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SW Reads: Jedi Quest #3 & #4

Hello, Star Wars fan-family! I had nearly a month’s worth of wireless issues keeping me from posting, but I have plenty to write about! Including, of course, some more Star Wars Reads! (No longer really Summer Reads, but oh well) Today we’re exploring not one, but two of Jude Watson’s incredible Jedi Quest series. If you like, you can read my posts on the previous books The Path To Truth, The Way Of The Apprentice, and The Trail Of The Jedi in the respective links. (Though I will warn you, they are old and not the same quality posts I write now.)

But yes, what more can I say on these lovely books? They are among my top top favorites! They’re so richly detailed and so masterfully written. Though I’ve never read a bad SW youth novel, these are so amazingly done that it’s hard to tell them apart from the full-length novels. Each chapter is full of deep intrigue, great character moments, and fascinating, totally-believable ideas of the state of the galaxy before the Clone Wars. Ms. Watson digs in deep on the Force, the Jedi, and Obi-Wan and Anakin’s long, sometimes-difficult road to true brotherhood. I have yet to read the recently-released Anakin And Obi-Wan comics to know what these years look like from a modern, canon perspective, but Ms. Watson’s works seem to line up with the canon stories almost flawlessly. And either way, they are amazing reads. I highly, highly recommend, especially if you enjoy the Prequels and TCW as much as I do, or if you want a better idea of what was going on between I and II.

Now, let’s dive into the fine details of these chapters. First, The Dangerous Games, an epic with both podracing and political scandal!
Contains spoilers from the aforementioned book, and some of the books prior. And if you haven’t seen Episode I you will be a a disadvantage.

– Traffic does happen in the SW universe, and not just in The Yoda Chronicles! That’s why there are spacelane officers.
– “I know, I know, feel my anger and let it go. But do I have to be a Jedi all the time, even in space traffic?” #Relatable
– Y’know I remembered a while back on one of my Rebels posts wondering if there’s a certain age you can start driving/flying in the SW universe. There’s apparently nothing out-of-the-ordinary about 14-year-old Anakin at the controls, so maybe there isn’t? Of course, I know this isn’t the final canon word, but it’s reasonable. Or maybe it’s different, depending on where in the galaxy you are.
– Ms. Watson paints the most vivid picture of this world and where the games are held. It’s fascinating and gripping! I feel like I’m there. I can feel the electricity of the busy crowds of the city, and imagining being there for a galaxywide sporting event is a thrill! Anyone else smelling hot dogs and pretzels? But at the same time, through Obi-Wan’s explanations and Anakin’s observations, we see that Eusebus isn’t as perfect and glossy as it makes itself out to be, giving me a sense of realistic caution, and a better understanding of why the Jedi’s mission is so important today.
– I just love Obi-Wan and Siri’s bond! Their conversations are so fun to read, and feel so natural and easygoing!
– I’m just now imagining Ferus Olin to have an Irish accent. Because Irish accents are cool, and it adds a little something more to his character than just the serious, unaccented voice I was giving him before.
– I also love Obi-Wan’s solid friendship with Didi and Astri. It’s one of those things that reminds me “oh yeah, Jude Watson wrote another SW series before this one and I really need to read it already”.
– Though Bog’s a bit of a blowhard, I still find him an highly entertaining character.
– I get it too, Ani. YAS PODRACINGGG!!
– Heheh ok so maybe “solid” isn’t a good description for Obi-Wan and Didi’s friendship, but it says much of Master Kenobi’s character that he’s still willing to help out the poor hapless charlatan.
– And Tru Veld is still one of my faves of her characters. His species is so cool, and he’s the most laid-back ball of sunshine in the Jedi Order! I hope he’ll come along the ride for more stories in the future ��
– It’s so easy to agree with Anakin’s decision to help the Tyerell kids. Even though he disobeyed Obi-Wan to do it, I could see myself doing the same thing if I had the ability to do so. And of course, we all have to remember the Jedi are not right about everything. But then, at the same time, we know Anakin is doing this not just out of compassion, but also from a slight desire for vengeance. Not to mention his love of the game itself. There’s so many gray areas here, it leaves us readers with a lot to chew on.
– I absolutely can hear an Italian accent for Didi and a thick New York accent for Fligh. BTW if you didn’t read my last Reads post, you missed the part when I mentioned that I love reading Star Wars books out loud so I can do the voices.
– Seriously? Still no lap restraints in these things? Of course, maybe these air taxis are more like those little shuttles or golf carts they have in sports stadium parking lots and you’re just expected to hold on to something ’til you get there…
– Jedi have a seriously epic eye for detail and an amazing memory! This is why they’re so good at the peacekeeping game!
– I know there’s a lot of difference between them in reality, but this multi-leveled swoop bike obstacle course calls to mind the landspeeder race tunnels in the Droids series. Coincidence…?
– Aww! There was once a little yellow-tailed summerbird living in the Senate Building! Things you can learn from a good SW novel! ��
– Pretty sure Scorch Zanales has the coolest name of any podracer driver in the SW universe.

Now for the next chapter, and possibly my new favorite in the series: the chilling mystery that is The Master Of Disguise!
Again, contains spoilers from the aforementioned book and some of the books prior.

– LOL the cover art totally threw me off. I kept thinking Anakin was dueling a changeling or something… I didn’t quite recognize Ferus from the back…
– Yeah when you put it that way, with such masterful, tangible descriptions, I can see why one might think sand is bleh.
– Wow! Darra and I are twins! She looked blonde to me on an earlier book’s cover art, but they’re describing it as copper-and-gold, which is exactly my color!
– I must try out her bright-ribboned padawan braid. If anyone knows of a good padawan-braiding tutorial I’d be forever grateful, because those tiny things are so strangely difficult to make… hehe sorry for all the hair talk.
– It’s amazing how these books can be both beautiful and heartbreaking in parts. Between the clear devastation of war and the regrets Anakin left behind on Tatooine, my reactions are definitely what you might refer to as “all the feels”.
– Oooh so many branches of science to study! It would be fun to be a scientist in the SW galaxy, ’cause with so many worlds, there are nearly infinite amounts of things to discover and study! Yes I am a science nerd. Did I forget to mention that?
– I really appreciate the moments with Madame Jocasta in this book and the last. I like the way Ms. Watson writes her, making her a tough old bird with a solid sense of humor!
– OK Yoda’s appearance in here was the highlight of my day. He may be my favorite voice to read out loud now.
– Whoa Tru’s lightsaber is orange? That is so cool. Could be orange ‘sabers are just for training here, but still. I think it’d be a good lightsaber color!
– Chapter Eight is so fun. Obi-Wan and Jocasta, Jedi mystery-solvers! Also glad to know that Obi-Wan likes tea, because so do I ��
– I’m actually starting to want Soara Antana to teach me lightsaber techniques, too. I might be a glutton for punishment, but I do love a challenge.
– I am both wildly fascinated and horribly shook over these concepts. Granta Omega just got scarier. And non-Force-sensitive Sith cults? It just felt colder in here.
– I hope someday I learn to write plots this intricate and in-depth!
– YADDLE SPEAKS! That was really neat, because I’m 99% sure I’ll never read a SW novel giving her a spoken line again.
– Just when you think it can’t get any more intense, IT GETS SO MUCH MORE INTENSE! But that’s something I adore about this series. And this book I think may be the most intense yet!

Ahh, aren’t those just fantastic? Well, *does Yoda impression again* much to blog on, I still have. Look for one last Reads post next week, and then there’s this upcoming new series I must discuss, and also I received an amazing visual encyclopedia for my birthday, so… yep. Lots of Star Wars equals lots to write!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

SW Summer Reads – Jedi Quest #2: The Trail Of The Jedi

Don’t ask me why, but summertime and reading go hand-in-hand. Well, anytime of year and reading go hand-in-hand really, but here at Padawanline it’s special because we do Star Wars Summer Reads every year! They’re like my normal Closer Looks on TCW and Rebels episodes, just with some of my favorite SW books! And this post is especially exciting because this is the first new SW book I’ve read since… I guess since the third Secret Missions installment! And that was in 2020! So yes today we’re diving back into the incredibly amazing Jude Watson’s Jedi Quest series with its second chapter (or third counting the prior-to-the-series first book) The Trail Of The Jedi! If you’ve never read Miss Watson’s stuff you really ought to. Vivid descriptions, exciting, intriguing storylines, the incredible way she gets into the heads of Anakin and Obi-Wan… seriously one of my favorite series ever. It’s canon as far as I’m concerned! If you want to read my Closer Looks on the first two books The Path To Truth and The Way Of The Apprentice feel free, though ye be warned they are trainwrecks since they were done back in 2020 XP Anyway, let’s see what we can find on The Trail Of The Jedi! Whoops I did it again…
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Episode VI, Rebels episodes Rise Of The Old Masters and Fire Across The Galaxy, The Path To Truth, and The Trail Of The Jedi

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(Image credit: (I think))

