) – Reference No. 670182
  • In the register of Consob (Financial regulator of Italy) – Registration No. 0008204/15 (Press Ctrl+F and enter “0008204/15” to find IQ Option in the register )
  • In the register of CNMV (Financial regulator of Spain) – Registration No. 3867
  • In the register of Regafi (Financial regulator of France) – Registration No. 75119
  • In the register of AFM (Financial regulator of Netherlands) – Please visit
  • In the register of ČNB (Financial regulator of the Czech Republic) – Please visit

IQ Option customer service

In case of any enquiries, you can contact the IQ Option customer service which can be reached out via online live chat (24/7), phone or email. From my experience, I know that the support team replies always very swiftly so you must wait for your answer a maximum of 5 minutes (usually it is rather around 1 minute). Unfortunately, quite often the first guy that they connect me with is not able to provide me with the answer I am looking for. Which means that my questions are either too complex or that the first guy on the live chat is not very experienced. No matter which, I always get my answer even if it means I have to communicate with more people. So, I appreciate that they do everything that is in their power to help me.

The conclusion of our IQ Option review

IQ Option is currently one of the most popular companies among traders as it very recently welcomed its 35 millionth client. One of the biggest advantages that I see in IQ Option is that the trading risk is entirely in your hands. Firstly, it’s because you can use a free refillable demo account without having to make an initial deposit, and secondly, because you can create trades with just as little as $1.

On the other hand, each brokerage company has its drawbacks and IQ Option is not an exception. The biggest one I see is the number of stocks that the broker offers, which hovers around 170. In Comparison to Plus500 that has on its trading platform around 1 400, this is really quite low.

Final verdict: If you are looking for a safe option with a state-of-the-art trading platform, IQ Option is definitely a choice to consider.

I recommend testing the company at least via a free reloadable demo account that can be created within 30 seconds.

87% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Your review can make a difference to other traders, please leave a comment if you have any personal experience with IQ Option.

IQ Option Review – Trading Experience and Potential Scam Alert

Insights and Platform Review – Is IQ Option a Scam?

IQ Option is a versatile broker known for its low barrier-to-entry, rapid growth and versatile financial instruments. The instruments you can trade with IQ Option include stocks, ETFs, commodities, forex, cryptocurrency and options.

However, it’s limited product catalog and small geographic coverage caused most traders to look elsewhere. To attract more customers, IQ Option has lately expanded its operations and offerings without increasing its fees.

One of the main steps that helped IQ Option was expanding its available products to include CFDs, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Forex. By having more instruments available, IQ Option has been able to attract more clients. Another significant benefit is that IQ Option has expanded from less than ten countries in 2020 to now over 178 countries.

While these expanded operations and offerings are attractive to many clients; their primary draw is the low-cost accounts, products, and Forex spreads. For example, while many brokers require a deposit of up to $1000 to open an account, IQ has account deposit fees of just $10.

These changes to the operations and product offerings, as well as their expanded services into more countries, have allowed IQ Option to grow by at least 1000% over the past five years. For example, the number of accounts has grown from 1 million to 14 million; the number of daily trades has grown from 200,000 to 3 million, and the monthly trading volume has grown from $10 million to $11 billion.

IQ Option has now become one of the fastest growing online trading platform where you can trade many different assets from Forex, CFD’s Binary Options to commodities like Gold, Oil, Stocks and cryptocurrencies with great level of transparency and functionality.

IQ Option was founded in 2020 by IQ Option Europe Ltd. It is one of the quickest growing online trading platforms, having over 20 million account holders from all around the globe. IQ Option Europe Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) only. The company is completely compliant with the regulation and is fully authorized to offer its service to clients from many countries.

Broker Name

IQ Option

ETFs, Digital Options, Binary Options, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodities, Stocks

Sophisticated In House Build Trading Platform

iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS

Countries Not Accepted:

United States, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, Russian Federation, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Maestro, Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Neteller, and Moneybookers

Processed Within 1 Business Day.

What Can You Trade With IQ Option?

The platform allows its users to choose from a variety of alternatives. In the beginning,the platform was only a binary options broker, now it allows trading of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stocks, Forex, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Cryptocurrencies among other digital options.

