Opusbusiness.com Review Is Opus Business Legit Or Scam

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Opusbusiness.com Review: Is Opus Business Legit Or Scam?

Opus Business Review: this is a trading venture that claims to be able to provide revenue for its members every month at up to 40% profit. Should you invest in Opusbusiness.com or is it a scam?

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What Are Forex Signals or Indicators?

Most Forex indicators are created for the purpose of giving traders trading signals that are accurate as well as consistent. With a legit indicator system, traders can afford to spend less time monitoring the market.

Traders are provided with what can be termed expert advice from these robots, this is why they are called Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are sold by indicator vendors.

Opus Business or Opus Trading claims to be an automated trading system but we are not told if it is a forex signal or indicator like is explained above. It does not give he much needed corporate details like address or who owns it.

What is noticed on Opusbusiness.com is that they keep mentioning “club” and “members”. It looks like a deliberate ploy to mislead clients into thinking that they are somehow about to be included in some sort of elite club for wealthy investors.

Opus Business or Opus Trading states that it deals with forex exchange, stock exchange and crypto-coin. They offer 24/5 services, global opportunity, live operations, and secure operations.

How Opus Business Works

This is still unclear as of when this review was compiled. The page states that clients get to make 40% gain from investments. The kind of investment to be made is not stated. Opus Business or Opus Trading also mentions that it is licensed in Belize, Africa and Panama.

These 3 locations do not exactly inspire trust in any investor. They are mostly offshore locations where scammers are in the habit of hiding.

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Pricing Structure

The prices for investing with Opus Business or Opus Trading ranges from $100 to $5,000. These also determine the percentage profit that can be anywhere between 20% and 40%.

However, the minimum for registering as a member is $100 and higher payments are promised to bring you higher revenue.

Clients Feedback on Opus Business

There is no review found online about this business venture and it has been found to be operating since 2020. This is another troubling find for this venture. Traders have learned to totally avoid businesses with shady details and unrealistic promises.


The means of contacting the customer care is by following their social media links at the bottom of the page.


We do not find anything encouraging about Opus Business and we do not advice clients to invest with them. For all their promises, there is no concrete detail about how they plan to achieve it. The locations that they are situated in is also a disadvantage.

Opus Business Review – Legit Trading Opportunity or Big MLM Scam?

Thanks for stopping by to read my Opus Business Review!

Crypto is holding steady and lots of people getting curious about Forex and how it all works.

That being said we are starting to see more and more crypto forex hybrids popping up.

Opus Business is one of them and it just popped up on the ole radar.

Today I’ll be giving you a full review on the company, the product (if one actually exists) and also their compensation plan.

Are you ready to get the #1 review on the internet… Let’s Go!

Opus Business Review

Lets start by looking at the company and who’s running things over that way.

Like most crypto forex companies Opus Business is no different where… the website has no information on who owns or runs the company.

As I’ve said before this is personal preference some people don’t care if it’s a “ghost company” or if everything is there in black and white.

Personally I can tell you from experience companies that don’t tell you who’s running things are the first to collapse.

Less skin in the game they really have nothing to lose accept some time and money to set things up and start scamming.

You’ll notice in some of their marketing material they talk about being part of Advantagens Club aka “Vantagens Club” but no other information is provided.

Looks like they setup and incorporated themselves in Kenya:

If you are familiar you’d know that Kenya along with many other countries are scam friendly jurisdictions.

It’s extremely easy to setup a virtual address online and setup “shop” so to speak.

Legit MLM companies have no reason to setup and incorporate themselves in this fashion.

I’m not yet calling Opus a scam but this is never a good sign.

I did notice some of the material on their website is in Portuguese.

So I’m guessing whoever is running this company is from a Portuguese speaking company.

What I can tell you is that their website domain “opusbusiness.com” was registered on July 24, 2020 and was registered by Opus Business International Ltd.

NOTE: there is an incomplete address in the Registrant Contact information.

If I were to guess this domain registration is bogus:

Opus Business Products

As you’d probably guess there is no retailable product or service on their website.

You can signup as an affiliate and market the affiliate membership itself.

Opus Compensation Plan

Like most crypto forex hybrids Opus isn’t much different in the sense affiliates invest money to make an ROI.

NOTE: Opus will charge you a 5% fee on ALL withdrawal requests whether it be ROI or Commissions.

Unilevel Compensation Plan

This is where Opus Business affiliate receive their residuals.

If you sponsor someone they are placed on your first level.

You can go as wide as you like meaning you can sponsor as many people as you like.

If your first level affiliates start sponsoring new people they go on your second level and this duplicates downward.

Here is how it works:

You can also earn residuals off a binary compensation plan.

Fairly simple how a binary works.