We find ourselves rejoining the young master and padawan team of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as they prepare to land on the gorgeous planet of Ragoon-6 for a Jedi bonding trip. And pretty much as soon as you know it’s for a bonding trip with these guys you know this thing’s gonna explode with feels… but then again, all in the series do that �� Ragoon-6 sounds like a planet deserved to be titled “the jewel of the galaxy”… nothin’ but miles and miles of untamed, unspoiled beauty under a blue-violet sky! Miss Watson has an amazing talent for making some epic descriptions, bringing to life whatever the world, whoever the person, and the feeling of the Force itself, and everything about this shimmering world makes me want to go there right now! The goal of this trip will be for Anakin and Obi-Wan to track Jedi teacher Wren Honoran through the planet’s forests and jungles. Ah yes Wren is one awesome dude. He’s a government teacher at the Temple and the not-so-easy-to-catch prey on these sorts of things. He takes his teaching pretty seriously, but he knows how to have fun… especially when schooling overconfident padawans, such as Anakin, who has full intent to find Master Honoran before the day’s end. For now, Anakin and Obi-Wan are giving Wren a head start before they start the “hunt”. And they have a bit of a picnic in a flowery meadow in the meantime. Seriously anyone else need to go here now?! Obi-Wan tells Anakin about the last of the two times he and Qui-Gon had been here. Which sounded like fun up until it was cut short when a good friend of Qui-Gon’s was in danger, something Obi-Wan doesn’t divulge too much to his padawan. In the awkward silence that follows, Anakin starts to wonder why exactly Obi-Wan had felt the need to do this bonding exercise. And he starts to wonder if maybe that need was to build a bond between them that wasn’t just because of a desire to fulfill a master’s dying wish, because perhaps Obi-Wan wasn’t feeling the same connection to him the way he and his master had. Aww don’t think that Anakin! You guys are bestest friends! OK not quite yet but give or take 5 years or so!
But as it is, Obi-Wan’s not looking to compare relationships, if he’s got any doubts, it’s that he might not be good enough for an energetic, brilliant, wants-to-get-things-done student like young Skywalker. Can’t help but notice some similarities here with Rise Of The Old Masters. After all was said and done, Kanan and Ezra talked through it, but Obi-Wan’s not sure what he and Anakin should talk through or not. Looking back, Qui-Gon chose sometimes to answer Obi-Wan’s questions and sometimes not to, sometimes to tell him what he was thinking and sometimes not to. Certainly Master Jinn didn’t tell him exactly why they had to leave that last bonding trip so fast. That reason was a girl named Tahl, a smart, funny, kindhearted Jedi. And he certainly didn’t mention that HE LOVED HER. That didn’t reveal itself until her last breathing moments when that mission… sniff… failed. Mergosh that is so sad… but even so, I absolutely am obsessed with QuiTahl now and absolutely can’t wait to learn more about her. Sorry, point is, even though Qui-Gon didn’t always tell Obi-Wan everything and that bothered the padawan sometimes, it did nothing to hurt their bond, and Obi-Wan so badly wants this strength of relationship with his padawan now. Especially remembering something Qui-Gon had said on that last bonding trip… “It seems there is always time when you are young, but you cannot hold a moment, padawan. It runs out like water in your fist. You must seize it when you can, even as it falls away” (hey would you look at that a Qui-Gon Jinn quote! Happy now Google searchers? �� Though in all seriousness SUCH FEELS). But in keeping in the here and now, it soon is time for the hunt to begin. Aw dude I’m so sorry my mind’s all over the place I’m just drowning in feels over here!
So things go pretty well for a while as Anakin does a fabulous job of finding clues leading in Wren’s direction, but the tracking gets trickier and trickier as they go along. And there’s a problem when it leads Anakin right into a cave full of ferocious furry malia who were right in the middle of a nap. Perhaps the planet’s not as perfect as it looks from a distance. But then again, what planet is? It takes quite a bit of lightsaber-swinging but master and padawan manage to get out of that soup with their lives. Anakin feels dumb for running in there, but both he and Obi-Wan aren’t quite sure why Wren would leave a clue that could be so easily misread. Even so, they continue onward and are led this time to a hidden cavern. It’s an absolutely gorgy cavern but (there’s always a “but” it seems) it has its fair share of flash floods. As you can imagine, Anakin really really feels dumb about misreading a second time, and the fact that Obi-Wan makes no comment on his mistake doesn’t make him feel much better. It’s as there going along from there that Anakin finally bluntly states “you never tell me anything” to which Obi-Wan diverts from that and corrects him for throwing around absolutes. Obi-Wan felt bad for it and knows it hurt Anakin’s feelings, but he still wasn’t sure what to tell him or not, especially as he further considers foul play in this game. Anakin’s convinced now that Obi-Wan’s not interested in trying to achieve the same level of communication he had with Qui-Gon with him. Aw man all you wanna do right now is step in and get them to talk all this over, but of course we can’t do that, we just have to let the story tell itself and our characters work it out on their own. But of course neither of them are going to talk about this right now, they’re just going to continue the hunt. And it’s there that they run into A GIRL WITH A BLASTER! Er… a hydrospanner. So maybe the all-caps freakout wasn’t necessary? Meet Floria, poor kid got separated from her friends on a survival camping trip and believes them to have been killed in their ship’s explosion. Naturally, Anakin and Obi-Wan are willing to help her out, but they’re both aware now that something is up on this planet. Before they know it, there’s a bounty hunter aiming a stokli spray stick at ’em. And that’s a bad thing because it’s basically temporary paralysis in a can. Anakin distracts the hunter while Obi-Wan sneaks up on him and they pretty much win. They even, though accidentally, hit said bounty hunter with his own weapon! Obi-Wan and Anakin: 1, Tursha bounty hunter: 0 (unless perhaps we’re counting that he’d likely left those clues from earlier and that would make the score 2-1 in his favor, unless you count that Obi-Wan and Anakin survived both and that would make it 3-0 in their favor… oh you know what this is getting ridiculous never mind). Floria fears that this hunter was responsible for whatever happened to her comrades, and Anakin is quick to comfort her, not terribly happy with Obi-Wan’s seemingly indifferent attitude. But Obi-Wan’s just trying to piece this puzzle together between the bounty hunter and a bunch of kids. Plus, Wren might be in serious trouble. Anakin and Obi-Wan butt heads over the matter of helping Wren and helping Floria, but ultimately they come to an understanding, at least for a bit. They decided to head back to their ship and try contacting Wren on their comlinks, but again things go south and suddenly there’s another bounty hunter firing at them! Sooo much fun, right? But there’re worse problems — Obi-Wan finds a bomb aboard. So that went about as well as you’d figure it would. And in the midst of the explosion’s aftermath, a new problem presents itself. Well, the other bounty hunter is Floria’s brother Dane… and that makes Floria — you guessed it — a bounty hunter, too. I’ll be honest, I really did not see this coming. I really bought into Floria’s innocent act! Some days I see it coming and some days I don’t. Though the kids’ story is kinda sad even still… they lost their family and found themselves doing whatever they could to survive, including taking up bounty hunting. Dane and Floria were players in a Jedi-hunting game set by a fellow named Granta Omega. The two bickering bounty-hunting siblings weren’t interested in hurting anybody, just getting the ginormous reward for capturing the master and padawan. But now that some other hunter brought in a bomb, the game just got a bit more dangerous. Yeahh I think Anakin and Obi-Wan are gonna need a vacation after what was supposed to be a fun bonding trip. Whoever this Granta Omega guy is he seriously ought to have more to do than send hunters after off-duty Jedi! Obi-Wan decides to have Dane and Floria come along for the ride as they search for Wren and the hunter who must have him. And the “ride” includes such things as maneuvering through a field of thorny flowers, defeating a second bounty hunter, climbing mountains, following clues (We now know the Jedi Temple has muffins. It would be a sad galaxy indeed if they didn’t have sweets of some kind, so yay to that! �� ), and quite a few holograms of Wren. Completely normal, right? Oh right that thing with the Wren holograms… that’s a problem, isn’t it? It slows ’em down but not for long because the Force. But it’s still not that easy because that bounty hunter was still using Master Honoran as bait and this guy knows his way around the trees in this neck of the woods and he’s armed with plenty of poison darts. Thankfully, a well-aimed surprise attack and the aid of some angry giant birds comes in handy. Wren’s alive, though not in the greatest shape, so Obi-Wan and Anakin decide it’s time to borrow a ride and head for home. But Teleq’s ship isn’t of much use since Dane disabled it in case the hunter made it out of the fight and the Jedi didn’t. So it’s time for another hike to find the third hunter’s ride. Floria is not into all this walking… I getcha there, girl. Along their way, Obi-Wan and Anakin have a moment of understanding and honesty as young Skywalker tries to figure out why his Force-sensing has been off today. It’s all about experience and patience, my friend. But things take a turn for the darker when they find the Tursha hunter from earlier has been poisoned, and the killer left no trace.
Wait… where was I? Sorry I just watched this cool video about Ahsoka on and I totally got off track. *Hit by brick* SORRY SORRY I’LL GET BACK TO BLOGGING ON THE BOOK! SHEESH EXCUUUSE ME FOR LOVING OF ALL THINGS STAR WARS! So anyway, Obi-Wan decides it’s time to play this game their way and gets Dane to call the great Omega himself and let him know they captured the Jedi, or so it will seem. On their way up the mountain to meet the big boss, our heroes run into the third bounty hunter, Hunti Pereg. Dude’s been stuck up here since he got his legs paralyzed by a poison dart, so he poses no threat other than freaking us out with his scarred face. In fact, he comes off pretty decent. So the Jedi and the young hunters just hang around for a while waiting for Granta Omega to meet them. After a while, it seems he’s not coming. But what does come is — of course — a few thermal detonators and a few attack droids. Somehow Jedi can’t go anywhere without a few of those on their tails! It’s not long after that before the mysterious armored bounty hunter shows his face. A battle on the snowy mountainside! Exciting! Well, it might be exciting but I don’t think it’s fun for the Jedi fighting it. Their best move is to make a dash for a thermal pool that could overload the hunter’s detonators. It’s not easy getting there, but they do get there. Obi-Wan gives the hunter a chance to escape, a chance to avoid a fiery death, but the hunter refuses, claiming to know something about a very powerful boss, a pyramid, and the fact that “there are things far more frightening than death”. Much ominous. Anakin doesn’t get why Obi-Wan tried to help the guy. His master explains that Qui-Gon’s greatest enemy Xanatos chose to die the same way, and even then, Qui-Gon had mourned him. Of course Obi-Wan doesn’t mention the fact that Xanatos was Qui-Gon’s former padawan who went to the dark side. But it’s true, from, you know, “a certain point of view”. Anakin still doesn’t really grasp it, but he adds it to an apparently long list of things to meditate on back in the Temple. I’m totally sure he’ll remember to do so… totally! /sarc/ Sorry that wasn’t fair I know forgive me. But the fact remains that any guy you wouldn’t want to face after failing must be some nasty, powerful guy. But either way, they now have a ride home. Anakin happens upon something interesting, however… the ship belongs to Hunti Pereg, not the guy they fought. Soon it becomes clear to Obi-Wan that that paralyzed hunter guy was Omega. So yeah definitely not “pretty decent”. Somehow that guy knew their whole ruse to begin with! And Anakin recalls he got no sense of darksidery or living Force from him, what Obi-Wan describes as a void, a way for someone with serious power to trick a Jedi. So yeah safe to say that Granta Omega is terrifying. And he just got more terrifying as Obi-Wan finds Omega left something for them… a Sith artifact, shaped like a pyramid, that happens to holoproject unspeakable, horrifying things. He really doesn’t want to tell Anakin about it at first, afraid for how he would react to it, but he chooses to let Anakin in on it, finally coming to his own realization that he is not his master, and he needs to make his own decisions. YUS they’re finally starting to figure this out! Obviously, Omega don’t play… this guy, though not a Sith, is most definitely a threat.
Back on Coruscant, things get wrapped up pretty quickly, they get Wren some professional medical help, the hand the pyramid over to the Jedi Council, and Dane and Floria are heading off to find a new start in the foster system… or maybe not… probably not, let’s be honest these are two slippery kids, nice as they are �� Anakin really wanted to go after Omega as soon as they’d found the artifact and had been pretty bummed when Obi-Wan decided against it. But it doesn’t mean Obi-Wan’s given up, no sir. Because they’re going to grab some info at a familiar eatery. Didi and Astri have since moved on, now guess whose place it is? Dexter Jettster! Yay I love getting to see the progression of things that eventually lead us to Episode II! Obi-Wan and Dex aren’t yet on a hugging-level of friendship, or even perhaps what you could call a friendship, but the big guy still has no problem keeping an eye out for info on this dark dude, and getting them some juma juice �� Obi-Wan finally gives Anakin an official apology for not telling him stuff, explaining that he’d felt similarly as a padawan. He let him know that Anakin had helped him understand that he just needed be the best master he could be instead of trying to be Qui-Gon. And Anakin finally came to be at peace with his concerns with their relationship, whether he and Obi-Wan would have the same bond as he and Qui-Gon had had didn’t matter, what mattered is that he would be the best padawan he could be, and the bond would follow. And after all, they would become quite the dynamic duo in the end �� Awwz! Love happy endings!
Oh right… but in the shadows of the diner, a figure happens to be watching. That figure is Omega. And he means business. Much ominous, indeed.
And so it’s done after nearly five straight hours of work! But I think it turned out pretty well in the end, and I definitely cannot WAIT to continue this series, as well as all of Jude Watson’s incredible SW tales, and all the many SW books I want to read, period! Ahhh I love this series so muchhhh… uh sorry anyway, look forward to reading along with you next week!

Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

SW Summer Reads – Jedi Quest #1: The Way Of The Apprentice

Today we continue onward with my Star Wars Summer Reads series, in which I ramble on about some of the first SW books I ever read (not to mention some of the best SW books I’ve ever read period). This week I’m super happy to introduce to you the first official book of Jude Watson’s Jedi Quest series: The Way Of The Apprentice. I’d like to hope I’m not the only person who’s reading them and enjoys them as much as the films! So if you haven’t read it yet, go read it, perhaps reread it if it’s been a while, and then join me in my observations and discussions as we dive into The Way Of The Apprentice! And just your luck, I don’t have any good Star Wars reading puns on the top of my head at the moment… ��
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Jedi Quest #1: The Way Of The Apprentice, Jedi Quest: The Path To Truth, Episode II, Episode III, and TCW episode Deception (and the related episodes)

(Image credit:
The Way Of The Apprentice takes place a year or two after The Path To Truth, and our dear little Anakin’s fourteen now. The story opens up in about the most sentimental way everrr… in which Obi-Wan gives Anakin the best birthday gift ever: a river stone Qui-Gon had given Obi-Wan. Not only that, but it’s a stone that is a treasure to Obi-Wan. *Twilight wipes tears from her eyes* Anakin loves it dearly, and Obi-Wan recalls that he himself wasn’t that thrilled with it back when he’d first received it (Hard to believe right? Or is it just me?). And then we shift gears for a second as we see that Obi-Wan wants to give Anakin more than just this meaningful gift… he wants Anakin to have a friend. Now, as a seasoned TCW viewer, Anakin and Obi-Wan have always seemed so close that I often forget that there’s a ten-year age gap between them. In one particular series of episodes in TCW season 4, amidst Anakin’s assumption that Obi-Wan had been killed (when really it was all part of a complicated mission, if you recall), he referred to his former master as his “best friend”. And though neither of the duo ever really say it, you can’t not see that they’re truly like brothers (I suppose it’s worth bringing up that Obi-Wan referred to his former Padawan as his “brother” in Episode III; dang it, now I’m going to get all teary again!). Fact is, by the time I finally saw Episode II, I’d already caught up with at least one season of TCW. Remember when Anakin told Padme that “Obi-Wan is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a father” in Episode II? It took some time for their relationship to get from this father-son “thing” to a brotherly bond, and at this point, we’re still seeing them in a more father-son relationship. I can’t really make it clear just how much I love, in this series, watching Obi-Wan having to play the dad Anakin never had. The very fact he’s worried about Anakin having no friends his age is so much like what an actual parent would worry about, it’s scary. That, and as we see later, Obi-Wan finds himself comparing his Padawan to the others and his teaching to theirs. It’s not easy being a super-young Jedi Master; it’s even harder playing the role of a parent and a teacher at the same time. All the while having to watch your emotions. All the respect in the world to you, Master Kenobi!
So, the story’s official start takes us to the Coruscant underworld where we find Anakin doing a little after-hours junk hunting, looking for a new motivator for his latest droid project. The difference between us and Anakin is that, when we need stuff for our hobbies, crafting, and building projects, we go to Michael’s, or Wal-Mart, or RadioShack, while Anakin goes to dumps. But hey, Anakin spent the majority of his childhood doing that sort of thing, scrounging for droid parts and metal junk in pursuing his droid-making hobby. I love that we still see him doing it even as a Jedi Padawan! Anyway, I guess Anakin must enjoy, shall we say, the thrill of the chase, when it comes to buying and/or finding spare parts. It seems to help him get his mind off of his troubles and bring him back to a familiar place in his past. But is it really worth the risk? I guess so, but if I were him, I’d be going to RadioShack. Because seriously… did we mention the Manikons? Oh, and Anakin knew about that risk, what he didn’t see coming this particular evening was running into a certain acquaintance named Tru Veld.
Both Padawans wanted that motivator. Jedi are good at negotiating, buuuuuut they’re not exactly Jedi yet… so it could’ve gotten ugly. Enter the Manikons. Ah, nothing brings people together like a battle when you both have the same enemy and both have each other’s back! This is… one way to start a friendship; I don’t recommend it all the time, but in Star Wars, it’s never a problem. Anakin and Tru work well together in the long run, put up a good fight, and make it back to the Temple alive, with an agreement worked out and a better understanding of the other boy. Now, if Anakin can just get things on track with his future best friend/current Master… by the time they get back, Obi-Wan has some questions for them…
All that aside, the next day dawns with a new mission. And it’s a mission for the record books, from the looks of it as we get four POWER PAIRINGS of Masters and Padawans! I love that this book introduces such a nice number of newbies. I’ll chat more about the Jedi and Padawans in a bit. Their mission will send them to the planet Radnor to two cities, one desolated by a horrible toxin (That would be Aubendo) and the other in mortal fear of being desolated by said toxin (Better known as Tacto). Whoa, did this paragraph just get darker at the mention of this mission? Yup it did. This is kinda serious, you can tell.
So, I think it’d be worth taking a minute to get acquainted with the Padawans. You already know Anakin, but to break it down in my own words…
We have Tru Veld: Silver-skinned, silver-eyed Teevan. Super-flexible, looks mostly human, into mechanics like Anakin, very thoughtful. Padawan of Master Ry-Gaul, makes up second half of what I call TEAM GOLDEN (Called such because Ry-Gaul’s not much for talking, that and Tru is silver, so you can probably dig up my goofy puns easily). Also always has candy in his pocket ��
Next we have Darra Thel-Tanis: Blonde, brown-eyed human girl. Amiable, energetic, and the voice of reason in a sea of young men. Padawan of Soara Antana, makes up second half of TEAM TUFFSTUFF (Dumb name, I know, but it works considering the intensity and focus that Soara brings to the table and the spark of energy that Darra is).
Then there’s Ferus Olin: Blonde-streaked brown-haired human guy. A couple years older than the others, extremely skilled, extremely smart, and the most popular youngling in the Temple. Padawan of Siri, makes up second half of TEAM FLAT-OUT AWESOME (Named of course in the fact that Siri is flat-out awesome and everyone thinks Ferus is considered flat-out awesome by almost everyone. More on that later).
We got that out of the way? Good. Moving on! Btw, there’ll be a quiz at the end of the post. LOL JK not really; don’t panic…
So to try and make this blog shorter than the last one, in a nutshell, Radnoran scientists Galen and Curi are in charge, each of the opposite sectors, and they both have some problems they could use a Jedi’s helping hand in. And both of those problems end up separating the Masters from their Padawans in the opposite sectors with their communication cut off. So this is where the story really kicks into gear as we swap back and forth between the first half to the second half. The Masters find themselves on a hunt for the toxin’s cure and the Padawans set out to keep the peace. And both of their journeys take some unexpected detours. Before getting into that, let me brief you on the other three Masters…
First up we have Ry-Gaul: Wise, thoughtful, fairly quiet, easily gains respect. First half of TEAM GOLDEN (You get it now? Because silence is golden? OK I know when I’m not funny…)
Next, Soara Antara: Focused, tough, blunt, strong, and supremely epic with a lightsaber. Has a good heart under all that stoic-ness. First half of TEAM TUFFSTUFF.
Then there’s the ever-awesome Siri: Short blonde hair, blue-eyed. Agile, a leader, quick-witted, not as much of a by-the-book Jedi as she used to be, excellent pilot, apparently a marvelous actor (You remember her from The Path To Truth, right?). First half of TEAM FLAT-OUT AWESOME (And she truly puts the “flat-out awesome” in TEAM FLAT-OUT AWESOME).
