Real Estate Resolution Dominium Platform

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Real Estate Resolution: Dominium Platform

Real estate is one of those industries that has been slow to adopt new technologies. It relies heavily on human knowledge work and personal relationship building as its primary tool for driving value. When it comes to blockchain, however, the real estate industry has been quick to act.

Why the sudden change? First and foremost, blockchain solves problems for the real estate industry that other digital technologies weren’t well-suited for. Tools like smart contracts and blockchain-verified title ownership are clear ways in which blockchain provides real value for the real estate industry.

Because blockchain is a secure distributed ledger technology, built with transaction management in mind, it’s perfect for an industry that relies on large scale transactions based on complex agreements and contracts.

Everyone in the industry is clambering to apply blockchain to improve existing processes, and whether you’re a mortgage broker, a bank, or a real estate agent, there are probably blockchain applications coming down the pipe that will impact the way you do business. These companies are leading the way with some of the first real world applications for blockchain within the real estate industry. Read on to learn more about how this technology will impact your industry, and where opportunities for future integration are still open for development.


One of the more promising applications for blockchain in the real estate industry is the tokenizing of physical real estate assets. With ICOs pioneering the creation of purely digital securities, there is a clear use case for leveraging a similar model to increase liquidity for real estate investors and open up the possibility for fractional ownership. Since an investor can purchase a percentage of tokens that represent a partial stake in a property, they can invest in properties that would have previously been too expensive. The fact that it’s one of the more compelling use cases is also why so many companies are working to develop tokenized investing platforms.


BitOfProperty joins the growing number of real estate companies using blockchain technology to help people invest in fractional ownership of property. BitOfProperty allows investors to invest in real estate by purchasing BITS, which represent ownership of the listed rental properties. By tokenizing the ownership of properties, companies like BitofProperty are opening up rental investing to a whole new class of investors.

Founded: Jul 3, 2020

Funding type: Private/Undisclosed


FundPlaces is providing a global real estate investment platform through tokenizing properties and opening them up to fractional investment from investors around the world. Powered by partner FUDA’s blockchain platform, they help users digitize real estate on the blockchain. FundPlaces users gain access to properties that would otherwise be difficult to find or prohibitively expensive. With the benefits of a transparent blockchain infrastructure, users can trust the validity of their investments.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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Funding type: Private


Meridio is a ConsenSys project designed to help fractionalize ownership of various real estate assets. Investors gain access to a variety of properties with greater liquidity and lower capital requirements than traditional real estate investing. Asset owners and investors access their investments through a web application that houses property dashboards, due diligence, and peer-to-peer trades.


ATLANT is a blockchain real estate platform ICO that is seeking to tokenize a diverse range of real estate assets to help open up fractional investment in properties. Currently in beta, their platform claims to facilitate the tokenization of properties and rental arrangements.

Founded: December 2020

Funding type: ICO


Blocksquare aims to bring blockchain services to existing real estate businesses. They are working to create a series of protocols and APIs to help real estate incumbents tokenize existing properties and assets to increase liquidity and bring the industry through a true digital transformation.

Funding type: Private


SwissRealCoin is the flagship project of Crypto Real Estate. It is a token closely linked to Swiss Commercial Real Estate, and its value is tied to real world assets. Their primary goal is to automate the management of real estate assets through digital platforms powered by their token.

Founded: November 2020

Funding type: Private


RealtyBits is a Y-Combinator-backed finance platform powered by blockchain. Their goal is to create a decentralized platform for investors to purchase commercial properties, and to open up investment in American real estate assets to global investors. Enabling real estate funds to raise capital through cryptocurrency investments, they hope to lower the costs of investing in commercial real estate.

Funding type: Private


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, RealBlocks is a platform designed to help users raise capital from around the globe by tokenizing assets like real estate, which also helps increase the liquidity of these investments. Investors place fiat in their platform wallet and can then purchase tokens that correspond with the properties they’d like to share ownership in.

Funding type: Private

Global REIT

Global REIT is modeled after the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a popular real estate investment tool. Global REIT plans to leverage blockchain to pay investors in their REIT token dividends, increasing the liquidity of their investments. By tokenizing a successful investment vehicle, they can provide investors new to crypto with a more stable and liquid asset.

Funding type: Private


Relex is a real estate cryptocurrency designed to enable investment in properties while they are still in the development phase. This model means investors gain access to opportunities like proxy ownership, and get a say in the overall development and long-term management of a property.


BitRent is a blockchain-powered platform meant to draw investment to commercial and residential properties during the development and construction stage. It helps ensure the success of development while giving investors the opportunity to profit from the future rental of the term of investment.


Founded in September 2020, Harbor is working to re-engineer private securities using blockchain to help create a series of tokenized securities backed by real-world assets. For the real estate industry, this means compliant tokenized assets that investors can be confident won’t fall into question with regulators. The Harbor platform, powered by its compliance protocol, works to ensure tokenized securities comply with existing securities laws on trades based on the regions they are conducted in.

Founded: September 2020

Funding type: Private


So much of a real estate transaction is bound up in outdated paper processes. Processes like loan approval, title, and escrow all require a massive amount of paperwork, and frequently experience redundancies that could be resolved with more secure identity and financial documents. That’s why blockchain could have such a major impact on the real estate industry. By creating trustless systems that verify all parties’ identities, ownership rights, and available funds, these lengthy processes could happen over the course of a single day.


BUILDIN is a communications and information process management platform. They utilize the blockchain to provide simplified communications routing that is secure, reliable, timely, transparent, and traceable. Their approach aims to provide distributed data storage, but with layers of control to help limit access to credible parties, with all of the security advantages of the blockchain. Their goal is to support brokerages, banks, and other constituencies in real estate to help streamline the often complex communication involved with real estate purchases.

Funding type: Private


SIMMST identifies itself as a Blockchain-Solutions-as-a-Service firm, providing advisory services and blockchain applications for the real estate industry. They develop an array of solutions to help digitize the industry. Their app Handover is designed to help create property transfer protocols without numerous costly intermediaries.

Founded: Jan 13, 2020

Funding type: Private

Agent Not Needed

Agent Not Needed is a platform seeking to replace the need for real estate agents by giving buyers and sellers a peer-to-peer platform that requires less intermediary management. By automating the creation of various contracts using blockchain, they hope to reduce the cost of real estate transactions by removing fees charged by middlemen. Their token is a utility token designed to act as the currency for all services conducted on the platform.

