Summer changes in binary options

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News: Summer changes in binary options

The recent tightening of regulations of binary options has become a reality. Is this trend good or bad? In today’s article we will explore a few changes that have taken place in the recent weeks. So, stay tuned.

Let’s start with the breaking news (…which, to be honest, surprised me).

Apple bans binary options!

A change worth mentioning is the ban imposed by Apple on trading binary options. Starting from this month you will not be allowed to download any app offering binary options trading onto your iPhone or iPad (Source: Finance magnates)

Interesting change, isn’t it?

Apple defends the step by receiving complaints from its clients arguing that the apps generate fraud tarnishing Apple’s reputation.

In my opinion, the story was as folows: Someone suffers a loss (for which he or she is responsible themselves, of course) and trying to save the rest of the money calls Apple to report fraud caused by an application. This is just „grasping at a straw“ as you could say. Naturally, it is not the application to have caused the fraud. Having irritated customers for virtually nothing (as in the case of Apple) it is suddenly a problem.

If I were in Apple’s shoes I only would ban applications offered by non-regulated brokers leaving the rest as it is. But that’s up to them.

What do you think of it? Based on my personal experience, I have never had any problems with the IQ Option app on my iPhone.

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24Option comes with a new platform and products

A few months back, we heard the news about 24option coming up with a new platform. Until recently, the new platform had not been accessible to the public. A few days back this changed. The platform is now available on-line offering a number of promising changes. Let’s spend some time on it:

  • 1) New platform design
    – I must admit that the previous platform was awful. Comparing the platform with the one offered by IQ Option was like day and night. The difference between the old and the new platform is not so big, but the changes are obvious. I think that the new platform is a bit faster and opening trades is smoother, surely an important change for the better.
  • 2) Offer of spread options
    – I am sure that a lot of you guys are familiar with the term spread options (more details) offered by brokers high-low and ETX Capital. Simply, these are options with 100% evaluation put in a position somewhat less advantageous for the trader (…as the strike price of these options is a few pips in the disfavor of the broker). This type of options is now on the 24 option’s portfolio.
  • 3)Planned opening of trade
    – The new function of planning trades is something I like indeed. Thanks to this feature you can set e.g. that once the price hits your support or resistance line, a trade will open for 5 minutes in the direction of the rebound from this line. Or vice versa, if the price gets beyond the (support/resistance) line the trade will open in the direction of crossing the line.
  • 4) CFD Trading
    – 24Option newly offers CFD Trading. This means that from now on, next to binary options you can do CFD (forex) trading. What are the differences of this type of trading? For more details read: Binary options vs Forex. In my opinion, this is a logical change because when you look at areas under the focus of regulation it is a clever move from a broker to put such a service on the portfolio. I guess that within next 6 months more companies such as IQ Option and all other brokers with the Spot Option platform will follow the suit.

The new layout of platform from 24option: Notice the availability of 100% payout on the left.

I like the fact that regulators act. Noticing new things, they strive to protect investors. Nevertheless, in my opinion they do it the other way round. Instead of complicating the very business of trading their ban should be imposed purely on the trading with non-regulated brokers. This is the core of the problem in this business.

We will see what next changes they will come up with…


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News: Big changes to binary options during summer holidays

The world of binary options has been pretty unstable in the recent months. As many of you may know, we publish the most important information in our news. In fact, the number of changes that have happened over the past few weeks is so big that we have prepared this summarizing article. So keep on reading!

Changes in IQ Option

Types of options currently offered by IQ Option

As far as we know, IQ Option is doing quite well with all the regulations. Some time ago, IQ Option went so far that it stopped accepting Russian traders because the license did not allow them so. Since Russians represented most of their traders, it was a major change.

Complying with all regulatory measures makes IQ Option a good broker that will certainly do the best to retain its leading position in the market.

In the light of the above, IQ Option quickly responded to the recent ban on iOS applications. Apple had decided to ban all applications enabling trading binary options. This means that you will never download any such apps to your iPhone or iPad. A few weeks after the ban, IQ Option came up with a new offer – an application for FOREX trading, (not binary options).

I think that soon the broker will start offering Forex trading through their web platform as well. Right now IQ Option enables trading of the following types of options: high-low, digital, classic, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I feel that Forex is coming soon. Talking about Forex, there is one more recent event worth mentioning.

From now on, 24Option will only be a forex broker!

If you are interested in binary options you must have heard this news. It is true, indeed. 24Option quits binary options trading! Since recently, this broker allowed purely CFD (forex).

We informed of this news early this year (see the end of this article.) The biggest companies allowing trading binary options are closing down their business one after another, which is very interesting. This plays in favor of two types o companies: small non-regulated brokers (that may get more market share) and large companies (including brokers like IQ Option or High Low).

Read full review of IQ Option broker

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Binary Options

What are binary options

A binary option is a type of option with a fixed payout in which you predict the outcome from two possible results. If your prediction is correct, you receive the agreed payout. If not, you lose your initial stake, and nothing more. It’s called ‘binary’ because there can be only two outcomes – win or lose.

Advantages of binary options trading

Aside from the simplicity of its ‘yes or no’ proposition, binary options trading is also very flexible. It gives you the ability to trade:

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How to trade binary options

Binary options trading is relatively easy. You can purchase a contract in just three steps:

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