So then, while the Jedi continue their “walk toward death” (Dang, that’s a pretty extreme way to end a chapter, Ms. Watson, especially considering none of them die…) and find themselves questioning whether the toxin was truly an accident, the Padawans found themselves in a nest of raiders. Which leads from one thing to the next, and soon, the Padawans too start to wonder the same as their Masters. But perhaps the youth could work better together if it weren’t for the all-too-obvious friction between Anakin and Ferus. At their first battle earlier, Ferus acted like he had everything under control and no one else did — and that did not sit well with Anakin. And since then, Anakin hasn’t been overly fond of the “It” Padawan at. all. It doesn’t help that generally Tru and Darra are cool with whatever Ferus thinks, making Anakin somewhat of an outsider. Ferus seems to, despite being known for his overall awesome attitude, have trouble not being a jerk. It’s hard to say whether Ferus really is a snob or if Anakin’s just not enjoying being looked down on by him. Even if young Olin is somewhat likeable, I don’t see much admirable about him despite he’s calm, cool, and smart; you could say that it’s just Anakin’s point of view that makes it difficult to like him, but IDK… I’m very interested to see how this rivalry between the two will unfold as the series progresses, which will hopefully expose Ferus’ true colors (of course, he might be genuine and I’ll feel like a total idiot for assuming bad of him, but I don’t think it’s all that likely). Thankfully, it’s Anakin’s growing friendship with Tru that helps keep him level-headed. I love how the two think so much alike they literally finish each other’s sentences and thoughts. Plus, Tru seems to be really good at smoothing out Anakin’s frustration with Ferus, even if those two never really become friends. Tru’s just awesome. It’s as simple as that ��
On the other side, the Jedi keep uncovering more and more proof that the toxin is a cover of sorts for an invasion. And it naturally leads to some near misses. For example: Obi-Wan and Siri’s near escape from an Avoni ship loaded with prototype battle droids. Never a dull moment, am I right? And then the discovery that the toxin died off, and then… the unearthing of betrayal… (Watch that Galen, people)
Which is exactly why the Padawans are the next ones to come to action (after, of course, Anakin and Ferus stop arguing for the moment).
Also, before we get on with the thrilling climax and the conclusion, I just have to make note of this quote from Siri. It’s awesome.
“When do I ever seem worried? I just hide it better than you, that’s all.” – Siri, to Obi-Wan. Remember how I referenced a similar TCW line in the last post? One that Obi-Wan said in Blue Shadow Virus?? Heh heh… and he was the one commenting on why she didn’t seem worried about their plan! Sorry guys that was just too awesome not to bring up �� And even further into their conversation, it’s interesting to reveal that Siri has just the same concerns for her oh-so-perfect Ferus as Obi-Wan has for Anakin. While I’m interested in seeing what continues to happen with Anakin and Ferus, I very much look forward to also seeing more out of the fantastic duo that is Obi-Wan and Siri.
Anddddd then there was a MTT above the Masters’ heads… uh-oh.
I won’t bore you with all the mundane details of how the Jedi nearly got killed, trapped in a canyon, and almost were rampaged by a new dangerous variety of battle droids. OK, I’m kidding it so wasn’t mundane, but I don’t want to spoil it all in case you haven’t read The Way Of The Apprentice in a while. And you know, Anakin and Tru snuck aboard a MTT in an attempt to rescue their Masters. And how finally, for just that minute, young Skywalker and young Olin agreed on something! (Btw, Happy Anakin And Ferus Actually Agreed Day! �� ) And while working together with Tru, Anakin gained a deeper understanding of fighting together instead of fighting for oneself (CONGRATS! Give the boy a big ol’ slice of humble pie!).
Oh, and the Padawans saved their Masters in spectacular fashion. That too. Anakin and Tru broke through solid rock in that MTT! I kid you not!
And thus, the invasion failed, Galen got busted, got a few choice words from Curi, and Radnor now has a chance. And when I say Galen got some “choice words”, I mean some real CHOICE. WORDS. Curi accused him of nothing but the truth, and it had to hurt like crazy, but it was true. Obi-Wan really summed it up for our little traitor friend;
“Your planet is in ruins. Your family is destroyed. Thousands are dead. And still you blame others. You have not learned anything.” Remember what Siri said in the last book about Obi-Wan always saying the truth when you least wanted to hear it? So Galen didn’t learn anything, but did Anakin? Yes… mostly, from what we see, it was more of Tru than it was Ferus who taught him the “working together” thing. So Anakin did learn something right? Leave it to Ferus to yet again play Mr. Perfect. He accused Anakin of lying, among saying some other harsh-sounding things! Now, I know that really and truly Anakin wasn’t entirely right, I mean, we know where Anakin ends up in another twenty years, but Ferus… he wasn’t entirely right either! I honestly am pretty mad at him; I get Anakin in this situation. But I have to remember that neither side is all right or all wrong. I don’t know where these stories will go (especially considering that the second Jedi Quest book at my library should’ve been returned years ago and I won’t be able to read it unless I get a copy from another library), but I wholeheartedly look forward to where they take me. The Way Of The Apprentice is a great, five-star book that continues to fill us in on this lesser-known SW era.
So, until next week, when we’ll crack open another SW Summer Read!
Keep The Peace,
– Twilight

SW Summer Reads – Jedi Quest: The Path To Truth

If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a blog in a while… I suppose you can blame it on all these crazy SW-related happenings happening on a day-to-day basis. Between rewatching TCW episodes I haven’t seen in forever, finally seeing The Ewok Adventures movies, and all this crazy exciting new SW news in general (including a rumored Clone Wars Soundtrack… aw yeahhhh!), it’s been difficult to figure exactly what to blog about! And by the time I finally got to rereading the book I’m blogging about, writing notes about it, and getting all prepped to make a post, I just had to catch a cold! �� Sigh… such is life oftentimes, but now at last I’ve got my creativity regained (I usually lose some of it when I get the sniffles and have to wait until I’m well again to get it back; To make it clearer, I stink at writing and drawing when I’m sick) and everything ready to make a fantastic new blog!
So, to explain this new series of posts I’m calling Star Wars Summer Reads…
As a SW fan, I love reading SW stories. Love ’em. After I finally got acquainted with the Prequel Trilogy in 2020, I was excited to read some SW fiction for realsies, because after all, watching Episode I alone helped me understand and have a greater appreciation for the Originals. But well, there’s something rather intimidating about the section of Timothy Zahn novels at my library… I didn’t know where to begin! To me personally, I prefer SW stories that involve the characters I’m familiar with in timelines I’m familiar with, that mainly feature the good guys and keep them good guys (I’ll be honest, folks, there’s small chance I’ll ever read Dark Empire), and are legit Star Wars without being confusing (as I am still a Padawan SW fan). So I found the best place for me to start was in my library’s children’s section. Not saying I’ll never read the “grown-up” SW novels (especially considering that I really want to meet this Mara Jade I’ve heard so much about), but for now, this is where my comfort zone lies. Anyway, my library have two shelves of just their SW young readers’ fiction… and I just ate. it. up! That day, a few weeks past seeing Episode I, I grabbed ahold of Grievous Attacks (a novelization of TCW Season 1 episodes Rookies, The “Droid” 2-Parter, and Lair of Grievous) and Jedi Quest: The Path To Truth. Since then, I have enjoyed three particular series: Jude Watson’s Jedi Quest, Paul and Hollace Davids’ Jedi Prince, and Ryder Windham’s The Clone Wars: Secret Missions. I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a Closer Look and my thoughts on each series’ first book. So now if you haven’t read them, you can read them and then read the following blogs and enjoy my random ramblings and spazzings on each. I’ll eventually get to the other chapters in each series, but until then, you can enjoy the ride! I’m writing a Closer Look on each of these books in chronological order of its happening in the SW galaxy, so it makes sense to start off with the series that meets in between Episodes I and II. Now, making the jump to LIGHT READ!
Ugh that was terrible… I’m sorry… (HyperCollinsSpace?) AGAIN. I’m SORRY. I’ve got too many SW reading puns… just you wait until Star Wars Reads Day! If you’re not annoyed now, you will be… ��
Grievous Attacks was the first SW book I ever read, (I hadn’t really seen much of TCW at the time but I knew enough to feel comfortable reading it) but as for Jedi Quest… that was the first SW fiction I ever read! Rereading this past week has been fun, especially considering I barely remembered what happened in it. Bottom line, when I first read Jedi Quest, it was right around a difficult couple of days in my life and I barely remembered the book itself. Plus, it’s been over two years, so it was overdue for a reread anywayz.
NOTE: Contains spoilers from Episode I, Episode II, Jedi Quest: The Path To Truth, and various TCW Episodes Blue Shadow Virus, Deception, The Gathering (and the episodes that follow), Revenge, and The Lawless.

Rattus Verus – Divinity Original Sin 2

Rattus Verus

Rattus Verus is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Rattus Verus information

  • Requires the Pet Pal talent
  • ??

