OneTouch Trader App Review A lousy binary scam software

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OneTouch Trader App Review: A lousy binary scam software

The OneTouch App is yet another binary scam software rolled out to rob traders of their money. Jeffrey Peterson as he calls himself is the one presenting this scam software. Trading binary options could be a nightmare when you use shady softwares that are out to scam you.

According to him he made $754,321.00 from this software the previous year and he lives in luxurious mansions and cruises on a different car everyday of the week thanks to One Touch. How shady and deceptive does that sound?

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One Touch App Busted…Scam Evidence.

So we did some digging and we found out some things that were not adding up. First of all, Jeffrey Peterson is a paid actor who was hired by the hidden owners of One Touch App to sell this crap piece of software to the public. The screenshot of his supposed account on the One Touch Trader is filled with flaws and lies. We got a screenshot of it from the sales video.

Looking at the screenshot, he showed his supposed trade with this software for the day September 5, 2020. If you watch closely (we have highlighted it to make it easier) you will see that the individual trade details bears a different date altogether, the dates stated were 24 Sep 2020. So how come he traded with this software on 5 Sep. 2020 and we are seeing the trades bear another date 24 Sep 2020. You see they did a terrible job at photoshopping this trade details, they were in a hurry to scam people with this sham software that they couldn’t pay attention to this discrepancies.

We searched the internet to see the people that has profited from this software and all we saw were just scams, the way it ripped people. As a matter of fact the names of the people used as testimonials on the website are fictitious and the faces were stolen from the internet.

Also avoid similar scams like Dubai lifestyle App, Fintech ltd

But he said OneTouch App is free?

OneTouch App is not free,once you sign up they would assign you to their broker which were not made mention of. You would be requested to make a deposit the minimum which is $250 to start trading.The moment you do it, just kiss your money goodbye, because that’s exactly how you have been scammed and you won’t be able to get back your money.


OneTouch App software is a dangerous scam, please don’t fall for it especially now when we have revealed to you the scams behind it.

If you want to trade binary options on autopilot, there are still some softwares that work and we strongly recommend them because of there amazing result then Join BinaryOptionAutotrading for free .

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OneTouch Trader App Review: A lousy binary scam software

The OneTouch App is yet another binary scam software rolled out to rob traders of their money. Jeffrey Peterson as he calls himself is the […]

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Tesler Software Review – Tesler Investment Trading SCAM Uncovered!

Is Tesler Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT?

Tesler Trading aka Tesler 2 Software presented by Steven Abrahams extends an invitation to become a millionaire within 181 days! On top of that, viewers are flaunted with a guaranteed $5,000 daily profits with their Tesler Principle algorithm too. You might be wondering is this for real? Definitely not! It is rather apparent that Tesler is attempting to sell us a “Get Rich Quick” scam! Furthermore, Tesler App doesn’t provide genuine trading performance instead of false hopes and promises. Please take some time to read our Tesler Review before investing into it.

Tesler Software Website:

*Recently Renamed as Tesler 2 Software*

Being a millionaire through trading, or shall we say within 6 months is a tough thing to do even for professionals. To be accurate, reality dictates that it is impossible especially with a minimum deposit of $250. Auto trading is a great tool to earn some extra cash online but the problem lies with scams! (Check out all our Test Results for the Best Performing AutoTrader) Scammers actively take advantage of this dynamic form of trading with lousy performing auto trader.Hence, the unrealistic profit potential acts as a lure to inexperienced traders with low-quality trade executions. We received reports that Tesler Software doesn’t make $237 per hour, but it drains your whole account within 1 or 2 days. So is Steven Abrahams and Tesler Investment aka Tesler Trading LLC for real? Read Below as we expose fraudulent information within this offer!

Who is Steven Abrahams & Tesler Investment?

Frankly, Tesler Website’s greetings already begin with a huge deceit or act of fake information which is Steven himself. The introduction about Steven having a net worth of 380 million dollars and his success in making new millionaires are fake stories! But our quick research confess the bogusness of this character as there is no such person! Any attempts to verify claims of being famously covered on Forbes magazine, Bloomberg Squawk, CNN business, BBC News, or Global Business News production returns no results! So, he is nothing but an actor holding onto a fictitious name selling millionaire club fantasy!

Similarly, Steven is also not the CEO of Tesler Investment aka Tesler Trading LLC because this company doesn’t exist either! If he has indeed generated millionaires within 6 short months with his fake software, we could at least find information on it. Our investigation running through business entity quickly affirms our suspicion on this fake company and Steven too! It’s a major red flag and rather normal to see this type of lies in many of the scams we blacklisted.

Success Testimonials?

The potential in binary trading is promising for those interested in earning extra revenue, that’s for sure. But our experience and testing sessions with the auto trader or manually trading shows promises of earning millions are BS! An actual auto trader can generate about $100 per day or a growth on 10% to 30% return of investment per day too. So, hearing a $237 per hour profits even with minimum deposit while having lousy trading results definitely shows Tesler Software is nothing but a sham. Moreover, Steven fails to provide legitimate trading histories within his presentation with entry/expiry prices to support his claims. He also failed to demonstrate Tesler Software’s trading platform too!

Why is that you may ask? Well, simply because there aren’t any actual trades he can provide us to back it up. We examine the testimonials and unsurprising they are also forged too. Which includes stolen pictures from other websites and fake stories of students becoming millionaires. Tesler Software principle algorithm asserts abilities to perform fast calculations within changes of indices, currencies prices patterns, as well as fundamental news, is highly doubtful. Naturally because of the complaints we received about this trading app having a deluded 99% winning accuracy. In actuality, this software performs at best 50% win rate while losing very often.

Also, his previous successful students, Jayne and Matt, attempts to trick us with their misleading “be a millionaire fraud”. We identified these individuals’ pictures to be taken from other websites’ advertisement! In other words, there is no actual trustworthy testimonies or even trading demonstration in! With this in mind, proper auto trader demonstrations should include proper trade histories and walk through of platform much like our Tested & Proven Auto Trader!

Tesler Review Conclusion!

Judging from the evidence above, we can safely conclude that Tesler Review is a SCAM! Zero genuine proof of success while selling unrealistic fantasy are what this offer is about! Steven Abraham is not some rich guy providing trading education software to make you a millionaire but to steal your money! So, making investments with Steven a bad decision! Do note that is not on a special invite basis! Who are we kidding that we see “8 Spots remaining during a video playback”? How can we expect this to be a real deal when is clearly a recording video! Lol!

We are trading profitably with the help of good software and trading knowledge in this industry. It is just unfortunate many scam-artist decides to tarnish our money making a platform with dishonest deals! If you are seeking a genuine auto trader to get some extra cash, feel free to refer to our Best Auto Trader List! Need help with trading? You can reach us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help you out! ��

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