Funding type: ICO


BrikBit is a blockchain ecosystem working to decentralize the real estate industry and make transactions more transparent. Their goal is to enable unique real estate projects to create their own blockchain, which will be sidechains of the BrikBit blockchain. This way, projects can be tailored to meet local regulatory requirements. Their systems will help with fund collection and property management.

Funding type: Private


Dominium is a project from Munte Immobilien and Max Property Group. These two groups have self-funded the development of the Dominium platform, which they anticipate will be one of the earliest global property platforms built on the blockchain. They hope to have comprehensive offerings that include tokenized properties, along with rental and property management capabilities. They hope to decentralize the trade of various assets, and put key documents like contracts and agreements on the blockchain.

Founded: Mar 14, 2020

Funding type: Private


Nobul is an established technology company that works to connect buyers with real estate agents who meet their specific needs. In September of 2020, they announced that they have integrated blockchain into their platform to help simplify and secure the forms that are most critical in real estate transactions. By placing these agreements on the blockchain, Nobul hopes to increase the veracity of documents like Broker-to-Broker Referrals, Listing Agreements, and Buyer Representation agreements. This added layer of transparency will help make real estate transactions less opaque and more fair for all parties involved.

Funding type: Private


Led by former SoFi CEO Mike Cagney, Figure is a company building a blockchain protocol that will bring the often days-long loan approval process down to a matter of minutes. The firm is well funded with over $50 million in capital, and their protocol is being backed by a number of significant banks. Their hope is to use blockchain to increase data veracity in the lending process to reduce risk and decrease the time involved in the approval process.


Brickschain is a data management platform designed to help the real estate industry by placing construction and development data on a secure blockchain. Their platform promises to digitize aspects of the construction supply chain, while adding protocol layers to help manage the flow of materials. This will help not only in streamlining real estate development, but also in creating provenance for materials so problems can be resolved quickly and transparently.

Founded: December 2020

Funding type: Private


Urbytus is an existing cloud platform designed to help communities streamline the management of their HOAs. Their platform helps facilitate interactions between homeowners/HOAs, property management companies, and service providers. They are currently working to integrate blockchain technology with their HOA services to help increase transparency and reduce the need for costly arbitrators.

Funding type: Private


The title process works to a degree, but it’s generally opaque, and a lot of information about a property can be lost to time. Since blockchain’s distributed ledger technology is immutable and lasts as long as the network is running, key data about a property can be recorded and made available to all future owners and investors. Whether it be a transparent ownership history or a detailed record of all maintenance and repairs, blockchain could help make real estate investing more fair for all parties involved.


Propy is arguably one of the earliest and most successful blockchain-driven real estate projects. They offer a global real estate marketplace with decentralized title registry. Their aim is to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry. Their platform allows buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow/title agents/notaries to come together through the utilization of a suite of smart contracts on the blockchain to facilitate transactions.

Founded: Jan 6, 2020

Funding type: Private

Elea Labs

Elea Labs is in Switzerland in a region known in the industry as “Crypto Valley.” They are working with Bitcoin lightning networks to give properties a distinct “Property DNA.” Similar to self-sovereign identity on the blockchain, their hope is to create a new way of identifying ownership that is more secure and fraud-proof than existing title processes.

Funding type: Private


Imbrex is a data management platform leveraging blockchain’s decentralized ledger approach to democratize data in the real estate industry. By creating distinct identities on the blockchain, and storing other key data sets, Imbrex hopes to help decentralize MLS and give listing agents better access to market data.

Funding type: Private


UBITQUITY has a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blockchain platform that helps track the life cycle of a property, including ownership data, title, and other key documents. Their goal is to help e-recording companies, title companies, municipalities, and custom clients gain access to a more transparent record of ownership.


One of the reasons real estate processes take so long is they involve massive amounts of capital, and there is immense fear surrounding the possibility of fraud and default. The good news is, blockchain is well-suited to prevent fraud and other forms of faulty payments. These companies are leveraging blockchain to streamline payments, improve the security of real estate transactions, and prove that parties have the funds needed to transact in both rental and purchase scenarios.


SafeChain uses blockchain technology to simplify real estate transactions and fight against fraud that occurs in the industry. Their SafeWire technology uses blockchain to verify key stakeholder data sets, like identity and bank account ownership, along with more secure wire transactions.

Founded: Jan 1, 2020

Funding type: Private


CPROP’s blockchain-powered transaction management system integrates with property portals around the world in an attempt to reduce the need for trust in real estate transactions while increasing revenue potential. For property buyers, CPROP aims to facilitate real estate transactions over any distance by providing blockchain-authenticated documents, smart contract escrows, process automation, and options to choose user-rated service providers.

The Crypto Realty Group

The Crypto Realty Group is the brainchild of Piper Moretti, a real estate professional who facilitated some of the first home sales made with cryptocurrency in California. The Crypto Realty Group lists homes for sellers willing to accept payment in cryptocurrency and provides all the regulatory and transaction support required.


ShelterZoom is a real-time, multi-party real estate platform that uses blockchain technology to make buying, selling, and renting property more transparent, efficient, secure, and profitable. Their hope is to simplify real estate transactions and management to the point that they can be conducted through the use of their mobile app.

Funding type: Private


ManageGo is a software platform for property managers, by property managers, that provides online payments and maintenance ticketing. Their most recent offering is an app that helps property managers accept cryptocurrency for rent payments.

Funding type: Private


Dashing is a platform for home services that seeks to replace trust between homeowners and service providers with blockchain-powered smart contracts, dispute resolution, and reputation management. Their aim is to reduce costs for homeowners by removing middlemen and platforms that charge high transaction fees.


The peer-to-peer and sharing economies are on the rise. With everything from home sharing apps like Airbnb to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, people are rethinking how they leverage their existing assets and raise money for new ones. Blockchain shows a great deal of promise in this arena for the real estate industry because it can decentralize platforms to create more egalitarian markets. These companies are using blockchain to facilitate lower cost peer-to-peer rental markets and to reduce barriers to crowdfunding for new properties.