Rattus Verus location

  • Rattus Verus first appears through the 2nd ethereal blue doorway to the east of the entrance to the Gargoyles Maze. (X: 564, Y:117)

Notes and Tips

  • If you use a shocking spell(use armor of frost if you want to make sure the rat survive) on her she will thank you, but that doesn’t seem to do anything else and you gain no xp. However by using the Bless skill you can cure its curse.
  • ??

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29 Mar 2020 00:22

I believe that you kill the rat so that you can create a pool of blood.Then you teleport the Historian in there and Bless him.At least thats what i did.

25 Sep 2020 19:15

so does peace of mind. which seemed like the exact spell to use when poor rattus’ mind was so unpeaceful

10 May 2020 21:45

Apparently the hunstman skill first aid also lifts Verus´ curse. Just tried it out. Didnt give me sth tho. Rat is able to lie again LUL

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws Of Hakkon – FAQ/Walkthrough

PlayStation 4

FAQ/Walkthrough by chris-williams

Updated: 01/17/2020
Highest Rated FAQ

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Table of Contents


Jaws Of Hakkon is the first expansion for Dragon Age Inquisition and provides more of the same: a large area full of things to do, shards, astrariums, landmarks, crafting, war table missions, etc. Oh, and there’s a big quest as well that has you discovering the fate of your predecessor, Inquisitor Ameridan, who came to the Frostback Basin 800 years ago on the trail of a powerful dragon. Although you can start the expansion any time after you reach Skyhold, be aware that the minimum suggested level is 20 which is advice that you should take seriously. This means that you will be doing it towards the very end of the game or even afterwards. The enemy level in the expansion scales to your inquisitor level which means that you won’t ever be earning 0 XP from combat. For reference, my inquisitor went from level 24 to level 27 during the playthrough.

If you are going for the ‘Inquisitor’ trophy, be aware that the challenge of the expansion on Nightmare difficulty is a lot higher than in the main game so take care that you don’t find yourself forced to reduce the difficulty to proceed. Certainly make a hard save before embarking on ‘Ameridan’s End’ since that mission has something of a difficulty spike and you can’t leave it until you finish it. That said, Jaws Of Hakkon is perfectly manageable on Nightmare – I did it and I’m no power gamer.

The Frostback Basin has some areas where the random encounter rate borders on harassment. Near waterways, you’ll find gurguts while practically everywhere you’ll be annoyed by packs of poison spiders who attack in groups of six-or-so. You’ll also be harassed by the odd lurker or two and bogfishers will turn hostile if there’s any aggro around them. Despite their numbers, these enemies shouldn’t cause problems even at high difficulties. Not so the groups of Hakkonite soldiers, who at higher difficulties can easily cause a full party wipe. Apart from having scads of hitpoints, the weapons of these ne’er-do-wells apply a stacking debuff called ‘Hakkon’s Wrath’ that causes the damage you take to rise exponentially which means you can drop to 0 guard to dead in two hits. While this debuff can be dispelled, the Hakkonites require you to apply a different strategy where crowd control is more important than DPS. Most of the troop types are subject to fear so horror and war horn are very useful. A jar of bees (and wasps) can remove two opponents from the fight while inflicting damage over time. They are also subject to sleep attacks so upgraded full draw and knockout powder can help avoid your tank being overwhelmed. Confusion grenades can gain you very tough allies. Remember also that certain abilities can remove debuffs – upgraded stealth, for example, or payback strike. When fighting, prioritize archers and spellbinders. Try to prevent bruisers from getting within melee range by using fear / sleep since you don’t want them rampaging. Warriors and defenders are still a major threat but less so than their chums – crowd control them until you’re ready to deal with them. Spies are immune to fear and sleep and use stealth. Your best bet with them is to suck up a backstab and then knock them down. Be aware that sometimes you’ll be fighting grunts with boss levels of HP; if so, don’t concentrate on taking out the spellbinder with 50000 HP when there are three archers with 17000 HP attacking you at the same time.

For your crafting needs, you’ll find Everite and Silverite everywhere. You’ll be able to get loads of tier 3 leather out of the gurguts and bogfishers. You can also hunt down the harmless tuskets for their hide (you fiend!) which has the useful property of removing class restrictions on armour, but they have a drop rate of less than 50%. You should be able to obtain a decent amount of tier 3 Avvar Cotton from the Hakkonite enemies. Jaws of Hakkon also expands the range of tier 4 crafting materials – see the ‘Upgrade Materials’ at the end of the guide. As for herbs, you’ll find Elfroot, Spindleweed, Embrium, Arbor Blessing and more Felandris than you’ll ever need.

The convention in this guide is that ALL CAPS text refers to something unique to the expansion, be it a codex entry, a mission or a unique item. There are four trophies to be unlocked; I haven’t called them out specifically but do mention them at the point in the questlines when you can acquire them. The main quest is given first, but you’ll likely to be doing the secondary quests in parallel. There’s a lot to see and do in the Frostback Basin so have fun!

Starting the Expansion

You must have reached Skyhold before starting this expansion. After download, a war room mission ‘Investigate Frostback Basin’ becomes available. The marker is located in the lower left corner of the Ferelden side of the map, costs 8 power to activate and opens up the Frostback Basin area. When you arrive, you will speak with Scout Harding and Professor Bram Kenric who tells you that he’s found the resting place of the last inquisitor, who lived 800 years before the present. The History Knowledge inquisition perk gives you a non-ignorant response option: “I studied Inquisitor Ameridan”. Harding warns you of the Jaws Of Hakkon, a hostile faction of Avvar barbarians who inhabit the area. The following quests are unlocked immediately: THE BASIN BECKONS, LEAD THE CHARGE, AVVAR ALLIES, RIFT IN THE FLOOR and HOLDING FROSTBACK BASIN.

The Main Quest

The Basin Beckons

Exit Basin Floor Camp to the south to reach the Research Outpost. Pick up A NEATLY PENNED NOTE from a box on the left and A BAFFLED NOTE from a box by the stairs. Go past the tents to find A LETTER TO HARDING on the ground. Now go up the stairs into the house to speak to Professor Kenric. At the top of the stairs you’ll find PROPERTY OF COLETTE. Inside the house you’ll find INQUISITOR AMERIDAN on the bed and QUESTIONS OF ACCURACY on the desk by the bookcase. Talk to Kenric who tells you about an island to the south and tells you to talk to his assistant Colette, opening up the quests WHAT YET LINGERS and WORTHY OF PUBLICATION.

What Yet Lingers

Head south from Swampside Camp. You’ll soon arrive at a hut with a fast travel marker where you’ll be attacked by a Hakkonite warrior and a bowman. Take out the archer first. When they’re defeated open the sack on top of the hut for some common loot. Inside the second hut you’ll find a chest with some rare loot. Now talk to Fisherman Arvid and ask to borrow a boat. He tells you to ask Svarah Sun-Hair’s permission. You need to speak to her for the ‘Avvar Allies’ sub-quest as well. See AVVAR ALLIES for more information.

When permission has been granted, return to the fisherman’s hut by fast travel. Speak to Linna to open up the UP AND AWAY quest. Before heading to the island, you may want to equip cold resistance tonics for an optional encounter. When you’re ready, speak to Arvid and take the boat to The Lady’s Rest. At the landing site read LETTER FOUND NEAR MANY CORPSES and loot the chest. Head right to the very top of a spit on the northern half of the island to claim the Stone Giants landmark. In the middle of the island is a ruined hut with a partly closed fade rift. Interact with it to have a lengthy conversation with a spirit who fills in some backstory on Ameridan. Inside the hut read UNFALLEN SHACK. You’ll see a skeleton on a bedroll. Loot it for the HEARTSTRING BOW, AMERIDAN’S ORDERS and the AEGIS OF THE RIFT Inquisitor ability which allows you to summon a dome that deflects enemy projectiles. On the way back to the boat, you’ll find that those Hakkonite rascals have prepared an ambush. You’ll find five bowmen, a defender and a spellbinder. Hopefully, you’ve got some bees left to panic the archers. Horror is also good for taking enemies out of the fight while you concentrate on silencing the spellbinder to prevent him from buffing his allies. The defender is more of a damage sponge than a threat so you can leave him until last – remember the archers can shred your party in seconds. When they’re defeated you can leave the island. Speak with Kenric back at the Research Outpost for 18274 XP and the next part of the quest. A side quest, BEASTS AT BAY, can now be initiated.

On Ameridan’s Trail

Fast travel to Ridgeline Camp. The quest marker is a short way north. One of the fade-touched beasts related to ‘A Father’s Name’ can be found nearby as well. When you arrive at the quest marker, it will move to the northwest of the map, near Canyon Camp. Head into the opening marked on your map by the cave mouth symbol to enter the Old Drains. Continue up the steps until you emerge into The Overgrown Courtyard. Alternatively, the walkways of Canyon Camp connect to another wooden pathway heading up which takes you to the same area. This allows you to avoid the bothersome random encounters in the river. At the top of the stairs past the Razikale’s Reach landmark are a Hakkonite bruiser and four Hakkonite bowmen. They will shortly be joined by two Hakkonite defenders and two more bowmen. Once the slaughter is complete, head further up the stairs for a battle with an extremely tough Hakkonite champion, two defenders and two bowmen. For all his toughness, the champion can be controlled with fear. Nevertheless, don’t hold back – now is a good time to use focus abilities. Loot the champion for AVVAR TWILL, and an AVVAR WAR MAUL. Head to the southeast of the area where you fought the champion to find a TEVINTER INSCRIPTION. By the campfire in the main courtyard is a bench where you need to wait. Kenric and Harding will arrive; they cannot be spoken to but the doors at the top of the stairs that were previously locked open.