  • CFDs on Stocks -They offer customers CFDs trading on stocks from more than 7480 different companies, some of them being listed on NASDAQ or NYSE.
  • ETFs – ETF trading is a relativelynew alternative, which works by tracking commodities, indices, andbaskets of various assets. On IQ, users can choose between around 4200 ETFs.
  • Cryptocurrencies – Traders can choose from 12 of the biggest cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoun, Monero, Zcash, Omisego and IOTA.
  • Forex – Being one of the most popular trading markets, they offer approximately 190 forex currency trading pairs. This lets traders easily exchange their favorite
  • Options – Traders have a large numberof options to choose from. They can speculate on currencies, stocks, indices, and IQ Option currently offers a gateway to over 10 million different binary options.

Signing Up With Iqoptions

The easiest way to sign up with IQ Option is through Facebook, Google, or by using your email address. After you fill in your username and password, you can start using your practice account right away, or fill your real account and start trading. You will be notified when you create both – the practice and the real account.

IQ Options has its own proprietary trading platform and they designed it superbly. Navigating around the platform is straight forward and is overall an enjoying experience. It is very easy to find all the tools and features, everything makes sense. This platform has also many useful charting tools which are a necessity for successful trading.

Deposits On IQ Option

At IQ Option, there is a minimum deposit of 10$. You can select your deposit form and transfer the money without having to pay any deposit fees. For your first deposit, you will have to go through the account verification process. In EU this also means adding your phone number, personal information, your trading experience, and photo identification to their officials.

In different countries, there are different legal requirements. Usually, you need some sort of verification to make withdrawals from this platform.

IQ offers many ways to make deposits or withdrawals. You can use debit cards like Maestro and Visa Electron, or decide to use otherpayment processors like Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Moneybookers, andNeteller.

You can also send your payments through Wire Transfer. The minimal withdrawal amount on this platform is $2 and the approximate time to receive your funds is 1 business day. For your wire transfer, additional bank fees may apply.

At the time of writing, it is not possible to transfer funds via PayPal. However, IQ is working to enable this option as well.

Withdrawals On The IQ Option Trading Platform

When talking about funds withdrawal, they are using the same methods you used to deposit your funds. If you deposited funds via credit ordebit card, you have to withdraw it in the same manner. As this transaction counts as a refund, you can only withdraw up to the amount you deposited. Extra profits can be only withdrawn via a bank transfer or by blockchain transaction on your e-wallet.

E-wallet options are the same as used for the deposits on this platform. If you choose to withdraw funds via a bank transfer, you should know there is a fee of $31. Should you make a deposit through an e-wallet, you have to withdraw the funds to the identical e-wallet account.

Your withdrawals will be processed within three business days. When using bank cards and payment providers, the whole process could take some additional time.

To withdraw your funds you have to provide identification documents to the officials that include:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license or a passport)
  • If you made a deposit via abank card, you have to upload an image of both sides of your card. However, it is advised to hide the middle of your card number and your CCV number. As long as you keep the first six and the last four digits visible, you are good to go.

The IQ Option Trading Features

Trading with the Iqoptions is pretty easy and intuitive. The trading charts are in the center with buy and sell boxes on the right-hand side. Your total trading balance is located at the top along with any assets you are currently trading.

You can use the drop-down on the upper left, to pick your trading instrument. You can choose from Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Indices, and ETFs. From each of the instruments, you can find your asset via a search bar.

Trading is possible directly from the online interface. On the right side of the graph, you will see the buy and sell buttons. Just fill out the amount of the asset you want to trade, and confirm your order.

You can also trade on the IQ Option mobile application. The mobile setup is pretty similar to the web interface. On the right side of the cart, you have your buy and sell options. You can also change the investment, leverage, and price and before making a trade. On this section,you will also notice the spread.

On the Iqoptions platform, traders are able to look for their favourite cryptocurrencies and access all of the important relevant information. Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can also trade 10 other cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, and Monero.