Rentberry has a full service home rental platform. Now they are launching an ICO to integrate blockchain technology into their services. Rentberry plans to streamline the entire long-term rental process using blockchain and smart contract technology; they plan to eliminate the need for a middleman, making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place.

Founded: Aug 28, 2020

Funding type: Private/ICO


DYVARE is a real estate platform built with blockchain technology that hopes to democratize access to properties that are currently cost prohibitive or closed to anyone outside of qualified investors. By creating a peer-to-peer marketplace, they hope to make a more egalitarian real estate investment market.

Funding type: Private

The Bee Token

Beenest is a part of the growing movement of home sharing platforms like Airbnb working to decentralize home sharing and make it more egalitarian for both homeowners and renters. They leverage their token, The Bee Token, to facilitate transactions on the platform. The ICO raised $15,000,000 and the Beenest app is currently in alpha.

Funding type: Private/ICO

The LendingCoin

The LendingCoin (TLC) is an asset-backed FinTech company connecting commercial real estate loans to investor liquidity through global financing on the blockchain. TLC provides investors a diverse interest in asset-backed securities through commercial real estate that are tied to preferred low leverage loans, which have a proven cash flow and tangible equity.

Funding type: Private

Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is a digital marketplace for real estate that allows investors to crowdfund different real estate assets. Their WEALTHE coin will help facilitate transactions on their recent blockchain integrations to the platform.

Founded: Jun 10, 2009


The Etheera project was founded by the real estate group IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH. Etheera is a decentralized real estate platform for global markets. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to help streamline short-term rental processes for all parties. Etheera is working to create solutions for everything from bed & breakfast stays to popular home sharing.

Funding type: ICO

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Real Estate Resolution: Dominium Platform

Real estate is one of the most promising forms of recent investment. Not a few people invest heavily in real estate. It is an easy way to fund. A significant amount of profit is also offered in this business to support the success of the investment provided. Favorable offers are things that can be considered in investing. However, you need to pay attention to some possible losses from your investment. The traditional real estate may have given you a variety of attractive offers, but you should consider the value of the damage that might be experienced. You need to do calculations related to real estate that will be used as a place to invest. Not a small number of projects were not successful. Although real estate remains a safe and promising and straightforward investment place.

Some of the possible losses that will be experienced by some people from their investments require a better system of real estate. A series of failures will also limit the level of ease in investing. That makes you need to be careful when investing in real estate. The traditional real estate still uses a system that can reduce the level of liquidity. In general, the value of real estate exclusively will be tied to long-term investments, which in the end will be difficult to develop ventures for re-entering or abandoning. Every person who has invested cannot quickly add the investment amount or leave the investment within a specified period. Besides, traditional investment in real estate does not let everyone enter the system. Only high-value individuals can make investments. Besides, everyone who will join also needs to coordinate significantly to be able to participate in a real estate investment.

Various obstacles to investment make not everyone can easily join real estate. This creates a new challenge concerning providing the most potential solutions to be addressed immediately by presenting a new system that is more flexible and easy to implement. The main answer needed is how to maintain and increase liquidity. Another solution that needs to be made is an increase inconvenience for anyone who enters the investment. Various issues need to be resolved with an adequate system to provide maximum benefits for investors in real estate. One of the best-known companies in real estate is the Munte Immobilien and Max property group. The company consists of professionals who have experience in real estate. Dominium is one of the platforms developed to provide the best for improving the quality of the system in real estate.

The Development of Dominium for The Latest Real Estate Blockchain Platform

Condominiums are developed by reputable companies to provide the best experience in real estate investment. From decades of experience, the company will be able to build a system that is very adequate and profitable in this business. The company has carried out a portfolio of property, funds and development and ownership of assets worth millions of euros under management. Condominiums use blockchain technology. The use of this technology is one of the latest breakthroughs to develop technology systems. Since 2020, blockchain technology has been considered for use on the Dominium platform. Funding for the initial development of the condominium has been carried out using capital, expertise, and property for the transfer of real estate worth millions of euros. Platform for global scale for financing standard properties placed on blockchain technology.

The development of blockchain technology at Dominium will make the system decentralized in real estate investment. Asset trading, purchase agreements, and every task charged with management tasks with blockchain technology. At present, the required regulatory licenses can give the company the possibility to make standard documentation that will be purchased by the Dominium, account holder. In a decentralized platform, it will undoubtedly require the role of tokens to transact. The valid token is a child chain original Token called DOM. While Dominium is a type of security token used as property funds, loan notes, bonds, project financing, etc. The use of blockchain technology will increase transaction transparency. Besides, the use of blockchain technology will increase transaction security by using tokens. You can find out the concept of ecosystem development through whitepapers and official web pages from Dominium.

The Best Way for Real Estate Investment to Get the Most Benefits

There are several ways you can do to start your investment in real estate. The type of investment you take will also affect the value of the profits received. The simplest model is when buying a house that has a condo for rental property. You also need to to know the kind of additional investment in real estate. Funds that will be traded on the real estate market will be collected singly as targets for real estate development. Real estate mutual funds are also one type of investment that can be considered. You can operate on real estate investments for companies. Indirectly, real estate investment can be said to be the safest and best option as a place to invest. Security for investors is also very guaranteed in this business. Property becomes one of the physical assets that continue to increase significantly.
Physical assets are one of the things that can be used to invest because basically, these assets are free from risk.

angible assets will also usually last for an extended period. Some reasons are also a factor in the continued development of investment in real estate globally. Real estate at the condo can be the best investment place for you with the application of the latest technology. You will get the best investment experience so you can get investments with a high level of liquidity. Real estate will be one of the most promising businesses with a lower level of risk. The use of blockchain technology will increase everyone’s security and comfort when investing. You will also get a new experience in transacting transparently. The method of tokens will also be the key to the speed of each transaction carried out in the ecosystem. Immediately mingle with the condo for the best experience in real estate investment.