Through the doors you will find an optional puzzle. You have three rows of pressure plates with a switch above them like this:


The switch is there so that you can reset the puzzle if you mess up. In front of the two doors are patterns that you have to reproduce to unlock them – you have to light up only the centre plate for the right hand door while the left requires all the outer plates to be lit. For the right hand door, activate the plates in this order:

X 3 X
4 5 2
X 1 X

This reveals a chest containing tier 4 crafting materials and the REFINED BATTLEMAGE MAIL schematic. Examine the statue to the right for TEVINTER CARVING.

The other requires a rather more complex sequence:

8 3 7
4 5,10 2
9 1 6

This reveals a chest with HAKKON’S MERCY.

Now head up the stairs on the left behind the puzzle switch. You’ll find a barrier that cannot be dispelled through standard means. Turn around and walk along the impromptu bridging formed by the planks onto the battlements. A short way ahead you’ll find a veilfire brazier. Light a torch, return to the barrier and you can now dispel it. Press on for a cutscene and then explore the chamber for more clues. Light a veilfire torch and you’ll be able to examine two sets of marks on the walls. Note that a dragon switch (you may already have noticed these dotted around the landscape) becomes live. Return to the battlements where you’ll find a switch approximately half-way round. This allows you to begin activating the trail markers that you need to complete the quest.

Return to the doorway previously blocked by a barrier; opposite it are stairs up to the first marker. Now return to the Old Courtyard where you’ll find the next one. Then just follow the trail markers one-by-one. The third, next to the ruined hut, has a Hakkonite camp nearby. The fourth, located on the Rockspit, has a camp site nearby with MYSTERIES OF THE FROSTBACK BASIN. The next marker is guarded by four Hakkonite bowmen. Follow the Cliffside Path to the next. For the next, you’ll have to follow the path from Stone-Bear Hold to the Tevinter ruin in the Frozen Gate region. The next is a short distance away up on a crag. For the final one, near the Frozen Gate, you have a whole bunch of Hakkonite ne’er-do-wells to take out first: two defenders, a warrior and two spellbinders. Activate the final switch to complete the quest and open up the next part.

Ameridan’s End

To continue with the main quest you must also have completed ‘Storvacker Caged’. Make a hard save since you can’t quit this mission once you start it. Ensure that potions are fully stocked up and then travel to Stone-Bear Hold to speak with Svarah. This will make it nighttime in Frostback Basin and initiate the assault on the fortress. An elite Hakkonite bruiser will drop down from the walls. Go through the gates to face three Hakkonite bowmen and a spellbinder. Past them are four Hakkonite spies. A Hakkonite champion may burst out of a gate to the right of the path if you get close. As you descend the hill, be wary of the winter shards, objects that freeze anything nearby. They are best destroyed from a distance. Go through the doorway and fight four Hakkonite bowmen and a bruiser. After them you’re clear to enter the Old Temple.

When inside the temple, look out for winter shards to destroy and braziers to light since these unlock the ‘Firestarter’ trophy. The temple has an effect where your warmth is rapidly sapped at which point the active character starts taking damage. To prevent this you need to warm yourself by a brazier. Inside the entrance is a supply cache and a brazier. Head left where your mage can energize an equip potions table and a veilfire torch. You may want to equip a cold resistance tonic on your main character. There is also a brazier to light. Read PAGES NEAR AN OLD CAMPFIRE. Further along is another brazier and two chests, one with rare loot, the other with common. Light a veilfire torch, return to the main hall and head down the stairs. Take the doorway to the right which leads to a brazier, a key (which can be found using your sonar) and two common loot containers. Examine the structure at the end to find a veilfire rune which gives you the HAKKON’S WISDOM SCHEMATIC.

Head back out and destroy the winter shard. There’s an already lit brazier further along. Climb the rubble to the right and head through the doorway to find a brazier to light, three loot containers and a veilfire rune which gives you the HAKKON’S WRATH SCHEMATIC. Head back down the rubble and open the door to the north, beyond which is a brazier to light and five loot containers. Read the JOURNAL OF GURD HAROFSEN. Head down the stairs, destroy the shard and fight a Hakkonite bruiser and two defenders. Two bowmen and a spellbinder will join them. In the area that contained the bowmen you can read more from the JOURNAL OF GURD HAROFSEN and examine a veilfire rune which gives you the HAKKON’S HONOR SCHEMATIC. Behind the locked door is a brazier to light, two loot containers and a veilfire rune which gives you the HAKKON’S MERCY schematic.

Head further down into the temple destroying a shard on the way. There are three Hakkonite spellbinders and a bruiser guarding the final chamber. When the fighting’s done, you’ll find a brazier to light, a loot container and a veilfire rune which gives you the HAKKON’S VALOR SCHEMATIC. Just before the ritual chamber is a supply cache. Inside the chamber you will have to battle two Hakkonite bruisers and four spellbinders, although the spellbinders won’t initially attack. When they’re down the boss battle will begin. Harofsen transforms into a powerful revenant. He has a special attack whereby he targets a character, warps to them, freezes them and starts walloping them. When he loses significant chunks of his health he will destroy a brazier and summon help. In the first instance this will be three corpse archers and two Hakkonite warriors, then two bruisers. Killing Harofsen will end the battle – any summoned enemies still alive will die at the same time. After Harofsen’s demise you will have a revealing conversation with Ameridan himself, giving you the ‘Historian’ trophy.

When all is done, you can loot Harofsen’s body. There’s an update to his journal, AVVAR TWILL and an AVVAR WAR-MAUL. Up the steps is a chest containing a rather ugly suit of armour specific to the class of your inquisitor: ARMOR/PLATE MAIL/VESTMENTS OF THE DRAGON HUNTER. There’s a shortcut to the Frostback basin at the back of the ritual chamber. When you emerge, there’ll be a chest to loot. Outside, there’ll be a floating memory that you can capture, starting the WHERE ONCE WE WALKED quest.

Where Once We Walked

After you leave the Old Temple, you’ll emerge in Nigel’s Point. There will be a chest with common loot. Outside you’ll see a floating memory you can absorb which gives you +5 Constitution. To complete the quest you need to locate and absorb four more memories. From Basin Floor Camp, head to the extreme southwest point of the map where the world exit is. The memory here gives +5 Dexterity. Head into the cave by River Camp where the memory gives +5 Strength. Next head to the rear of Razikale’s Reach where the memory gives +5 Cunning. Finally, head to Lady’s Rest where the memory grants +5 Willpower.

Hakkon Wintersbreath

Talk to Kenric in the Research Outpost to obtain a war table mission. Then gear up for an ice dragon battle and head to the quest marker near the lake shore. There will be six Frosted Gibbering Horrors to battle, which aren’t particularly tough. The boss itself is 25th level with 359159 HP; somewhat tougher than the Highland Ravager but easier to battle because he doesn’t have a cheap ability that gives him a full guard bar. Otherwise, it’s the usual dragon stuff – fight a bit, fly around using his breath weapon for a bit, fight a bit more. When he’s damaged badly, he’ll fly off, summoning six more Frosted Gibbering Horrors. After they’re defeated, you need to chase him up to where he’s fled to. You can hit him with ranged weapons but you can’t get up to his perch. He’ll do a stunning screech, summon six more horrors, breathe and then finally come back down to ground level so you can kill him. After the dragon is defeated you’ll have a chat with Scout Harding and earn your reward: 2650 XP, 3000 influence, 4 power and the ‘Winter’s End’ trophy. Loot the dragon’s corpse for 14 ICE DRAGON HIDE, 22 ICE DRAGON BONE, HAKKON’S WISDOM, MASTER BELT OF TONICS and MASTER COOLDOWN AMULET. Finally, you can head to Stone-Bear Hold to complete ‘Guests of the Hold’.


Lead The Charge

The quest marker is on the way to the western rift of the ‘Rifts Along The River’ pair. You’ll probably encounter a group of Hakkonites along the way. When you reach the quest marker you’ll find an inquisition camp under attack from two Hakkonite archers and a bruiser. When they’re defeated you can find a chest in the camp with a DHAL VALLASAN bow. Speak to Lieutenant Farrow to complete the quest, giving 1269 XP and 150 influence. This also opens up the JAWBREAKER quest and provides a fast travel point.


This quest involves clearing three Hakkonite camps located along the river. After clearing the third camp return to Lieutenant Farrow for 5263 XP, 600 influence and 2 power.

Avvar Allies

This is the start of the secondary quest of the expansion. You need to gain points of approval with the Avvarites. There are seven related sub-quests that can grant approval with five points required. Gaining the necessary approval will eventually unlock the ‘Legend-Marked’ trophy. For the moment head for the quest marker on the far east of the map; this will add Stone-Bear Hold to your map and give you a fast travel marker. Once there, watch the climbing contest and then go find the Avvar leader, Svarah Sun-Hair, who can be found in a cave in the main village. Read THANE SVARAH SUN-HAIR and then talk to her. You can “investigate” for background information on the Avvar. When you stop talking, the quest is completed and GUESTS OF THE HOLD is opened up. You can ask for help in fighting the Hakkonites. To gain assistance you need to find their hold-beast, Storvacker, opening up the quest STORVACKER CAGED. You can also ask about using the boat to advance WHAT YET LINGERS.

Take the opportunity to explore the settlement. Starting from the Lakeside Road end of the settlement, there is barrel behind the first house. Nearby is a merchant’s building. Examine the table where food is being prepared for ON AVVAR CUISINE and read SKETCHES FOUND IN A MEAT SHOP nailed to a post. The merchant sells some herbs and crafting supplies. Head up the hill. The first house on the left belongs to the merchant Trader Helsdim who sells upgrades for Skyhold. If you encountered a bug in the main game with the thrones collection and have 20/21, buying the Avvar throne will “complete” the collection for 200 influence. Climb up the ladder next to the house for a common loot sack. Go a little further up the hill to find the house of the Augur. If you have spoken to Sigrid the Exile, this will advance IN EXILE.