There are also obvious links to chats, your trading history, and the customer support service. If you have any issues, you can always start a conversation with the IQ option support team. The resources section is another useful feature, offering all the training and education material you might need. There are many short educational videos on offer, so you can watch the training material without needing to leave your trading account.

The demo account has the same functionalities as the standard one, allowing you to improve your skill and get familiar with their platform, using the $10,000 of virtual money available on the demo trading account. As we said before, even if you lose that virtual money, you can replenish it, so you always have something to practice with.

Technical Research Tools

To be able to trade as efficiently as possible, the IQ Option platform offers many different charting tools. Those are essential for any serious trader as they let you make an informed decision on the market. Based on those tools you can develop your strategy and better understand what’s going on in the market.

The most commonly used charts on the IQ Option platform are candle charts. They show a time period, with colors presenting the amount of volatility and the price movement between the beginning and the end of each period.

Hollow candles are similar, but instead of showing different colors, the positive price movements are full, and negative movements are presented with a hollow candle.

The platform also lets you use area charts that show the price in a line, with shading showing the volatility. Line charts are similarbut without the shaded area.

Bars cover your chosen time period, similar to candle charts. They show the prices at the beginning and end of a certain period, with vertical lines. The horizontal lines are there to show the prices at open and closepositions.


The indicators on the platform are used to discover trends and find trades with good profit potential. They have 13 different indicators you can access throughthe charting interface.

You can use each indicator independently or you can go for a combination of them.

  • Moving Averages (MAs) show you the average trading trends in your specified time periods. They are often used with other indicators and include Simple Moving Averages, Weighted Moving Averages, Smooth Simple Moving Averages, and Exponential Moving Averages.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)indicates where moving averages diverge or converge. It lets you compare the relation between Exponential Moving Averages.

The Parabolic SAR is similarto moving averages. The main difference is its position that is changing with the price and corresponds to higher acceleration. You can observe it in groups or dots.

The Awesome Oscillator shows a visualization of two SMAs. One isfast and the other slow. This indicator helps you observe trend development.

Bollinger Bands are basically trend indicators that present a dynamic range of the price movement.

Volume Indicators indicate the amount of the traded asset during a given period of time, showing the intensity of the trading action on the market.

The Alligator Indicator lets you asses market movements. It shows you the movement direction and lets you filter out the Side Bands. This is a cross-functionaltrend that allows you to discover an emerging trend.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows the strengthof the current trend and possible reversal points. It compares the price growth with the overall price reduction. It is shown by a curve.

The Stoch or Stochastic Oscillator indicators let you know the current price position, comparing it to the extreme highs and lows in a certain time frame. It is shown as the percentage, lettingyou figure out any potential reversal points.

The Average True Range (ATR) indicates the volatilityof the asset over a certain time period. It also shows the change rate of quotes.

The Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) presents a trend’s strengthprior to the price movement. It can also show a potential change in volatility.

A fractal includes at least five Japanesecandlesticks, indicating the local maxima and minima of price curves and possible market reversal points.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) shows you the speed of the price movements. It helps you discover the upcoming market reversals and is helpful when assessingthe strength of a trend.

Extra Features on IQ Option Platform

On this platform, you can choose from many additional features. The company is really focusing on improving the user experience and with all the incorporated features, they manage to offer a comfortable trading process.

Mobile Trading Features and App

The Iqoptions platform offers a mobile app, so you can trade on your phone as long as you have internet access. The app is clean, with an intuitive graphical interface. It also includes most of the indicators and charting tools, available on the standard platform. You can also enable push notifications. To be always up to date with the trading action. You can also set the alerts on specific price points, which will send you an instant notification once your designated point is reached. The IQ trading app works on tablets and smartphones, accessible both for Android and Apple iOS.

Organised Trading Competition

Should you reside outside the EU, you can be a part of various trading competitions organised by IQ Option. The Binary Option tournaments are a good way to test your skills and try to earn some extra money via competition prizes. The trading competitions usually last for around 30 minutes. In the beginning,you get $10,000 in virtual funds, and the trader with the most money at the end wins a prize.