Latest Ideas for Using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Real Estate

The housing market is one of the markets that is never quiet. Housing becomes an asset that can be maintained for the long term. Everyone will need a house as a place to shelter and gather with family. The corporate market will always have a high selling value. The price of a property will also usually continue to increase along with the limited land available. The modern housing market now requires the adoption of technology to strengthen the economy. Cryptocurrency on blockchain technology can be applied to the development of an ecosystem to make each real estate market more comfortable and profitable. The use of cryptocurrency for the first time in 2009 on the Bitcoin platform has brought significant success. This was then followed by the development of a variety of new platforms that put forward blockchain-based technology for an economic platform with high transparency.

he implementation of Cryptocurrency has succeeded in increasing the speed and security in digital transactions.
Volatility is one of the obstacles that prevent the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency for real estate payments. Every transaction will be carried out on a crypto basis so that it will increase the financial stability enough to become one of the major currencies in the housing market. Blockchain technology brings its decentralized concept to give radical changes to the real estate market. Currently, the ability of blockchain technology has been able to provide the ability to make improvements to the real estate market. These improvements include MLS properties, transactions and title records. Blockchain will be the technology adopted in the real estate market to build a more effective system for trades. With a high level of transparency, it is possible for everyone to distribute data and money safely. The use of blockchain technology will also cut the role of third parties so that it will reduce the risk of fraud and theft. Get faster, more comfortable and safer access to blockchain technology real estate platforms.

Dominium will implement Property Management, Financial Transparency, and Administrative Support

The adoption of blockchain technology on real estate platforms requires good system stability and integration to realize a capable platform. The use of blockchain technology is not new to digital platforms, but the use of real estate will be unique. The method of blockchain technology will help you to get the ease of transacting. You will get the ease of dealing in property purchases and sales. The development of new management is not secure, because everything needs to be considered to improve stability. Developers also have the responsibility to carry out marketing and managing finances as best they can.

Marketing is the main thing that is very important to get tenant occupancy clients and the availability of facilities for the platform. Risk management also needs to be done for ecosystem development. To carry out the duties the property manager must understand well every task charged.

Property managers need to understand each role well. Marketing decisions need to be made and done appropriately to support business continuity. Determining the right marketing strategy will undoubtedly assess the success of management. Another role of property managers that needs to be considered is their ability to understand financial statements. Reports are essential for evaluating and determining the right decision. Every manager will need a financial report to make a decision analysis. The tenant becomes a necessary client so that the property manager needs to be responsive in responding to each tenant from the leasing process to maintain the schedule. Management of landscaping, electricity, and plumbing is also an important thing to be carried out by property managers. Records and requirements from the government must also be implemented so that business can continue to be carried out.

How The Blockchain Technology Work in Dominium Platform

Digital platform developers will undoubtedly consider using blockchain technology to be adopted on the system. Blockchain technology has proven its success in implementing it on digital platforms. Currently, the adoption of blockchain technology continues to be increased with the addition and combination of various features. The decentralized system offered on blockchain technology will help you to have more transparent transactions. You can find out the details of every purchase you make in the contract. All sales made in the ecosystem will then be stored on a network block that cannot be accessed by any person and will be locked so that it cannot be erased. The concept can also increase the security and speed of transactions. The application of blockchain technology at the docks is expected to be the best solution for the availability of solutions for real estate investment.

Blockchain technology currently has a strong foundation to drive the property management industry globally. All property management can be handled starting from financing, management, and ecosystem support. As a cryptocurrency drive technology, the use of blockchain technology can certainly to reduce the funding needed. Real estate transactions will experience a significant increase in efficiency and quality by implementing smart contracts for every operation carried out on the ecosystem. A deal that will then be stored on this cloud will be an accurate transaction proof and will be stored safely. The most important thing about implementing a decentralized system of blockchain technology is the role of third parties that might increase transaction costs and transaction speed.

Buy Pre-ITO token Now To Participate in Dominium Platform

The DOM Token sales program will be held in two events, namely pre-ITO and ITO. This event is officially carried out by a new platform to collect the ecosystem development funds to complete. Tokens will also be used as an exchange for ecosystems. You can pre-register through the web page to purchase Dom Token. Pre-ITO has been opened until 31 August 2020. The price of each DOM on Pre-ITO is USD 0.05. If you miss it, then join ITO which will start on September 3, 2020, at the cost of USD 0.10 Per DOM. You can register the account and then fill KYC Clear data and send it. After that, you can purchase DOM tokens. Don’t miss your chance and keep up with the development of sales through social media condominiums.

Smart Contract

The Blockchain W12 Protocol for Solving Problems in Crowdsale Market

The presence of the W12 protocol is a platform that handles various problems that occur on digital platforms. The W12 open protocol is built to make multiple types of DAO by utilizing technology. W12 is a platform that provides the best control for developing a better ecosystem for the use of digital platforms. Use of digital platforms to carry out various interests. Increased use of digital platforms to meet multiple life needs is very rapid. This increase has become a good impact on the use of digital technology.

The purpose of smartphones also continues to increase the potential for using digital platforms for various facilities in utilizing digital platforms. Shifting assets into digital assets also encourage increased adoption of digital platforms. The positive impact of digitizing brings better transactions where each transaction can be done quickly and quickly. Besides, digital sales should also require more affordable costs.

Increasing the use of digital platforms also has shortcomings where crime rates also continue to improve. Cybercrime often threatens digital assets owned by users. Scamming crime is one of the actions that have the highest frequency that threatens ecosystem users in digital transactions. The digital platform developed today needs to have a high level of security to protect ecosystem users. Security protection solutions in the network are one of the critical trust systems to have the courage to transact through digital platforms. presents the latest platform to handle security-level orders.

The platform offers a system that can overcome SCAM both intentionally by certain parties. Scamming can also occur due to a failure in project development. can also be developed well to avoid scamming actions that can harm users. Minimizing scamming can also reduce the risk of excessive spending and better transaction attainment. The level of trust of users in using the project and purchasing tokens.

The W12 was established to develop infrastructure in a decentralized way as part of increasing transparency. Trust between each party joined by the ecosystem will help ease the settlement of disputes. Dispute resolution can be made quickly, transparently and with minimal funds. The design of W12 protocols will create better infrastructure for decentralized systems. The concept of decentralization was carried out as a form of adoption of blockchain technology.

The use of blockchain technology also makes implementing digital tokens done. will organize token sales with an easy-to-use interface for everyone. An attractive display also influences the contribution made by platform users to participate in the ecosystem. You can find out the concept of project development through web pages and even white papers. An ANN Thread can also provide a summary of information for you regarding project construction for safer and more reliable transactions.