Two people are placed on your first level one left one right.

As those people start sponsoring people they get places one left one right.

This duplicates downward and your binary can fill up with direct and indirects.

You will be paid a percentage of funds invested on your weaker leg.

So if you have 1000 people on your left leg and 0 people on your right leg you get paid zero on the binary.

Here is a snapshot of how it works:

Career Bonus

Opus also has a career bonus that rewards their affiliate on their weaker leg.

Here is a snapshot of how Opus Business rewards affiliates:

How Much Does Opus Business Cost?

If you plan on joining Opus Business it’s going to cost a minimum of $100 to get started.

This is “Pay to Play” the more you invest the more you can make when signing people up.

Opus Business Conclusion – Legit or Scam?

Well first things first even if Opus Business was legit they are still paying an ROI and that makes it a security.

If you aren’t registered with the right authorities, well, that makes it illegal.

It can go for a bit until things start to go faster and bigger and eventually it gets shut down.

Some companies run longer then others it all depends.

That being said I see no proof or evidence that Opus Business can make these profits to be able to pay such a high ROI to it’s affiliates.

That usually means they are paying people on new people coming into the company which makes it a Ponzi.

I’ve reviewed many of these ROI companies in the past and basically NONE OF THEM are legit.

They all say there making money with trading, arbitrage, mining blah blah blah but nobody can show proof or evidence.

When all is said and done after the recruiting slows up the company eventually collapses and they go out of business.

Most people lose their money where a small percentage of people usually make a profit depending on when they got into the business.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if Opus is a good business for you to be in.

Hope you enjoyed my Opus Business Review if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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Opus Business Review: Scam or Legit. I’m NOT Impressed!

By admin on November 21, 2020 0

Welcome to our official Opus Business Review.

Honestly, people on Facebook always were posting results from Forex trades. They either ranged from really good results or they would blow an account in a day. That’s just how the game works. I do know that with discipline and a great game plan trading can be a very lucrative opportunity.

You could flip $100 into $25,000 if you’re good. The problem is that most people have a basic concept of how things work but suck. Opus Business is trying to say that they have a solution for us.

Their system claims to work like nothing we ever seen before… People all around the world can now join and begin participating in forex without actually getting their hands dirty?

Sounds interesting, huh?

I have not joined myself. From the jump when I heard about it my “low-quality” business instincts got to tingling. Maybe you might vibe something different after I share everything that I know…

Truth is that I’m very familiar with this type of business model. And NOT once have I seen one of these things flourish and actually go out to be something long term. Getting into my Opus Business Review!

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Opus Business Review – The Company

It all started in Kenya, Africa. An unknown person registered the website in 2020 and since then they have been actively sharing this opportunity to the world. Is it going well one might? They managed to get a couple of people talking about it but as of now, it doesn’t seem too known right now.

Probably due to skepticism which is understandable. Call me what you want but I am no dummy. Certain things are a must for me such as them at least being more upfront about leadership.

You don’t go and create a breakthrough that is supposed to spit out unlimited money and not claim such greatness unless you know it’s actually far from all the glory that they put Opus Business out to be.

This is just speculation on my part. I will congratulate them for sticking around for so long. It’s about to be 2020 soon and they still haven’t disappeared yet. Even still that doesn’t mean they are legit…

Further digging may tell us the true nature of this business. As of now, I can’t say too much about there history since there isn’t much floating around… However, we can break down how things work and see if we find anything odd there.

Opus Business Reviews – The Products

They use terms such as Forex, Stock, and Crypto to describe what they are offering. People who sign up expect to earn passively from the “so-called” exchanges that take place on the backend. Yet has someone confirmed this is actually what is going on.

We’re expected to believe their word even though they haven’t done much to back up their claims. Personally, I take everything that they are saying with a grain of salt. Proof or it’s fake and that’s just how I feel about it.

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Opus Business Compensation Plan

Opus Business somehow has the power to grant any given user the ability to earn passive income on the safe side… What I mean by that is that you’re going to always be profitable with them.

For me, I find that strange. As expected, most of the people that are members deal with high-risk opportunities like this all the time and could care less of how things work. As long as they get paid, they are happy…

But there is one problem…


Is Opus Business a Scam? You may get paid a couple of times. But realistically how long do you think it will last? Forex Trading is always going to be around but how can they promise your always going to be in the green.

And how do we not know if this trading is even happening? I’m convinced that they are indeed a Ponzi. What that means for you is that one day they may disappear like most of them do. The day this happens you’ll likely lose money.

I seen similar systems do this and they left a ton of people unhappy and unpaid. I warn people on a daily basis and they still go and join. My advice is clear… Thanks for reading my Opus Business Review.

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