Head back down into the main settlement. Cross the bridge near the fast travel marker and speak to Skald Fullna for more background information. Go back up and head up the hill. Talk to the Master of the Hunt to advance the STORVACKER CAGED quest. Go into the house next to him and examine the table for THE NAMING OF STONE-BEAR HOLD. You can talk to Finn who is part of a quest that hasn’t opened up at this point. Head further up the hill to claim the In Fear of Hryngnar landmark. Talk to Trainer Arrken to open up the HAKKON’S TRIALS sub quest.

Head back to the centre of the village and take the middle path up. At the top you’ll find weapon and armour crafting stations. Enter the house to find the weapon and schematic merchant. Now head down the hill and speak to Gyda Myrdoten to open up A FATHER’S NAME.

Guests Of The Hold

This quest involves doing a number of sidequests and / or war table missions to gain approval with the Avvar. When both the necessary approval has been gained and Hakkon Wintersbreath has been defeated, you can complete the quest for 10526 XP, 2000 influence, 3 power and a trophy. Before you leave, “examine” Storvacker to be invited to judge her. One of the judgment options is to recruit her as an agent (forces) which unlocks a war table mission, TOO GRIZZLY TO BEAR.

In Exile

Near Ridgeline Camp is a hut. Speak to Sigrid to begin the quest. To continue it, you need to talk to the Augur in Stone-Bear Hold. You discover that Sigrid failed to complete a ritual as part of her training to be an augur herself. Head south out of Stone-Bear hold along Lakeside Road. When you reach the quest marker, drop down to the beach below and use your sonar to find four clues. Return to Sigrid’s hut and talk to her. Following the conversation, you can resolve the quest in two ways: have her confess to the augur or recruit her as an agent (connections). The former option grants more XP while the latter unlocks the war table mission A CULTURED EXCHANGE. Both grant +1 approval with the Avvar.

Storvacker Caged

In Stone-Bear Hold, talk to the Master Of The Hunt to update the quest marker. When you go to the place marked in Swamp Kulsdotten, you will get an updated location in a nearby cave. Enter and you’ll find an area called The Abandoned Prison where you will have to fight a Hakkonite bruiser, two bowmen and a spy. They will be joined shortly after by a warrior and a defender coming up from behind you. When the fighting is done, there’s a cell with a pickable lock with a common loot container and another cell with a MYSTERIES OF THE FROSTBACK BASIN entry. To the left and right of the area are pickable doors that open up to reveal chests with unique items. The chest to the left contains the SCEPTER OF RAZIKALE while the one to the right contains the MASTER BELT OF GRENADES. When you’re done looting, pull the lever to open Storvacker’s cage. Lead her out of the cave and get ready because you’ll be fighting three Hakkonite warriors, two defenders and a bruiser. Now you can report back to Svarah for loads of revelations and a promise of help.

It Remains To Be Seen

When you reach the area where Storvacker is being held, be on the look out for “artifacts” that can be “recovered”. I found my first one in a tree a short distance south of the Abandoned Jail cave mouth icon. It’s a skull in some sort of cage. There are five in total to recover and they are kinda hard to spot since they don’t show up on your radar. Make the quest active and use the swirly purple area on your map as a reference. The co-ordinates I’ll give will be compass points and distance from the centre where 1.0 is the edge of the area. First is 0.5 south hanging under a tree trunk. The next is 0.2 east hanging from a thorny branch. The next is 0.3 north hanging from another thorny branch. Finally, head up a hill to 1.0 northeast where you will find a trunk that you can walk along to pick up the final skull. Now you need to go back to Stone-Bear Hold and talk to the Augur. Light a veilfire torch and head to where Gyrda works. Here you can examine three runes for THE DEATH, THE MOURNING and THE RETURN. Talk to the Augur one more time to earn 5263 XP, 600 influence, 2 power and 1 point of approval with the Avvar.

Hakkon’s Trials

Talk to Trainer Arrken in Stone-Bear Hold. Before you can take the trial, you need to craft an Offering for the Arena at a requisition table using two silverite and two everite. Return to Arrken and choose to fight. Go a short distance back down the hill and then along the wooden walkway to find the arena gates. Your opponents are as tough as the Hakkonite enemies you’ve been facing but lack the insta-kill debuff. The first round is against four Avvar warriors and two bowmen. The second is against one Avvar warrior, two defenders and two bowmen. The final round is against two Avvar defenders, two bowmen and two very tough champions. Talk to the trainer one last time to complete the quest and earn 5263 XP, 600 influence, 2 power and 1 point of approval with the Avvar.

A Father’s Name

After speaking to Gerda go and speak with the Master of the Hunt who tells you to find three fade-touched creatures and bring their hides as offering. After you kill the target enemies be sure to look for nearby bodies to loot – you get some really good unique items. The Fade-Touched Gurgut can be found near the Blood-Stained Shrine northeast of Swampside Camp. The Fade-Touched Lurker can be found in the extreme west of the map accompanied by four normal lurkers. The Fade-Touched spider is found in the river in the northwest of the map past Ridgeline Camp accompanied by a whole bunch of poison / giant spiders. When it’s taken a certain amount of damage, it will become untargetable and retreat, while more giant spiders arrive. Kill them and follow the Fade-Touched Spider into an opening in the canyon wall where it will be joined by a couple more poison spiders. Now you can kill it once and for all.

When all creatures are defeated, you can turn the quest in either to Finn (for a warm, fuzzy feeling) or the Huntmaster for 1 point of approval with the Avvar. Finally speak to Gerda again to complete the quest, earning 5263 XP, 600 influence and 2 power.

Up and Away

This quest is obtained by speaking to Linna near the fisherman’s hut. Head up the hill to the quest marker and use your sonar to find a clue. Head for the quest marker in Swamp Kulsdotten for the next clue. Do this twice more to find Runa battling a (rather underleveled) Gurgut. Speak to her after the fight and accept the offer to be included in her prayer. Listen to her prayer and you’ll be granted +1 to your primary attribute along with the usual rewards: 5263 XP, 600 influence, 2 power and 1 point of approval with the Avvar.

They Came From Somewhere Else

As you travel around the Frostback Basin you may come across MYSTERIES OF THE FROSTBACK BASIN codex entries: on a broken bridge northwest of Swampside Camp, on the Rockspit near the Trail Marker, in the Abandoned Prison and in the Tevinter Ruin west of the Frozen Gate. When you have all four, talk to Trader Helsdim in Stone-Bear Hold (he’s the merchant near the Augur who sells Skyhold upgrades) for the Book-Binding recipe which you can build at a requisition table, requiring one nugskin as well as the papers. Return to Helsdim for 100 influence, 2 power and 1 point of approval with the Avvar. You can also recruit him as an agent (secrets).

Worthy Of Publication

The quest marker is a short distance from Swampside Camp. When you arrive, you’ll see Colette under attack from three lurkers who shouldn’t cause too many problems. Talk to Colette to learn about the Tevinter ruin she’s been investigating. Agree to meet her there to update the quest. You can get to the ruin from Cliffside Camp – the walkways connect to high ground at the back and you can then follow the path to the quest marker. Explore the ruin known as Nigel’s Point before meeting up with Colette. Near the stairs down there is a black statue that can be examined for a TEVINTER INSCRIPTION. Go up the stairs to the battlements and leap over some gaps to find a ladder at the top of which is a chest with some common loot. Now go down the stairs. On the ground near to Colette is COLETTE’S NOTES while next to her is THE HUNT OF THE FELL WOLF. Talk to Colette to complete the quest and unlock the war table operation AN APPEAL TO THE SHAPERATE.

The Loss Of A Friend

This quest is assigned by Scout Harding back in Basin Floor Camp after completing Lead The Charge. The quest marker is located some distance to the west of River Camp. Near the marker, you’ll find an old campfire with some corpses and GRANDIN’S ORDERS. Follow Grandin’s “trail of carnage” to a cave southwest of Ridgeline Camp. Speak to Grandin to gain 150 influence and make a choice. The “You can leave, spirit” option does not resolve the quest but may affect companion approval. Choosing to fight unleashes an elite rage demon which drops a Master Fire Rune. Report back to Scout Harding in Basin Floor Camp for 1500XP and 150 influence.

The Mystery Of Winter

The quest unlocks when you find the locked door southwest of Canyon Camp, possibly when completing THE LOSS OF A FRIEND. You need twelve ocularium shards to open the door. Opening the door grants 177 XP, 80 influence and 1 power. Entering the chamber completes the quest and grants 1316 XP and 150 influence. On the left hand wall read some writing for GELDAURAN’S CLAIM. Finally, loot the sarcophagus for the ACCUSER’S STAFF, a Master Frost Rune, an Enhanced Belt of Cold Resistance and an Enhanced Ice Mine Ring. You also get +15% cold resistance, which is nice.

Beasts At Bay

Travel north from Basin Floor Camp and you’ll soon come to a clearing with tents. Read FROM THE JOURNAL OF HAVARD-PIERRE D’AMORTISAN and the TORN PAGE and then speak to d’Amortisan. You will have four lures to place at various points on the map. At the final location, you’ll meet d’Amortisan’s scribe, Dunwich, who will open up the next part of the quest.

The Nox Morta

After talking to Dunwich, head to the quest marker east of River Camp. There you’ll find a trap with a pair of gurguts to kill. Because of the insane encounter rates near the river, you’ll probably have a bunch of other enemies to deal with too. Examine the trap for evidence and return to d’Amortisan who gives you some bait. Head to the quest marker in Swamp Kulsdotten and place the bait. You will have to fight the Nox Morta. It’s a large bogfisher which means full guard and a lot of HP. It is accompanied by two normal bogfishers. Loot the fade-touched craggy skin from its body along with the HELM OF THE DRAGON HUNTER. A Qunari inquisitor will receive a vitar instead. Return to d’Amortisan to complete the quest and earn 5263 XP, 600 influence and 2 power.