The W12 protocol uses Vision and Mission for New Ecosystem Development

The establishment of the W12 strongly supports the adoption of new ecosystems with a higher level of security. The use of blockchain technology is one of the best forms to gain experience in digital transactions. W12 will carry out its mission to create a new environment with the implementation of de-neutralized infrastructure. A decentralized environment can be realized by increasing the belief system for everyone associated with the ecosystem.

Each type of agreement will overcome any conventional problems in a transparent, legal and fast settlement. The W12 protocol will help create a new ecosystem with a more mature concept of decentralization to tackle various forms of digital crime that might occur. Every person with multiple backgrounds will undoubtedly join the digital ecosystem. Increasing the trust and satisfaction of the transaction will certainly give an interesting impression so that the use of the platform can continue.

Every detail of development will be carried out to realize the most significant global platform for digital service providers. The W12 protocol will be used as an ecosystem that changes the centralized way to attract finance. Everyone can participate to transact on a digital platform without limiting the geographical and political framework in its implementation. The availability of investors to carry out transactions is also an important matter which will help the development of the platform.

Decentralized solutions will support the use of the system globally. The role of investors is also significant for more secure and transparent infrastructure development. Platform development will be carried out based on a roadmap that has been created by the development team. Improving the quality of digital transactions needs to be continued so that the platform can compete with various ecosystems. W12 creates a new atmosphere from conventional markets that can handle problems that occur in the application of digital systems. Transparency is essential for a safer and more trusted ecosystem development where each user can control the contribution given.

Problems with the Crowdsource Market that need to be Resolved

The W12 protocol is built by professional experts to solve problems that occur in the crowdsale market. Until now, the level of sales in the ICO is still increasing but even compared to the fraud that might happen. Project development is also faced with a low level of startup survivability at the initial investment stage so that it is still vulnerable to failure. The trust between fragments and buyers of funds is also very lacking, so the platform is always difficult to implement.

Trust is a significant factor in digital transactions. A high level of trust can also be done to anticipate various actions that can be detrimental as in a dispute. Every party involved currently trusts ecosystems because of the compulsion built from the developer. Traditional institutions still have various deficiencies in achieving ideal transactions. Everyone in operation also does not always have access to alternative solutions so that it will be difficult for them when problems occur in the implementation of ecosystems.

A less than perfect utility model will also make the level of security of traditional platforms still lacking. Until now, it is still complicated to determine an adequate price for utility tokens on common platforms. Interaction in conventional concepts is also poorly intertwined so that everyone is still less than optimal in using the platform. Unclear use of funds also demands more transparent transactions. The sustainability of ecosystems that are already in demand by users should not be alerted by utilizing the system with the application of the latest technology.

The technology system is needed to build a better system in conducting transactions. Poor security systems also create a high risk of fraud that threatens assets owned by its users. Indirectly, traditional methods require improvements to improve the quality of transactions to lead to transparent and decentralized digitalization. Problems in the digital market need to be done to welcome larger ecosystems with a high level of trust accompanied by ease of transactions.

The W12 Protocol Solution for The Next Crowdsource Market

The W12 protocol is present to provide the best solution in handling problems in traditional markets. Anyone can do development by not requiring intelligent contract-based programming that is done through some logic. W12 protocols and platforms will always be available for sales with a decentralized system. The Oracle network can also help everyone to get the latest experience in using Oracle network-based systems. The level of confidence that is built will form the necessary control of the project development process.

Fund transfers will be made transparently for transactions with other parties with an easy and affordable concept. The use of a decentralized oracle system will support the use of controls that are not biased toward project development. Fund transfers to other parties are more secure and transparent so that you do not need to worry about transaction security. Your trust in the ecosystem will help you have the best experience in running applications as a digital platform for crowdsourcing.

You will also find it easy in the DAO where the decentralized way has been involved in organizing campaigns. Besides, autonomous and funding will be carried out for the crowd. Funds will be released in stages after confirmation is made of milestones. Exemptions and refunds will be carried out in stages, so you don’t have to worry when the project fails when fulfilling its claim. Increasing survivability in the industry will provide more control over fraud.

The platform will protect against the risk of losing funds related to the procurement of funds made. Information delivery can be done by verification from the outside world by implementing scenarios that are arranged based on blockchain technology. The scenario implementation will be confirmed in advance which has been programmed with a smart contract.

In the end, the W12 will create a system of names that all parties involved do not need to trust each other. The use of blockchain technology will also support faster dispute resolution with a transparent system. The application of this technology is also able to provide an opportunity for users to implement the system at a more affordable cost.

The W12 Solution Layers and Integration to The Crowdsale Markets

The W12 solution developed allows reconsideration of the role of the country in establishing relations between countries in the freeing part of the burden to the state. The shifting of intelligent contracts will eventually be regulated automatically through a decentralized system. The solution provided by W12 will include several factors including.

  • Making digital agreements in a peer-to-peer manner to enable direct interaction between related parties
  • Convenience is supported by a digital contract template so that it can be selected according to the need for transaction speed
  • Using a decent oracle network on the W12 protocol
  • Sound collection and decision making are based on the mechanism of the blockchain technology so that it will provide convenience
  • The application of W12 will use specific algorithms that can execute digital contracts
  • Utility Tokens used will participate in sales
  • The W12 platform will have the capacity as a means for charity campaigns
  • The platform will confirm sales security tokens by utilizing the legal framework in its construction
  • Fund diversification is carried out with a mechanism that uses cryptocurrency as a key in implementing smart contracts by choice of projects in the ecosystem

The W12 platform applies technology built for crowdfunding and charity industries. Until now the use of the platform is still inadequate with a lack of trust between funders and the process. Purchasing tokens carry a significant risk due to the participation that occurs in crowdfunding.

The high level of fraud that occurs in the ICO making infrastructure requires development that requires a high level of trust. The development of the W12 platform is built on trust between various parties connected on the platform. However, the implementation of a smart contract on W12 does not require belief in the signing.

When a project implemented is needed to attract buyers in business development, the token buyer can execute transactions through smart contracts. The implementation of the system development concept will be carried out by spurring the roadmap that has been made. Ecosystem development is significant so that the platform can be implemented immediately for ease of transactions. Until now the development of the W12 protocol for a decentralized system is still underway. Improving the quality of digital platforms continues to be carried out for transaction convenience and security.