The prize is either fixed or relative to the number of tournament participants. The winner receives up to 100x the entry fee. If you lose all of your tournament funds, you can always go and participate in other tournaments. The competition allows users to test their skills, and try out new trading methods.

IQ Option Education and Training

The platform also offers a lot of information to its users, and the platform has many educational materials for both beginners and experienced traders. This includes many educational trading videos, webinars, trading strategies and tutorials. IQ also offers access to many e-books, and their FAQ section is detailed in covering most of the relevant questions.

The IQ Option Affiliate Program

The Iqoptions platform offers an affiliate program. If you want to earn some extra money, you can bring in new people and receive a reward when they trade on the platform. You only need to share your affiliate link, and anyone who clicks and creates an accountwill be associatedwith your user ID. Depending on the trading of the user, you can receive up to 70 percent of the broker’sprofit. This is an interesting passive income opportunity. The affiliate earnings are paid twice per month.

You can’t have a negative affiliate balance with IQ Option. There is cross-platformsupport, and you have mobile and web versions of the affiliate program. They also provide you with analytics, so you can track your affiliate income.

Hodly Wallet – What Is it and How You Can Use It?

Not long ago, IQ Options presented a new product for people who want to invest and own Cryptocurrency. The HodlyWalletis a Cryptocurrency wallet that allows buying and storing of Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, ZEC, OmiseGO, NEO, Ontology, Lumen, andTron.

You can connect your e-wallet with your bank account. It is a good lookingapp, accessible by web and mobile. It lets you buy, store or sell your cryptocurrency for any supported fiat currency.

Customer Support

IQ Option lets users contact the support team by email, contact form or their chat. They claim to respond to every querywithin a minutewhile aiming to resolve any pending issues in 24 minutes on average. There are more than 80 customer service employees on the team. If you require more personalised customer service, you can upgrade to a VIP account, and you will receive your own personal manager.

The platform has an international focus and wants to service traders from all around the globe. You can trade in many different currencies, like USD, GBP, EUR, Yuan, RUB, TRY, IDR, and MYR. The customer support is availablein English,French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Norwegian.

Due to various restrictions, the Iqoptions platform doesn’t offer its services to people from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Israel, Palestine, Japan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea or Russian Federation.

IQ Option also abides the standardrules for identification and traders should know, that when they register on the platform, they are required to provide their personal information, verify their email address and telephone number. If you are unable to do so, you won’t be able to complete your registration.

They will additionally expect to receive more of your personal information after you fund your account. You will have to provide copies ofidentification documents like a Passport, or National ID Card, and Proof of Address in the form of a Utility Bill or a Bank Statement (for EU residents).

IQ Options Awards Overview

Throughout the years, IQ has gathered a broad rundown of honors, every one of which highlights their qualities. The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts gave IQ Option the 2020 Award of Excellence, which is the most noteworthy award from the Communicator Awards. IQ Option was perceived by the council as the best exchanging application in their Financial class.

In 2020, they earned the Rising Star grant for “The intelligent trading application for binary options” from the Mobile Star Awards, the biggest global yearly honors program for versatile programming and developments. The association adulated them for its design and proficiency.

The Web Marketing Association presented IQ with the Best Technology Application in 2020 for the organization’s mobile version of the platform.

IQoption have additionally earned the Century International Quality Gold ERA Award from the Business Initiative Directions Group as an acknowledgmentfor the organization’s focus on Excellence and Quality, particularly inside Customer Satisfaction.

Returning somewhat further to 2020, IQ Option got the title of Best Binary Options Broker Europe 2020 from the Global Banking and Finance Review. IQoption additionally earned the title of Most Innovative Binary OptionPlatform from the IFM Awards in 2020, just as the Best Mobile Trading Platform in similar honors.

Global Brands Magazine, a legitimate brand observer in Britain, gave them the title of Fastest Growing Binary OptionBrand. In the Forex Awards 2020, the platform was named the Best Trading Platform, while in 2020, the MasterForex-V granted IQ Options as the World’s Leading Binary Options Broker and the Most Reliable Binary Options Broker.