Holding The Frostback Basin

There are six camps to be claimed in Frostback Basin. Claiming them all grants 200 INFLUENCE and 1 POWER. Cliffside Camp has a SOLDIER’S NOTE by the requisitions table. Ridgeline Camp has AMERIDAN AND THE MAGE on the requisition table and MESSAGES LEFT AT THE OUTPOST on the walkway near the Change Party horn. Canyon Camp has FROM A MAGE’S JOURNAL by the equip potions table and A GOOD MARRIAGE in the round hut.

Fade Rifts

There are a total of eight fade rifts to close. Each one grants 5263 XP, 600 influence and 2 power when closed along with some seriously high quality loot, consisting of tier 3 metals, a fade-touched tier 3 metal, a number of pure essences, VEIL QUARTZ and a unique magic item.

Rift In The Floor

The rift is located slightly to the west of Basin Floor Camp. The first wave consists of a fear demon and four wraiths. The second wave is a fear demon, three despair demons and two greater shades. After the rift is closed you can loot a SWIFT GREATAXE.

Rifts Along The River

The quest for these is unlocked after securing River Camp. The first rift is somewhat to the north of the camp, through the cave. The first wave consists of a pride demon, a despair demon and a wraith. The second wave consists of four pride demons. After the rift is closed you can loot the MASTER STAMINA AMULET.

The second rift is some distance to the west of River Camp past the Lead The Charge quest marker. The first wave consists of six greater shades. The second wave consists of five greater shades and a fear demon. After the rift is closed you can loot the BITTER AXE.

Rifts On The Bank

The quest for these is unlocked after securing Cliffside Camp. The first rift is located some distance south-southwest of the camp, near the exit of the River Camp cave. The first wave consists of two despair demons and one wraith. The second wave consists of three despair demons and two wraiths. After the rift is closed you can loot a SAVAGE THORN.

The second rift is located a short distance north-northwest of Cliffside Camp and can be seen in the distance from the walkways. The first wave consists of a pride demon, a despair demon and a wraith. The second wave consists of five greater shades and a fear demon. After the rift is closed you can loot the REFINED PROWLER MAIL schematic.

Rifts In The Basin

The quest for these is unlocked after securing Swampside Camp, although you’ll probably encounter the first rift before you get to the camp, assuming that you walk east from River Camp. The first rift is directly west from Swampside Camp. The first wave consists of three greater shades and a rage demon. The second wave consists of two fear demons and a rage demon. After the rift is closed you can loot the REFINED BATTLEMASTER MAIL schematic.

The second rift is located southeast of Swampside Camp. The first wave consists of a pride demon, a despair demon and a wraith. The second wave consists of four despair demons and two wraiths. After the rift is closed you can loot a second SWIFT GREATAXE.

The final rift is located in the Fortress Gates area in the far northeast of the map. Beware of Hakkonite mobs nearby. The first wave consists of six greater shades. The second wave consists of three fear demons and three rage demons. After the rift is closed you can loot a second SAVAGE THORN. From the battlements where you fight the demons, you can drop down to a platform with a campsite and a MYSTERIES OF THE FROSTBACK BASIN codex update.


Shards In Frostback Basin

There are three oculariums each revealing four shards for a total of twelve. The first ocularium is located north-northeast of Basin Floor Camp. The second is some distance southeast of Swampside Camp, visible from Lakeside Road as you head to the quest marker for AVVAR ALLIES. Next to it is a LEATHER-BOUND HAKKONITE JOURNAL. One of the shards, located on a broken bridge, is rather hard to reach; the solution is to go to the opposite end of the bridge and jump across the gaps. Since the gaps are at the limit of what you are able to jump across, this will likely take a few goes and is, in fact, rather annoying. Near the shard is a MYSTERIES OF THE FROSTBACK BASIN entry. The final ocularium is located on an outcrop a short way south-southeast of Ridgeline Camp near the hut of Sigrid The Exile. Collecting all 12 shards grants 500 influence.

Astrariums in Frostback Basin

The first astrarium is located a short way southeast of River Camp and unlocks the CONSTELLATION: VISUS codex entry. The second astrarium is located northwest of the inquisition camp from ‘Leading The Charge’, approximately halfway to Ridgeline Camp and unlocks the CONSTELLATION: FULMENOS codex entry. The final astrarium is located in the Fortress Gates area and unlocks CONSTELLATION: BELENAS. Looting the astrarium cave gives HAKKON’S HONOUR and the MASTERWORK JAGGED BATTLEAXE schematic.

Landmarks in Frostback Basin and Other Points of Interest

East-northeast from Basin Floor Camp is the Hryngnar’s Lair landmark. Here you’ll find the Ice Giant who is one seriously tough opponent. Cold resistance tonics will make his AOE ice attacks less lethal. He drops SILKEN NETHER CLOTH and HAKKON’S WRATH. Nearby you’ll find a corpse with more SILKEN NETHER CLOTH.

The cave by River Camp contains the Mouth Of Echoes landmark. Next to the landmark is A MEMORY SAVED. A short distance away on the floor is AT WHAT COST.

The Shattered Wall landmark is located close to the Astrarium that lies to the southeast of River Camp.

The Arboreal Fort landmark can be claimed on the walkways of Ridgeline Camp heading towards the East Bank.

Northwest of Swampside Camp near to where you rescue Colette is the Blood-Stained Shrine Landmark. Nearby, in a line northwest from Swampside Camp, is a clearing littered with skeletons where you can pick up some high quality loot including the KNIGHT’S HUNTING BLADE and the MASTERWORK GREY WARDEN SHIELD SCHEMATIC.

Following the high path at the back of Cliffside Camp will take you to the Nigel’s Point landmark. This is near to the quest marker for WORTHY OF PUBLICATION.

The Frozen Gate landmark is in the fortress gate region close to the final fade rift of ‘Rifts In The Basin’. You’ll have to climb up to the wooden bridge over the path.

The In Fear of Hryngnir landmark is in Stone-Bear Hold next to the trials arena.

The Stone Giants landmark is on a hilltop in the northern half of The Lady’s Rest. Northeast from here you can drop down to a sheltered cove. Read BALLAD OF THE MURDERER’S GOLD. Before you loot the treasure cache, have everyone drink a cold resistance tonic, since four level 30 despair demons are summoned. Assuming that you are high level (25 or so), cold resistance makes this fight easy, even on nightmare difficulty. Just use powerful abilities such as hidden blades, fire mine, bees, etc. and use spell purge / dispel to take down their barriers. Because of the location, the demons are not able to retreat and hit you from a distance making them easier still. When they’re defeated you can loot at your leisure – there’s around 1000 gold to be had.

The Razikale’s Reach landmark is located in the Old Courtyard area in the far northwest of the map. You come here during the ‘Ameridan’s Trail’ quest.

At the southwest point of the large island in the river you’ll find an upturned boat and a corpse with rare loot.

In the clearing in the west where you fight the Fade-Touched Lurker you can find some skeletons with high-quality loot. The first has the SKYWATCHER’S CLEAVER while the second has the MASTER BELT OF FOCUS. A third has some rare loot.

As you head along the river into the canyon, there is an opening where you fight the Fade-Touched Spider. Just inside is a corpse with the MASTERWORK ENCHANTER STAFF schematic. On the opposite wall is a corpse entangled in webs with the MASTER GUARD BELT. A short way along are two more corpses with valuables.

In the far northwest of the map is a hidden cache of tier 4 crafting materials. Starting from Razikale’s reach, head down to the waterfall where you will find yourself on a platform above the falls. You can jump down onto the flat area and find an ice dragon skull with 8 x ICE DRAGON BONE.

War Table Operations

Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold

This operation is unlocked if you recruited Skywatcher as an agent in the Fallow Mire. Either Josephine and Cullen can carry out this operation and both provide the same reward: 240 influence and 1 point of Avvar approval.

Send Relics of Tyrdda Bright-Axe

This is unlocked upon completing AVVAR ALLIES if you also did the ‘Locate Weapon of Tyrdda Bright-Ax’ operation in the main game. Either Josephine or Leliana can carry out this operation and both provide the same reward: 350 influence, THE JADE HAM and 1 point of Avvar approval.

An Appeal To The Shaperate

This operation is unlocked by completing WORTHY OF PUBLICATION. It can be fulfilled either with Josephine or Leliana. The reward is a Master Demon-Slaying Rune.

A Cultured Exchange

This is unlocked by recruiting Sigrid as an agent at the end of the ‘In Exile’ quest. Although it can be fulfilled with Josephine or Cullen, Josephine is the better option, granting 350 influence and 5 AVVAR TWILL.

A Conspiracy of Dunces

This is available after recruiting Trader Helsdim as an agent. It can be fulfilled by Josephine or Leliana but Leliana brings in the better reward: 350 influence and a Master Dragon-Slaying Rune.

Assuage Ameridan’s Heirs

This is only available if you tell Kenric the truth about Ameridan’s true nature after ‘Ameridian’s End’. All advisors bring the same reward: the schematics for the light, medium and heavy Armours of the Dragon Hunter you found in the Old Temple.

Celebrate with Ameridan’s Heirs

This is only available if you lie to Kenric about Ameridan’s true nature after ‘Ameridan’s End’. All advisors bring the same reward: the schematics for the light, medium and heavy Armours of the Dragon Hunter you found in the Old Temple.

Too Grizzly To Bear

This is only available if you recruit Storvacker at the end of ‘Guests of the Hold’. It can be fulfilled by Leliana or Cullen, the latter providing the better reward: 350 influence and the DUKE’S MANE SCHEMATIC.

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