The W12 Token Sale Event

Token sales events will collect initial funds for ecosystem development. W12 Token will be typing Ethereum ERC20. The price of 1 W12 Token is set at 0.0003 ETH. Purchases also allow discounts on specific dates. The payment method received will use ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETC, ADA, and XLM. Payment for the purchase of tokens will be written on Smart Contract. The number of tokens purchased will be transferred to the customer immediately after the platform receives confirmation of the payment made.

Token distribution will be done after pre-sale and crowdsale. The total tokens to be distributed are 400 million tokens. The token sales period will be divided into several events such as early pre-sale, private sale, crowdsale, projection token listings on exchanges, and long tall. Make sure you participate according to the schedule. The closest event is crowd sale which is planned to start on November 1, 2020, until December 2020 or when the hard cap has been fulfilled. Unsold tokens will be burned after the token sales event ends.

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Let Use The for The Transparent Transaction with Blockchain and Efficient Platform with AI to Create The Software

The vast ecosystem will come to make the easiness in having a software. You may know that today still difficult to find the best developer that know your software concept. To use the partner that build your software you may prepare the real software concept. The rules will allow you to explain all of the things about the software that you will develop. It may start for the goals of your project, who will use, the features, the interface, etc. Then you will find that describe it to the developer is not the simple thing.

What often happens is that you feel very detailed about your project, but software makers understand it differently. The description of an expert is indeed sometimes far away from someone who lacks a technical understanding of software. You will be in touch with designers to design the look and usefulness of the software. Not to mention when the programmer interprets your description differently. This may cause problems in the completion of the software.

Another thing that often happens between the buyer and the partner in making software is on funding. Sometimes the incorrect calculation of the quality of the software that will be used will lead to excessive financing. Other problems also need to be resolved such as the timeliness of making and the success rate of making software that suits your wishes. Many projects are given to various partners from diverse classes.

Even so, it is miserable that most plans that are charged with software creation services are very rare and successful. Work on the software also sometimes takes longer with additional costs in the amount that is not small. Risks can be faced by both parties, both the buyer and the software maker. Deal with that, combines blockchain technology with AI to form a more reliable system and can help everyone order software with results that are in line with their wishes.

The Use of Blockchain to Building The Trust and Transparency Transaction

Adoption of blockchain technology is not the first to be done for digital systems. Every digital network is now built on a decentralized system. The success of Blockchain in realizing a transparent transaction makes developers consider its use in developing a new ecosystem. Blockchain technology can provide the best experience by implementing a decentralized system in handling each sale.

The technology also has a good review regarding security so that every digital transaction can be done in an orderly manner without worrying about possible crime. The speed of time in sales also needs to be considered so that the application of blockchain technology can provide benefits from various aspects. You can feel the security and convenience of transactions through the Builder Platform that offers satisfaction.

You can feel the various conveniences in making transactions such as clear deliverables, transparent payment processes, tokenized creditors and asset tracking, and multi-stakeholder approval. Transparency of operations is essential so you can release your funds to make software without feeling harmed at all. Software handling will be carried out by professionals with the help of AI so you can find the best developer for your software.

Besides, you also don’t need to know the technical language even if you know it will still be better. You will experience the ease of transacting by utilizing an easy-to-understand user interface design. You will gain new experience through a transparent platform. You will know for sure the costs incurred for doing the project with an agreement built on the Smart Contract. Until now you don’t have to worry about the cost overruns or unfinished projects. will provide significant changes regarding the success of ordering software through digital platforms.

The Real Transparency Transaction with Escrowed Payments

Transparency transactions are needed to give full trust between the client and the delivery stakeholders. Trust is an essential factor in the implementation of digital systems to provide convenience in making software. To increase confidence, a transparent system is needed. This can be realized by creating a consultant-based model that demands clients to be responsible for the release of payment funds. Funds will be forwarded to stakeholders only when the project preparation conditions by the Smart Contract have been fulfilled.

Besides, there are several problems related to vendors who always blame other parties concerned about the weaknesses of the project being built or developed. This should not happen when a professional vendor can understand what the client is making. The payment mechanism for multi-stakeholders is also still a problem with the multi-payment system. Disputes related to shipping by the same stakeholders also become a recurring problem between the client and the delivery stakeholders.

A Smart Contract will be proof of the stake system developed in the Engineer to ensure that common problems do not recur. Everyone can own shares and use a reputation system to resolve disputes independently through scores. Quality control can be the best solution for conflicts that occur due to unfavorable relationships between the client and the stakeholders. Smart contracts with functions as security between applications can act as escrow.

The system will be run with weekly payments using the NAYA Token by the Smart Contract. The two related parties will sign the project milestones that have been described in the client dashboard. The system offered will form the power of the client to cancel the development at any time after the funds have been forwarded in the last few weeks as payment as stated in the Smart Contract. When the project is completed, QA will act to verify the delivery of the project. When the client has successfully delivered the remaining funds from the Smart Contract will be forwarded in its entirety.

Rated Stakeholder in Blockchain Ecosystem

The system will automatically assess each developer. Time scores can be made real with blockchain-based technology in storage. All feedback provided by customers and product managers will be calculated automatically and stored on the network. Scores from delivery stakeholders will be entirely stored on the blockchain. Besides, the time score obtained can also be added by one of the founding partners owned by Automatic assessment will significantly help users to get the best performance from the developer ranks.

Besides, the evaluation can also be used to anticipate various problems that might occur later. Blockchain can be the best solution for storing multiple data that is permanent and secure on the network. The ability of blockchain technology to meet the needs of digital systems is excellent to help improve the quality of the platform. You may follow the social media of to have closure with the ecosystem.

AI Implementation in Ecosystem for The Better Transaction

AI is an artificial intelligence that was adopted by the Engineer with a defensive machine to achieve transparency. The AI concept will help ecosystems complete projects on time and development systems that are more cost-effective. Communication between the system and the user will be more accurate and precise with the use of AI and optimized resources. Prices and shipping targets will be determined precisely and inevitably to form certain transactions and user satisfaction. Every quote about the description of the software that will be built will be more accurate.