The FX Report Awards named them the Best Binary Options Broker in 2020. In 2020, that year IQ Option was established, the organization earned the title of Most Innovative Binary OptionBroker from Moscow’s ShowFx World gathering. At the IAIR Awards, IQ Option earned different honors, including the Best Binary Options Broker and the Best Binary Options Broker/Trading Application.

IQ Option Jurisdictions, Languages, and Countries

IQ Option has customers from 151 unique nations. Their website is presently accessible in 13 languages, permitting traders from around the globe to exchange a language they are comfortable with. Additionally, the platform gives traders a chance to choose from one of the accompanying currencies to deposit and trade with: GBP, EUR, USD, Yuan, MYR, IDR, and RUB.

IQ Option is owned and operated by an organization inside the European Union. Therefore, it has a permit from CySec, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. To get that permit, IQ Option met and should keep on the meeting, prerequisites identified with advertising limitations, customer assets, and exchanging items. The enlistment in Cyprus as a money-related administrations supplier has number 247/14, enabling IQ Options to take on European customers, who get full CySec protection.

Due to CySec guidelines, all customer finances must be stored in isolated accounts that they can’t access for its very own financier business. CySec controllers additionally offer another dimension of store protection, which protects all investments made with the platform should something happen to the broker.

IQ Option USA

Sadly, IQ Option isn’t accessible to traders in the United States. Iq Option is accessible in 178 nations around the globe, however,the United States has stricter limitations and guidelines, which means American users can’t utilize the broker. More nations from where you can’t access the platform include Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Japan, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Syria, and Sudan.

Is IQ Option a Scam?

While looking at the platform we went through some that claimed IQ Options is a scam. One of the reasoning behind the claims was the fact that they disabled somebody’s account meaning they couldn’t withdraw their balance, and there were quite a few unsatisfied people who lost their money trading on the platform.

When we put the complaints in the perspective, they were vastly outnumbered by the positive reviews and opinions, meaning that only a small minority had some sort of a problem with the service.

IQ Option is a highly regulated broker and one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Their ​highly sophisticated trading platform is among the best in the industry and we highly recommend IQ Option to traders of all experience levels; beginner to advanced.

Is IQ Option Safe?

Besides some good practices, for example, keeping up isolated accounts for customer funds, IQ Option offers security in a few different ways. Obviously, the platform has full SSL encryption. All things considered, all the information that traders send to the merchant’s servers is encryptedto meet AES 256 Bit encryption measures. That encryption restricts the capacity of hackers to get to the sensitivedata, giving IQ Option a chance to assure additional protection to both customer assets and data.

IQ Option Final Verdict

In a nutshell, IQ Option is a great solution for beginner as well as advanced traders who are looking to trade a variety of different financial instruments and assets such as forex, stocks, ETF’s, binary options, cryptocurrencies, and other commodities on a highly sophisticated and yet easy to use platform.

From a traders perspective we found this trading platform one of the biggest pro factors, because it not only offers a high variety of trading tools and analytics packages but also a personalised and easy to use trading dashboard.

The customer support is not beyond, but still among the best and the most accurate. Our questions were all answered on time without any leak of professionally and our queries were settled in a reasonable time span. We also need to take into consideration, that IQ has recently had a huge amount of new customers signing up with them what was causing dome delays is account verification and depositing.

What we did not like that much is their two-level customer service system. To have consistent access to your personal account manager, you have to have a VIP account which requires a deposit of $3,000 or more, which is over the budget for most people.

At last, IQ Option isn’t accessible to the residents of nations, for example, the United States, Canada, and Japan. However, they still accept users from more than 176 nations and gives complete support for every one of its clients. They support the Stock, Forex, and Cryptocurrency trading.

Their users can be sure to interact with an intuitive platform that gives access to an abundance of assets and exchanging alternatives.

IQ Option User Reviews and Trading Experience

We want to hear your personal story and trading experience with this broker. If you want to share your thoughts and your personal trading experience with the wider trading world than feel free to post your comment below.

Please make sure your comments are non promotional and don’t include any inappropriate links or other promotional materials. Comments with abusive, vulgar, offensive, or harassing language, and comments which can be understand as a personal attacks of any kind will be deleted as well.

“CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.”

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