The features that will be made on the ecosystem will also be more qualified with well-established communication. AI will provide the most cost-effective way to help the function be resolved appropriately so that it will help transport the delivery stakeholders that are most suitable for the project. Everybody will avoid repetitive tasks so that they will not run out of time and budget. Excessive payments can also be a risk that is avoided through applications caused by human error. Existing components will be reused as a better step than rebuilding.

The application of AI in a digital platform can maximize the concept of ecosystem development. At present technology needs to be optimized so that it can help improve transaction quality. We should not have to worry about the various problems that occur because the role of technology can overcome them. is built by professionals who have the best experience in implementing blockchain with AI. The AI concept will make the system can do its development with the idea of machine learning.

Each transaction can be optimized with the role of AI which can classify software with the right developer team. The certainty of project delivery is also guaranteed with an AI-based system. The application of AI can reduce or even eliminate misunderstandings that have been a problem in ordering software. Starting from the description and understanding of the desires of consumers, will realize the success of the software development ordered. Everyone will get the latest experience with AI to achieve software success from time and cost-effectiveness.

Some Feature That Be The Positive Impact of AI

The application of AI in a digital platform will have a positive impact on everyone who transacts. Data science, natural language processing, and machine learning are exciting combinations in the application of technology. The integration of each field of technology in the ecosystem development process will help several features as follows.

Every user who wants to use an Engineer to develop software will describe the description of the system to be built. The Code and Story will be reused with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Identification of the description given by the user will automatically be converted into a template that is easily understood by the developer. AI will handle well to connect users with developers. The identification pattern will then be matched with the core framework of the features desired by the customer. Library pods will be built from the BOT Code that is run after the completion of the project.

The NLP BOT that has been created will then be carried out as material for managing communication with several parties related to software development. Some parties related to project development include clients, project managers, and developers. PM BOTs will help enter site updates, new features compared to software, and notification of delays when project management takes more time to develop. This concept will support the realization of good communication between the buyer and the development team. Every transaction that occurs can make everyone gain valuable experience from the to develop software as desired.

Machine learning will determine prices by paying attention to the features contained in the ecosystem. This adjustment will be easily carried out by the machine so that the calculation will be more accurate. Specific classifications of ecosystems in an application will fully use machine learning to reduce the risk of errors in pricing. Maximizing the use of AI will form a system with good performance in carrying out every task given.

Placement of shared pods will be done with the assembly of data science and machine learning which will be carried out with different classifications. The use of this system will form a complete mix of features based on the analysis carried out. The set story will be done intelligently to be conveyed to the contributors who have experience in completing something similar. The templates that are built are by the basis through machine automation made based on user stories and QA specifications. Template determination is not accessible without the help of machine learning. That certainly will help everyone to get their satisfaction with the ability of AI.

Machine learning is built with individual agile trackers with iterations so that skilled developers will be defined in the forecasting. Better story settings in project planning will be carried out more productively. Besides, operations research and developer allocation drivers will also be carried out more effectively to support better systems and more mature management projects.

Let’s Give your Contribution In NAYA Token Sale

NAYA Token is a utility token used in that can provide the best experience. The use of tokens will be things that help you to make transactions in the ecosystem. You can visit the webpage to join an exclusive pre-sale. NAYA-based ERC20 tokens that can be contributed with ETH and BTC. Allocation of tokens will be carried out for all aspects related to software development to the end. Visit the website and register for the NAYA Token pre-sale.

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Make The Real Estate Investment with Blockchain Technolgy use Dominium Platform

Real estate professionals are developing new platforms for digital systems in real estate investment. His experience since 1833 has made a trusted team in the real estate investment services provider. The development of this latest system is related to digitalization to improve the economy. Real estate is one of the safest investment fields for investors. This also motivates investors to continue to grow in this field. Not infrequently every investor will have an interest in investing in the real estate sector. In response to this, the developer will make a better system to improve efficiency in the use of a decentralized system for digital real estate investment transactions.

The use of digital systems has previously been applied to various vendors to improve transaction quality. Digitization leads to secure access for each platform and reduces everything that can burden the transaction. This digitization is related to an internet connection that can reach all people globally so that it can tap into regional boundaries. The entire world community can be connected to increase the potential for the use of digital platforms. The method of the internet for the development of digital systems has experienced success in the e-commerce sector. It also encourages various platforms to be present as digital systems. Ease of access is one of the drivers to increase the number of users access to digital platforms. Every vendor starts competing to make the best possible system to continue to improve the efficiency of the ecosystem.

One technology that is trusted to run transactions on digital platforms is blockchain technology. This technology has become one of the keys to success since it was distributed in 2020. Adoption of blockchain technology is still being applied to build a decentralized system so that it will facilitate transactions. Dominium was developed by considering the position of blockchain technology. The developer plans to offer deals that are easier and faster with the application of cryptocurrency. Initial development has been carried out with self-financing of assets of millions of euros under management. The use of funds is inseparable from the transfer of the founding company to the condo. The implementation of platform development will continue to be carried out until the real estate ecosystem can be run and accessed by the broader community. You can keep abreast of the development of the platform through the social media of the condo and get exciting information regarding the technology used.

The Development of the First Global Property Platform for The Ease of Investment

As an investor, you certainly want a safer and smoother transaction. Safe and healthy investments can be chosen to reduce the risk that might occur. Although most real estate investments have a high-profit value, there will be various risks that may arise. Currently, the use of the latest technology makes developers more innovative to provide services that benefit investors. in practice there are numerous obstacles and problems in the implementation of the previous real estate investment system. Therefore, the presence of a digital platform can be one of the best solutions to realize a transparent, safe and efficient ecosystem. Dominium has considered using the latest technology to accomplish an ideal digital ecosystem for all investors. It will be proven by the existence of a platform that is easy to use with a high level of liquidity.

The condo comes with global access so that it can be accessed by anyone up to 120 countries in the world. This global reach will undoubtedly connect every investor in the world. Thus the platform will have a high chance of achieving liquidity. In addition to cash, stability in the real estate investment platform also needs to be considered. The role of property managers dramatically influences business success. The right global marketing step needs to be found so that everyone can know the existence of the Dominium platform and use it to invest. The Management in the ecosystem is also crucial to improve services available on the platform. Everyone can spend safely and comfortably. Property management also has the responsibility to ensure investor satisfaction to entrust funds to the ecosystem.

Why Dominium Platform uses The Blockchain Technology?

Application of blockchain technology for various aspects of the digital platform has become a concern regarding its success in making transactions faster and safer. The concept offered by blockchain technology is one of the popular systems. Its integration with various platforms also facilitates adoption so that new digital ecosystem developers increasingly favor this system. The develops the latest system offerings to build decentralized ecosystems. The use of blockchain technology also requires the application of a payment system with a smart contract. The contract is compelling proof of transactions that occur between related parties. This smart contract will be approved and then stored in a block. Every stored document has access restrictions so not everyone can find out. This also makes adopting blockchain technology easier and safer for transactions on digital platforms.

The use of a smart contract will also involve the exchange of cryptocurrency as one of the terms of an agreement between the two parties in the transaction. Every digital platform will usually have tokens that function as a currency. Token exchanges will be one of the critical liquidities that occur in the ecosystem. The use of cryptocurrency also makes transactions faster because it does not require third-party verification. The ease of transaction offered will have a more affordable cost because it removes the role of third parties in payment verification. Ownership of tokens can be done through purchases during the token sales event carried out by the platform before launching the ecosystem. Blockchain technology is still favored to be adopted to improve transaction quality. Besides, the use of blockchain technology can also remove the role of intermediaries which usually causes transactions to be more expensive and time-consuming.

The Application of Blockchain Technology at the Ecosystem of the Real Estate

The use of blockchain technology at the docks will be carried out using the Ardor child chain. The chain has evolved into the Nxt blockchain which has been tested for time. The use of the latest technology will ensure the platform can be run without significant obstacles. Trade decentralization will be carried out with ChildCain Dominium for each asset sale and place lease agreement, purchase agreement, property management duties, and other transactions related to asset investment. Every deal can be done with blockchain technology to increase efficiency. Proper property funding will be carried out by Dominiums by obtaining the required regulatory licenses by standard legal templates. The use of blockchain technology indeed must remain by the rules that are applied so as not to violate the law. The application of blockchain technology to the docks will continue to be developed so that the system is not obsolete.

Each asset can be purchased by each owner of a Dominium account with the approval of using a Smart Contract. One of the primary objectives of the system with the adoption of blockchain technology is to provide transparent and liquid transactions. With transactions that are transparent, each account owner can know precisely the price of each asset purchased. Dominium will use the property asset portfolio to earn revenue and provide certainty for the development and maintenance of the platform in the future. As a moving platform for real estate assets, the ecosystem will undoubtedly be run for an extended period. The system will be applied to be used by everyone by continuing to improve features and services. The technology used will also keep being updated so that each transaction can be carried out comfortably and effectively. Up-to-date technology will undoubtedly affect the market so that it will become a valuable space by paying attention to ease of access.

Why Do The Dominium Become The Real Estate Solution Platform?

You indeed ask why this platform can solve problems in the real estate technology system. Traditional systems experience various kinds of constraints to run. Every obstacle needs to be adjusted so that the real estate system can function adequately to maximize profits for investors. Dominiums are the most appropriate solution for investors in real estate by considering the following:

  • The platform is developed under experts in real estate who have more than 100 years experience in the long-term investment market
  • Dominiums place property costs, list and property management on the blockchain so that each data can be maintained in the ecosystem
  • The platform is made in multi-language so that it can make it easier for anyone to join the ecosystem, considering that this platform is a system that can be accessed globally
  • The market is opened according to the applicable laws and regulations so that each transaction can be done legally or not against the law
  • This decentralized market is open to various nationalities so that it can provide an adequate level of affordability from recording agents to be able to access the system
  • Facilities that are available on the platform will continue to be equipped to make it easier for everyone to transact and invest in it
  • Real estate trading and financial management will be adequately managed so that anyone who is incorporated can make investments safely and comfortably
  • The use of a decentralized system makes every transaction that occurs on the platform very transparent
  • Blockchain also helps users to get ease in completing transactions by utilizing smart contracts and cryptocurrency
  • The use of cryptocurrency will also help the level of liquidity of tokens in the ecosystem so that each operation can be maintained in its security and stability
  • Developers will continue to improve the facilities available on the platform so that each account owner can enjoy every service available

Dominium chooses blockchain technology to be adopted in ecosystems with the aim of increasing efficiency and ease of transactions. In the digital age, transparency is also essential for online deals. Everyone who joins needs to register and buy some Token Dominiums (DOM) as cryptocurrency used in the ecosystem. Purchases of tokens can be made during ITO.

The Initial Token Offering (ITO) of DOM

Ticket tokens will use utility-type tokens. This token will be used to make every purchase or transaction that occurs in the ecosystem. The Token from Dominium is called DOM Token. Only DOM Tokens you can do to make trades or exchanges within the ecosystem. Ownership of the DOM Token becomes very important as a key so you can join the ecosystem. DOM Tokens will be used to carry out various purposes including.

  1. Creation of assets
  2. Trading of assets
  3. Production of support tickets
  4. Voting for charities
  5. Listing a property for sale
  6. Listing a property for rent
  7. Registering a rental agreement
  8. Recording a purchase agreement

Every initial transaction at the Dominium platform will use the DOM Token. Use of the DOM Token can be done continuously to participate in every facility that needs its role. You can do DOM Token through ITO which will be carried out within a specified period. ITO also established a soft cap of Euro 2,500,000 and a hard cap of Euro 92,500,000. The total distributed tokens total up to 1,000,000,000 DOM Tokens.


The condo will bring a revolution to the real estate world with blockchain technology. Every investor can still transact safely and comfortably with increased efficiency and lower costs. The role of the blockchain will support a decentralized system for condo platform. Transactions will be carried out transparently so that mutually beneficial cooperation can be established. To be able to transact you need a DOM Token that you can get through ITO within a specified period. DOM Token ownership will help you get the best transaction experience with cryptocurrency. Each transaction can also be done more affordable and will eliminate the role of third parties in every transaction carried out. A condo with blockchain will bring you to a more tech level real estate market. You can only get tokens at affordable prices during ITO events. Make sure you don’t miss it. Get the latest platform development info through the Dominium media social account.

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